Múlakvísl River in Iceland

Múlakvísl River in Iceland: Length, Width, Fishes, Location, and Environment

The Múlakvísl River in Iceland is a pretty undefined river bed. It is located in the south of Iceland and gets its water flow from the ice cap Mýrdalsjökull primarily via the glacial tongue called Kötlujökull. It flows on the western side of Mýrdalssandur, an outwash plain in the area. Because it only makes up a portion of an outwash plain, it has almost no defined boundaries.

What to do in the Múlakvísl River of Iceland?

Because of the characteristics of this river and the outwash plain associated with it, there is very little interaction with the river. The government recommends staying away from it due to gas pollution from the glacial feed.

Is it dangerous to swim in the Múlakvísl River?

It is not necessarily dangerous to swim in Múlakvísl. However, because it is relatively flat and undefined, and its outflow comes from a glacier, it would be pretty unpleasant to swim in it. It is almost always brown and muddy, carrying more sediment. There are also records of pollution in the river. Because of this pollution, people are urged to stay away from the river.

Is it Possible to use a Boat on the Múlakvísl River?

It is not very easy to use a boat on this river. It is very shallow over most of the outwash plain on which it flows. Because it carries so much sediment, quite a few dirt and sandbanks located throughout the river would quickly ground a boat.

Which Fishes can be caught in the Múlakvísl River of Iceland?

There are not any frequent species of fish that you can catch in this river since it flows over a shallow outwash plain. Fishing is more prevalent in other more consistent rivers around this glacial area.

How is the Environment of Múlakvísl River?

The environment around the Múlakvísl river is relatively barren since the river level increases and decreases, depositing large amounts of sediment across the plain and drowning any vegetation in flatter areas.

What are the Hotels and Roads for Múlakvísl River?

The Rind Road crosses over the Múlakvísl river. Otherwise, it is not very long or expansive, so other roads go around it. The primary hotel close to the river is the Hotel Katla by Keahotels. Otherwise, you will need to look for hotels in Vik.

Is there a Fishing Lodge around Múlakvísl River?

No, fishing is not very popular in this river, so no fishing lodge specifically serves it.

Is there a Bridge for Múlakvísl River in Iceland?

The Ring Road runs over the river close to Vik. There is a bridge at this point, about 6.2 miles (10 km) east of the village. Unfortunately, it is being threatened relatively consistently because of the river’s flooding.

What are the closest cities to the Múlakvísl River of Iceland?

The closest town to Múlakvísl River is Vik, although it is still far away.

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