Breiðdalur Valley in Iceland

Breiðdalur Valley in Iceland: Location, Nature, Environment, History

Breiðdalur Valley (Wide Valley) is located in eastern Iceland with coordinates 63.9713°N, 63.9713° W. Breiðdalur is the largest of the valleys in Iceland in the Eastfjords. Prominent features of the Breiðdalur valley are the young and small fishing village Breiðdalsvík and the salmon-rich Breiðdalsá river. The Breiðdalur Valley is covered with high grass thus making the area perfect for sheep farms. The Breiðdalur Valley is also a popular tourist attraction with many tours and tour guides available. 

What is the size of the Breiðdalur Valley of Iceland?

Breiðdalur valley in Iceland covers the area between Undirhlíðar and Vatnsskarð. The valley lies at an elevation of 157 meters. 

What plants are grown in Breiðdalur Valley?

The Breiðdalur valley is a plant-covered area with several different vegetation species successfully thriving.  

Which Rivers are Connected to the Breiðdalur Valley in Iceland?

The main river connected to the Breiðdalur valley in Iceland is the Breiðdalsá river. The Breiðdalsá river is a medium-sized river particularly rich in salmon. The river is fished with 6 to 8 rods and features a beautiful fishing lodge named Eyjar lodge. 

Which Cities are Closest to the Breiðdalur Valley of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to Breiðdalur are Breiddalsvik, Borgarfjordur Eystri, Djupivogur, Eskifjordur, Neskaupstadur, Egilsstadir, Reydarfjordur, Seydisfjordur, Stodvarfjordur, and Mjoifjordur.   

How is the History of the Breiðdalur Valley in Iceland?

The Breiðdalur Valley is the largest valley in the eastern parts of the country and is surrounded by high mountains and peaks reaching over 100 meters in height. The Breiðdalur Valley basically divides the Kleifarháls Mountain into two separate and smaller valleys known as Norðurdalur and Suðurdalur. The Breiðdalur Valley is rich in stones and minerals due to the marked natural erosion of the elements within the area. 

What to do in Breiðdalur Valley in Iceland?

One of the most popular Iceland activities for the Breiðdalur Valley is hiking. The valley is riddled with hiking trails which in the past early settlers used to travel from one locality to another. 

Is there a Waterfall in Breiðdalur Valley?

Yes, many waterfalls in Iceland are located in Breiðdalur. Basically, every peak around the Breiðdalur Valley featured a waterfall. As a result, it seems like every farm in the valley has its own small waterfall in its background. 

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