Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland

Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland: Peak, Height, History, Geography

Kirkjufell Mountain (Church Mountain) in Iceland is a mountain with a volcanic rock that sits in the west of the country, on the scenic Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Due to its unusual arrow-shaped peak and distinct coastal location, Kirkjufell is said to be the most photographed mountain in Iceland. Well, it is not just photographed. Namely, Kirkjufell was also one of the shooting locations for the wildly famous HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

What is the Location of Kirkjufell Mountain?

Kirkjufell Mountain is located in the west of iceland. More precisely, it sits on the northern coast of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, close to the small Grundarfjörður town. The geographic coordinates of Kirkjufell are 64.9417° N, 23.3069° W. 

What is the height of the Kirkjufell Mountain?

The Kirkjufell Mountain peaks 463 meters (1519’). The height of Kirkjufell may not be impressive. However, Kirkjufell is one of the most prominent mountains in Iceland. The hallmark of Kirkjufell is its arrow-shaped peak.  

Is there an access to Kirkjufell Mountain?

Yes, Kirkjufell is an easily accessible mountain. The distance between Kirkjufell and Reykjavik is 185 kilometers and between Kirkjufell and Borgarnes is 110 kilometers. To get to Kirkjufell, travelers just have to follow the Ring Road. 

Images of Kirkjufell Mountain

What are the Facts about Kirkjufell Mountain?

Often classifies as a volcanic mountain, Kirkjufell is not an actual volcano. While it is true that it contains volcanic rock, the mountain is not a volcano. The true classification, from a geological standpoint, would be that Kirkjufell is a former nunatak. Nunatak is a mountain that protruded from glaciers during the Ice Age. Before protruding from the glaciers, it was part of the strata or Pleistocene lava and sandstone. 

How is the Weather in Kirkjufell Waterfalls?

The weather in Kirkjufell Waterfalls is similar to the overall Icelandic climate. Namely, it is cool and moist. Visitors to the waterfall should wear raincoats and proper hiking boots as sliding off the ground is possible. 

Was Game of Thrones filmed in Kirkjufell?

Yes, Kirkjufell was used as a filming location for the popular “Game of Thrones” series. Kirkjufell appears in season 6 and season 7 and is referred to as the “arrowhead mountain.” In the series, Kirkjufell is the place north-of-the-Wall, the Hound, and its company visit when capturing a white walker. 

Are there Kirkjufell hiking trails?

Yes, Kirkjufell is riddled with hiking trails and it usually takes an hour and a half to reach its peak. However, the trails are treacherous and steeply elevated thus making the climb rather dangerous. Hiking Kirkjufell is recommended for skilled hikers and in the presence of an experienced guide. Otherwise, the adventure can be dangerous. For example, there was a fatal hiking accident on Kirkjufell in 2018.  

Where are Kirkjufell Waterfalls?

 The Kirkjufell Waterfalls are a remarkable and breathtaking landform that adds to the overall appearance of the place. The Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is on the end of the mountain. Very near are two other waterfalls, Kvernafoss and Grundarfoss. 

Where can you Stay at Kirkjufell Mountain?

If visiting Kirkjufell Mountain, it is most practical to stay in the nearest town called Grundarfjörður. Popular hotels and accommodations in Grundarfjörður are Dis Cottages, Eiði Farmhouse, Kirkjufell Guesthouse and Apartments, Sudur-Bár Guesthouse, Hellnafell, etc. 

What are the similar mountains to Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland?

Mountains in Iceland that are similar to the Kirkjufell Mountain are:

  • Eyjafjallajökull Mountain (4.882′)
  • Hekla Mountain (5.791′)
  • Hofsjökull Mountain (5.046′)
  • Hvannadalshnúkur Mountain (6.952′)
  • Snæfellsjökull Mountain (6.921′).

Are there any National Park in Kirkjufell Mountain?

There are three National Parks in Iceland. The Kirkjufell Mountain is not part of any of those national parks. However, Kirkjufell is close to Snæfellsjökull National Park. Despite its small size, Snæfellsjökull is definitely worth visiting. 

Are there Volcanoes around Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland?

Volcanoes in Iceland are a common landform. Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, Kirkjufell itself is not a volcanic mountain. Instead, its layers are the result of repeated eruptions and the mountain contains volcanic rock.

Which city is closest to Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland?

The closest settlement to Kirkjufell is the small town Grundarfjörður. Other cities in Iceland close to the Kirkjufell Mountain are Ólafsvík, Staðarstaður, and Búðir. In these places, there are many accommodation options for tourists. 


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