Barnafossar Waterfall in Iceland

Barnafossar Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

Barnafossar is a unique waterfall in the Western Region of Iceland. It can also be known as Barnafoss, the singular version of the name. However, it isn’t always agreed upon because the Barnafossar Waterfall in Iceland is very narrow. The water flows over a series of rapids that could all be one waterfall with multiple drops or divided into several falls.

What are the Tourist Activities for Barnafossar Waterfall?

Barnafossar is a beautiful but dangerous fall that exemplifies this island‘s tragic and dangerous nature. However, it is a beautiful area that makes for good hiking since it is not mountainous. Some hiking trails run from this waterfall to Hraunfossar, the arguably more popular waterfall out of the two.

What are the Hotels for Barnafossar Waterfall?

Even though Barnafossar leads you off the beaten path, otherwise known as Route 1, there are still hotels in the nearby villages. These include Hotel Husafell, Hotel A, and several guesthouses.

What are the Facts about Barnafossar Waterfall?

The Barnafossar waterfall bursts out of Hallmundarhraun, a significant lava plain in western Iceland. The river Hvita not only forms this waterfall but is also influenced by the Hraunfossar, another series of stunning waterfalls in the area.

What is the Place of Barnafossar Waterfall in Icelandic Mythology?

Even though Barnafossar is not a very large waterfall, it is well-known. It is only 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from Reykjavik. The legends associated with the waterfall have stuck in the minds of those native to western Iceland and the Capital region.

There are many folktales associated with this waterfall. However, the most prominent story is about two boys that once lived at Hraunsas, a nearby farm. One day, the boys’ parents decided to go to church, leaving the boys behind to watch over the farm. They followed their parents, crossing over the river on a natural stone bridge that spanned the falls. Unfortunately, they became dizzy midway and fell into the falls, drowning. 

When the mother discovered what had happened, she cursed the bridge, claiming no one would cross it without drowning. Several years later, the bridge collapsed and drowned itself during an earthquake. 

It is from this legend that the waterfall gets its name. ‘Barnafoss’ translates to ‘Children’s Falls’ in English.

Is there a National Park for Barnafossar Waterfall?

The closest national park to Barnafossar is Thingvellir National Park. It is almost a two-hour drive between the two, taking you from the center of the Western Region back into the expansive Southern Region of Iceland.

Which Canyons are Connected to the Barnafossar Waterfall?

There are no canyons directly connected to the Barnafossar Waterfall in Iceland. Instead, the falls course through a narrow, shallow passage in the rocks, forming a series of rapids. It dramatically contrasts the tranquil scene at Hraunfossar waterfall, located only a short walk away.

Which Rivers are connected to the Barnafossar Waterfall?

The Hvita River, or the ‘White River’ in English, is what feeds this waterfall.

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