Suðurnes (Southern Peninsula): Municipalities, Population, Area, Density

Suðurnes is called the ‘Southern Peninsula’ in English. It covers quite a large portion of Iceland as a whole. It is an administrative unit as part of the Reykjanes Peninsula, Reykjanesskaji in Icelandic. This region is the smallest in iceland and is the most southwesterly point of the island.

This region is one of Iceland’s more densely populated portions as it shares a border with the Capital Region. Reykjavik is very close to the Southern Peninsula. There are five total municipalities in this region. These include the below mentioned.

  • Grindavíkurbær
  • Reykjanesbær
  • Sandgerðisbær
  • Sveitarfélagið Garður
  • Sveitarfélagið Vogar

The total population of this region is 20,300, coming second only to the Capital Region for its population density. However, it covers a pretty small area compared to the rest of Iceland and the much larger regions throughout the country. It is the smallest region at 829 square kilometers (320 square miles).

Where is Suðurnes Located?

Suðurnes is the most southwesterly situated of the regions in Iceland. It is the region that encompasses the entire southwestern peninsula

What is the population of Suðurnes Region in Iceland?

There are 20,300 people that live in the Southern Peninsula. The administrative center of the region is Keflavik, which has 7,000 residents. Over the years, it has merged with Njardvik and Hafnir, which has created the area called Reykjanesbaer. Outside of the Greater Reykjavik area, this is the largest settlement area in Iceland.

The population density of the entire region is 24.5 per square kilometer (63 per square mile).

Which cities are in Suðurnes Region of Iceland?

Most of this small region is covered in urban sprawl or villages. These include Reykjanesbaer, which has a population of 16,000 and is the largest urban area in Iceland outside of Greater Reykjavik. Other prominent nearby localities in Iceland include Grindavik, Vogar, Gardur, and Hafnir.

What to do in Suðurnes Region?

The Southern Peninsula might be a small region. However, it is quite an important one for Iceland’s economy. It houses the incredibly popular Blue Lagoon and Keflavik airport, the only largely operative international airport in Iceland.

There are many hiking opportunities and a plethora of hot springs and baths you can visit in this region. It is more volcanically active, with plenty of geothermal activity constantly going on under the ground’s surface.

What are the Hotels in Suðurnes?

There are plenty of hotels in the Keflavik area and Grindavik. These include the Reykjanes Guesthouse, Hotel Volcano Grindavik, Hotel Keflavik, and the Northern Light Inn.

You can also stay at the Blue Lagoon in a 5-star hotel for a luxury trip into Iceland.

What are the Glaciers in Suðurnes?

There are no longer glaciers found in this region, although there might have been.

What are the Mountains in Suðurnes?

This area has quite a bit of level change as you move across it. It gives tourists a good starting point for what the rest of Iceland will look like, building in grandeur. There are not many very tall peaks in Suðurnes, but several that might catch your eye.

Some of the mountains in Suðurnes include the below mentioned.

  • Vatnshlidarhorn
  • Helgafell
  • Latsjall
  • Kistufell
  • Stapatindar

What are the Volcanoes in Suðurnes?

This area is known for its volcanic and geothermal activity. It is littered with both active and inactive volcanos. These include Gunnuhver Volcano, Geldingadalir Volcano, Fagradalsfjall Volcano, and Trolladyngja volcano.

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