Iceland Tours

Iceland Tours: Seasonal, Self-drive or Group Tours for Iceland Glaciers, Cities, and Nature

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of a summer getaway or a break from normal to see the Northern Lights, with Iceland tours you have the chance to experience Iceland at its best!

Iceland tours are the ideal breakaway and can be enjoyed at your own leisure or as part of a guided tour! On such a tour, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. There are many ways to enjoy your journey to Iceland. Some Iceland tour types include:

  • Sightseeing tours
  • Self-drive tours
  • Group tours
  • Winter tours
  • Summer tours
  • Nature tours
  • Adventure tours

With the abundance of majestic mountains, rivers, canyons, glaciers, volcanoes, lakes, caves, winter lights, beautiful cities, and villages as well as other popular destinations for Iceland tours; you’ll have the time of your life while experiencing some top ways to explore Iceland.

With Iceland nature tours, you will feel like you are in sync with the unbound natural landscapes of Iceland. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the majestic attractions of the land of fire and ice. Discover ancient volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, and creeping glaciers, which all form part of the reason Iceland is among the world’s top tourist destinations. 

You can enjoy an Iceland nature tour at prices ranging from around $50 for an afternoon tour to around $11000 for a 9-day group expedition tour.

On an Iceland adventure tour, you’ll get to journey near the active volcanoes or feel the mist of the splendid waterfalls. You could also opt to do things like walking on glaciers or warm up in the geothermal pools that are characteristic of Iceland. Discover the energy of nature from around $80 for a 2-hour tour or at various prices for different Iceland tour packages ranging up to approximately $8000 for a 10-day top-of-the-range private tour. 

If you stick with the people who know the ins and outs of Iceland, you’ll be in for some of the best tour experiences Iceland has to offer. 

What are the Iceland Tour Types?

Iceland tour types are well-suited for those who are looking to enjoy the majestic scenery as well as the more rugged adventurer. Whether you want to enjoy the scenery or take some beautiful photographs, or if you want to get your boots wet and in action; they have it all in Iceland. 

  1. Sightseeing Tours in Iceland
  2. Caving Tours 
  3. Hot Spring Bathing Tours
  4. Iceland Hot Snorkeling Tours
  5. Snowmobile Tours in Iceland
  6. Cultural Activity Tours
  7. Iceland Boat Trip Tours 
  8. Self-drive Tours
  9. Iceland Airplane Tours
  10. ATV Tours
  11. Iceland Skiing Tours
  12. Motorbiking Tours in Iceland
  13. Zipline Tours
  14. Iceland Biking Tours
  15. Rafting
  16. Iceland Dog Sledding
  17. Helicopter Tours over Iceland
  18. Jeep Tours
  19. Iceland Whale Watching Tours
  20. Glacier Hiking Tours through Iceland

It’s good to know when you’re touring a foreign country, especially for a chance to kick back and relax, everything is sorted out for you. The different Iceland tour types will have varying arrangements that are made for you by those who know what they are talking about. 

Winter Iceland tours provide a winter tour experience for visitors who enjoy wandering around glaciers, and the winter tours in Iceland are also fantastic for viewing the Northern lights. 

Summer tours for Iceland are great for exploring the waterfalls in Iceland and for enjoying camping trips in Iceland. You might also have a better chance to see whales on a whale-watching tour in Iceland during the warmer months. Other ocean-going trips and tours in Iceland are also available. They include things like bird watching and island visits. 

It doesn’t matter when you plan your trip to Iceland, there are spectacular things to see and do all year round. 

What are the Iceland Tour Packages?

Iceland tour packages are fantastic, and this scenic destination has turned into a top travel destination for both nature lovers and the thrill-seeking adventurer. Whichever type of thrill you are after, you’ll have wonderful options to choose from. On tours for Iceland trips, you will have the chance to see and experience icefields, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, and active volcanoes among other wonders of nature. 

Your travel consultant will be available to arrange all the details of your Iceland tour for you. The predetermined packages include transport, accommodation, activities and all the other services that form part of the deal. 

If the itinerary needs to be reworked, it will be done for you so that you can relax and enjoy your getaway. 

What to do with Iceland Tours?

With Iceland tours, there is a lot to do. You can be sure to have a top travel experience in Iceland along with the guidance of someone with the know-how. Iceland tour types vary, and you’ll be surprised at the types of tour packages that are available, from flexible self-drive tours to smaller group tours and privately guided travels in this magnificent landscape. 

You can always choose to customize your itinerary by adding activities or keeping your options open on perhaps adding extra nights to your stay. Tours can be upgraded as well if you catch yourself wanting to see more of Iceland in the spur of the moment. 

What are the activities in Iceland Tours?

The activities in Iceland tours are varied and all form part of an unforgettable experience. From low-key sightseeing or visits to museums to adrenaline-filled adventures. There’s something for everyone to do on an Iceland tour. You could go whale-watching in Dalvik, hiking in remote destinations, or you could have some fun hunting the most beautiful waterfalls or the Northern lights.

It doesn’t matter in which season you go, you’re bound to find some extremely entertaining activities to try on tours for Iceland trips out solo or in the company of friends or family. 


Iceland Tours Seasonal


1. Iceland Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours in Iceland provide a winter tour experience for visitors who enjoy wandering around glaciers, and the winter tours in Iceland are also fantastic for viewing the Northern lights. 

Small group tours are great for sight-seeing and are guided by local travel experts. There are also bigger bus-operated tours available

The different Iceland sightseeing tours range in price from around $50 to $500. This depends on the activities involved, the duration, the size of the group among other factors.

Sightseeing tours are convenient for families or solo travelers. They are also great for couples who want to enjoy some sight-seeing.

Some of the popular sights you might want to see include the Strokkur Geyser which is the most well-known geyser in Iceland. This active hot spring area, which is one of the best places to stop by along the Golden Circle, is located beside the Hvítá River. Then there are the Iceland waterfalls that deserve a good chunk of any tourist itinerary. Examples of these magnificent falls are the Dettifoss waterfall, which falls for about 45 meters and has a width of 100 meters. This waterfall is famously the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. In Iceland, you will also find the Selfoss waterfalls.

The duration of sightseeing tours in Iceland ranges from around 45 minutes up to 10 hours. 

You may also expect to travel in various types of vehicles from tour buses to 4×4’s. There are even airplane tours for Iceland. 

What are the best Iceland Sightseeing Tours?

  • Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavík
  • Northern Lights Night Tour from Reykjavík
  • Golden Circle, Kerid Volcanic Crater, and Blue Lagoon Day Trip from Reykjavík
  • South Iceland Glaciers, Waterfalls, and Black Sand Beach Day Tour from Reykjavík
  • Golden Circle Day Trip with Kerid Volcanic Crater from Reykjavík

2. Iceland Caving Tours    

Beneath the lava fields of Iceland, there are incredible magma caves along with tunnels that were formed over the ages. Iceland caving tours provide a majestic view of these majestic volcanic formations. 

Iceland caving tour prices vary between approximately $120 to $2790.

Iceland cave tours are most convenient for adult travelers. Although some cave tours are safe and allow children. They are best enjoyed in groups. These tours are not suitable for those with serious medical conditions or pregnant women. 

The duration of Iceland ice cave tours can range from 2 hours up to around 7 days. This will depend on a variety of factors such as the places visited on the trip, the activities done and any additional extras. 

For those who are in good shape as far as fitness is concerned, a guided glacial trek is a fantastic experience. On these treks you’ll get to see glacial cracks and caves, and you might also get a drink of fresh water from the small pools on the surface. 

A great example of Iceland caving tours is the Skaftafell Ice Cave and Höfn which are open throughout the year. It is best to visit Skaftafell Ice Cave during the wintertime after the heavy rains have washed the glacier’s top layer away. At the perfect time, the cave is a treat to the eye as it is bathed in the most spectacular blue light. 

What are the best Iceland Caving Tours?

  • Small Group Silfra Snorkeling & Lava Caving Adventure from Reykjavík
  • “The Cave Explorer”
  • “The Lava Tunnel” standard tour with transfer from Reykjavík
  • Small group lava caving experience from Reykjavík
  • “The Lava Tunnel” standard lava tunnel tour from Raufarhólshellir

3. Iceland Hot Spring Bathing Tours

Geothermal bathing sites are a bit of a hidden gem in Iceland. Iceland Hot Spring Bathing Tours will allow you to enjoy one-of-a-kind bathing experiences in these natural, soothing hot springs that are surrounded by the volcanic vitas of Iceland. 

The Iceland hot spring bathing tours have an average price range of $112 to $12,650. They are generally well-suited for families, couples or solo travelers. Hot spring bathing tours are also safe in general but people with blood pressure issues or specific skin sensitivities should take the necessary precautions. 

These types of tours can range from 3 hours to multiple visits during a period of around 10 days.

Hot springs are available for natural bathing, and the pale blue water of the Blue Lagoon makes for a dreamy experience. The water comes from underground hot springs and reaches temperatures of about 37-39 °C. It is known that this water could have wonderful benefits for your skin and overall health. 

About 40 minutes’ drive from Reykjavík, you’ll find geothermal spas that are a must-visit. 

What are the best Iceland Hot Spring Bathing Tours?

  • Small-Group Golden Circle Tour and Secret Lagoon trip from Reykjavík
  • Blue Lagoontrip 
  • Golden Circle and Sky Lagoon Geothermal Spa from Reykjavík
  • Vök baths 
  • Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon day tour from Reykjavík

4. Iceland Hot Snorkeling Tours

You can have fun on Iceland hot snorkeling tours even without a license. Why not go and enjoy an underwater snorkeling experience?

Iceland hot snorkeling tours range in price from about $149 to $900. They are convenient for families with older children or for couples. If you are a solo traveler it might be best to enjoy this activity as part of a group. 

The minimum age for attending these tours is 12 years. Snorkeling tours are more suitable for adults and those who do not have any serious medical conditions. They are also not suitable for pregnant women. 

Snorkeling tours in Iceland can last from around 2-3 hours or up to 10 hours for adventure snorkeling or tours aimed at photography. 

Tours like these always start with some safety and educational training. Your professional guide will also provide a short geological history of the surrounding area. After you’ve been acquainted with the necessary information, the gear that you’ll need to wear throughout the tour will be introduced. 

During the amazing experience, you will spend around 30-40 minutes in the water. Your guide will swim close enough to you to take photos and to keep an eye on you in case you need any assistance. 

The best place to find Iceland hot snorkeling tours is Silfra. You’ll be guided during your snorkeling experience in Silfra. There’s Silfra Drysuit snorkeling, Silfra Wetsuit snorkeling and snorkeling between continents in Silfra.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world. Silfra is a specific site for snorkeling in Iceland, where the rifts between tectonic plates are clearly visible. This silvery and blue-appearing fissure that appeared after a major earthquake in the 1700s is filled with crystal clear water from a glacier. The underwater visibility at Silfra is practically translucent. 

The professional tour guide will lead you through the fissure, which is about 120 meters (394 ft) long. The snorkel tour will end in the Silfra Lagoon, with its vibrantly green hue caused by the abundance of algae that thrive there in the summer. You’ll have some time to swim around in the lagoon, after which you will get out of the water and head back. A steaming, warm cup of hot chocolate with cookies will await you so that you can warm up after the exhilarating experience. 

What are the best Iceland Hot Snorkeling Tours?

  • Snorkeling between continents in Silfra 
  • Silfra Drysuit Snorkeling 
  • Small group Snorkeling in Silfra with possible transfer Included
  • Silfra Wetsuit Snorkeling 
  • Golden Circle & Snorkeling in Silfra from Reykjavík 

5. Iceland Snowmobile Tours

Have you always dreamt of an Iceland snowmobile tours adventure? You’ll have the opportunity of having your dream come true! With Iceland snowmobile tours they offer trips on the main glaciers in Iceland like the Vatnajökull glacier and the Langjökull glacier. 

Iceland snowmobile tours are priced from around $300-$400. These tours are suitable for families and solo travelers. They are also great for adventure seeking couples. Children need to be older than 5 years and the driver of the snowmobile needs to have a valid driving license. Snowmobile trips for Iceland can last from 4 hours to 10 hours. 

You’ll be riding through the snow while enjoying some of the most breathtaking views you could imagine. Snowmobile tours in Iceland are popular among travelers and among locals. On Iceland Snowmobile tours, you’ll be racing across glacial plains by snowmobile to get your adrenaline pumping. These trips are also fun and safe for families with kids. 

Popular places to enjoy snowmobiling are the Langjökull Glacier and other spots along the Golden Circle. 

What are the best Iceland Snowmobile Tours?

  • Golden Circle & Glacier snowmobiling day trip from Reykjavík
  • Snowmobile adventure on Langjökull Glacier from Gullfoss
  • Golden Circle day trip from Reykjavík with Glacier snowmobile experience
  • Snowmobiling on Langjökull Glacier and bathing in the Secret Lagoon
  • Golden Circle Super-Jeep tour and snowmobiling

6. Iceland Cultural Activity Tours

Cultural activity tours in Iceland can be compared to a theme park experience. You can walk around and look out over a scenic landscape of glorious volcanic craters and fissures. Live volcanoes with ancient origins and bubbling hot springs all form part of the cultural experience in Iceland. 

The price for extended cultural tours for Iceland is about $2000, while a more focused tour that only lasts for a few hours will cost you around $150. As far as duration is concerned, some Iceland cultural activity tours include hotel stays and multiple-day trips. These tours will be longer. Other similar tours may only be a trip which lasts for a day or a few hours. 

Some of these tours may not be suitable to all travelers, but cultural activity tours for Iceland are generally fun for families, solo travelers and couples. Be sure to check whether the tour is wheelchair accessible and check to see what the travel recommendations are. For example, certain tours may be inappropriate for children, and others might not be suitable for pregnant women. Additionally, some tours require a higher degree of fitness and coordination.

More prehistoric cultural sightings include mammoth ice caps, deep fjords and powerful waterfalls that have formed over the years. 

With Iceland cultural activity tours, you’ll feel immersed into the legend, culture, and history of Iceland. Some popular culture tours include visits to monumental buildings, museums in Iceland, historic landmarks and authentic fishing villages. 

You might travel by bus or on foot or with whichever vehicle is best suited for the specific tour in Iceland. 

Other cultural excursions around Reykjavík and some of the smaller towns in Iceland will introduce you to Icelandic music, the delectable cuisine and nightlife. 

What are the best Iceland Cultural Activity Tours?

  • South Coast Classic day trip from Reykjavík – Guide and touchscreen audio included
  • Golden Circle full-day tour from Reykjavík by minibus
  • Reykjavík City Walk tour
  • Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon full-day tour from Reykjavík by minibus
  • “Skip the Line” – Icelandic lava show trip

7. Iceland Boat Trip Tours

With Iceland boat trip tours, you’ll embark upon a journey to explore the beautiful waters of Iceland, along with majestic rivers and breathtaking glacier lagoons. Boat tours allow you the opportunity to explore the Icelandic nature and different tours are available. 

Iceland boat trip tours will range in from $40 to $200 depending on various things like the duration, luxury, and time of year. These tours last for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Boat trips for Iceland cater for solo travelers, couples and families alike. 

Whether you choose to go on a cruise, kayaking on a lagoon or on the sea or to go whale-watching, river rafting, or sea-angling; boat trips can take you on the most exciting adventures in Iceland. 

Highly recommended tours include kayaking tours, and zodiac and amphibian boat tours on a glacier lagoon. Boat tours will give you an entirely different perspective of Iceland. 

What are the best Iceland Boat Trip Tours?

  • Classic whale watching from Reykjavík 
  • Whale watching tour from Reykjavík
  • Small-group Reykjavík whale watching cruise
  • Northern Lights cruise from downtown Reykjavík
  • Whale watching tour from Reykjavík

8. Iceland Self-drive Tours

Self-drive tours in Iceland afford you the possibility of planning out an excursion that is uniquely suited to your needs. For those who are interested, there are also various day tours that can take you all around Iceland. 

Iceland self-drive tours will last on average for about seven days and prices may range from $400 to $3000. This will depend on the length of your stay, the time of year, and how many activities you choose to sign up for. There are different self-drive tours that cater for families or couples. These tours are generally suitable for all travelers. 

Iceland self-drive tours packages include accommodation with a rental car. Some also offer exciting adventure tours. Many self-drive packages also include hotel breakfasts, and there are usually no hidden fees or booking fees. 

Snaefellsnes Peninsula is a popular destination for self-drive tours and is a mosaic oasis of natural elements. Some even call it “Iceland in a nutshell” because of its dramatic coastlines, lava fields, glaciers and more. 

What are the best Iceland Self-drive Tours?

  • Small group Silfra Snorkeling and Lava Caving Adventure from Reykjavík
  • Luxury Car Rental Iceland
  • Eight-day Ring Road trip – fly and drive 
  • Reykjavík Scavenger Hunt

9. Iceland Airplane Tours

The majestic landscapes of Iceland can be explored from above with Iceland airplane tours. 

Some of these trips involve touchdowns in nature, while others allow for sightseeing in the most fantastic way possible – from the sky! 

Iceland airplane tours have an average price range of between $200-$400. 

They last for around 45-60 minutes a trip and there is no minimum age required to enlist on these flights. Airplane tours are excellent for people of all ages. They are fun for families, solo adventurers and couples alike. The tour is safe for all and easy to go on, even for those with physical restrictions.

Some of the best Iceland airplane tours are sightseeing flights from Skaftafel.

What are the best Iceland Airplane Tours?

  • Ultimate Sight-seeing flight from Skaftafell
  • Sightseeing flights over Vatnajökull Volcanic Eruption Sites
  • Sightseeing flights over black sands and riverbeds from Skaftafell 
  • 9-day Private sightseeing tour of Iceland – Geysers and Glaciers
  • Private 10-day sightseeing tour of Iceland – Geysers and Glaciers

10. Iceland ATV Tours

Something that’s truly worth looking at while you’re in Iceland is Iceland ATV Tours. This is an adventurous way to experience the land of fire and ice! 

The price for an ATV trip tour in Iceland ranges between $100 and $400. These tours usually last for an average of about two hours. The terrain of some of the ATV trip tours can be dangerous for inexperienced drivers. Therefore, all ATV tours in Iceland require drivers to be at least 17 years old and that they have a valid international driver’s license.

Seeing as these tours are more aimed at adventure, they are best suited for those without serious medical conditions or elderly travelers. They might also not be suitable for pregnant women. 

You’ll be trekking across the lava fields, passing picturesque pastures, and riding up dormant volcanoes, all on the back of an ATV. On Iceland ATV tours, you will have an opportunity to see unforgettable views of Iceland. These types of tours in Iceland provide the best way to get close to the scenic natural environment that the country has to offer. 

One of the tours allows you to enjoy a 2-hour ATV quad trip from Reykjavík. This off-road adventure is extremely enjoyable without taking up too much of your time.   

What are the best Iceland ATV Tours?

  • 2-hour Midnight-sun ATV Adventure from Reykjavík
  • Twin Peaks ATV 2-hour Adventure from Reykjavík 
  • 2-Hour ATV Quad Tour from Reykjavík
  • Reykjavík Quad Bike Tours – Solo Rider
  • 1-hour ATV Reykjavík Peak Adventure

11. Iceland Skiing Tours

Skiing tours are yet another way to explore the natural wonders of Iceland. All the areas for Iceland Skiing Tours look amazing. When you consider the breathtaking scenery in Iceland, it is clear to see why Iceland is such a popular destination for skiing. 

Skiing tours can be enjoyed as a day trip in Iceland. If you’d prefer a longer stay at a ski resort, these types of tours can last for around 3 days and your preferred package can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Ski trips in Iceland usually last for around 3-5 hours. The price will depend on which you resort you choose to stay at and the length of your stay. Other things like the gear for hire etc. will also be calculated into the price. 

Ski trips in Iceland are convenient for families with older children, solo adventurers and couples. They require a certain level of fitness and are not suitable for those who have serious medical conditions or for pregnant women. 

Iceland skiing tours offer opportunities for backcountry skiing. Iceland skiing tours are all about soaking up the exotic views of nature. You get to gaze at glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, and fjords. 

One of the top destinations for skiing tours in Iceland is the remote Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, which is found in the Westfjords of Iceland. You’ll be astonished at every turn of this backcountry skiing tour. 

What are the best Iceland Skiing Tours?

  • Blafjoll Ski Resort  
  • Dalvik Ski Resort  
  • Isafjordur Ski Resort
  • Siglufjördur Ski Resort
  • Oddsskard Ski Resort
  • Hlidarfjall Ski Resort

12. Iceland Motorbiking Tours

The motorbiking tours in Iceland are ideal for the adventurer seeking a little solitude, self-reliance, and adventure. Adventure riding is becoming more and more popular and Iceland motorbiking tours provide for an exhilarating experience. 

Prices range from around $2900 to $6000 and Iceland motorbiking tours can last for 3 days even up to 13 days depending on what you’re after. You’ll be renting a motorbike for the trip. 

Whether you choose to undertake the journey alone or with some close friends, or perhaps even as part of an organized tour; a motorbiking trip is sure to be a satisfying adventure. 

One of the best benefits of motorbiking in Iceland is that there is very little traffic to help you capture the idyllic vision you might have before taking to the open road in a foreign destination. 

These trips for Iceland motorbiking tours are not suited for all travelers and they require a certain level of endurance and fitness. Remember to only undertake a motorbike journey if you have the know-how and if you are confident in your riding skills. 

Best Iceland Motorbiking Tours

  • 5-Day Geysir, Glaciers, Volcanoes
  • 6-Day Geysir, Glaciers, Volcanoes
  • 8-Day Ultimate Highland Crossing Adventure
  • 9-Day Mountain Passes and Desolate North-West

13. Iceland Zipline Tours

A zipline ride is a wonderful adventure for those who like attempting to do something challenging. While you can enjoy the thrill of a some-what daunting zipline ride, you can rest assured knowing that it is very safe.

The duration of these tours is around 2 hours and it will cost around $120 and upward to participate. These tours are not suitable for people with certain medical conditions and pregnant women. Children need to be accompanied by an adult and the minimum age for part-taking in Iceland zipline tours is 8 years. 

After you get dressed-up in harnesses and other safety equipment, you’ll drive to the starting point of the zipline track. From there, you will hike and zip your way back to the hostel. Iceland Zipline tours are fantastic as you get to see the world from a bird’s eye view. The guides on the trip will also have lots of information on local plants and the rich history of Iceland. 

A popular zipline tour destination is the seaside village of Vik. This excursion will take about one and a half hours and combines ziplining with hiking through the dynamic landscape of Iceland. 

What are the best Iceland Zipline tours?

  • Guided 1.5-hour Zipline & Hiking Tour with Transfer from Vik
  • South Iceland Tour From Reykjavík With Zipline Adventure

14. Iceland Biking Tours

Biking tours are great adventures for novice and avid cyclists alike. They are fantastic for those who want to connect with the unbound beauty of nature in Iceland. Biking is a scenic sport in general, and you’ll have the opportunity of enjoying some of the best trails away from large crowds. 

Iceland biking tours are price between $100 and $200. Their duration is for around 2-3 hours. These tours are convenient for solo travelers, families and couples. 

You’ll love Iceland Biking tours as these epic adventures will drive you to explore Iceland to the fullest. 

A great number of regions are a must-experience for cyclists like Reykjavík and Akureyri Reykjanes Peninsula, Landmannalaugar and Þingvellir National Park

These trips for Iceland biking tours are generally safe for all travelers. Be sure that you can handle yourself on your bike and bring the necessary safety equipment. Otherwise, ask beforehand if all of this will be provided. 

What are the best Iceland Biking Tours?

  • Reykjavík Food Walk
  • 1-Hour Buggy adventure 
  • Þórsmörk Buggy Adventure Tour in Southern Iceland
  • Biking tour and Myatn nature baths from Reykjahlid
  • Northern Lights night tour from Reykjavík

15. Iceland Rafting

River rafting is the perfect thing for you to do if you want to fill your Iceland vacation with a little action. You’ll get to see the scenic nature of Iceland while floating down glacial rivers that run through magnificent canyons and enjoy the view from a different perspective. 

The price range for these trips is between $100 and $250. Iceland rafting tours vary in duration as well as difficulty, and trips and the rivers in Iceland are suitable for both beginners and families. They are ideal for adventurous couples as well. Seasoned rafters will have a fantastic rafting experience as well. 


In Iceland, there are 3 commercial rafting rivers. The Hvítá river which is on the Golden Circle, Jökulsá Austari, and Vestari Jökulsá which is in the North of Iceland.

What are the best Iceland Rafting experiences?

  • Family Rafting Day Trip from Hafgrímsstaðir
  • River Rafting on the Golden Circle
  • White Water Rafting Day Trip from Hafgrímsstaðir
  • East Glacial River Rafting Tour from Varmahlíð
  • West Glacial River Rafting Tour from Varmahlíð, North Iceland

16. Iceland Dog Sledding

On an Iceland Dog Sledding trip, you will be dog-sledding through the stunning wilderness of Iceland. This ancient mode of traveling that is both thrilling and astonishing, you’ll get to witness the wild terrains of Iceland’s beautiful natural landscapes. 

The price for trips for Iceland dog sledding tours ranges between $140 and $300. The duration can be from an hour or 2 hours depending on certain factors, for instance the weather conditions. 

Dog sledding tours in Iceland are great for families, couples or those who are on a solo adventure. Be mindful though that pregnant women and children under the age of 6 years old, unfortunately, cannot part-take in these tours. Children should also be accompanied by adults. 

You can choose between the varied options since this is a popular activity with several vendors. There are different packages available to suit your needs. These include group tours on dog sleds or self-guided tours for the more daring traveler. 

What are the best Iceland Dog Sledding experiences in Iceland?

  • Northern Lights Night Tour departing from Reykjavík
  • Fun run dog sledding trip DIY in Akureyri
  • Hiking with Husky in Akureyri 
  • Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavík
  • Husky Petting and Pictures in Akureyri 

17. Iceland Helicopter Tours

You can explore Iceland on a Helicopter adventure. There are multiple options for Iceland Helicopter Tours that you can join from Reykjavík. On these tours, you’ll get to see hot springs, glaciers, and volcanoes on some of the best viewing experiences Iceland has to offer. 

Prices for Iceland helicopter tours range from around $240 to $500. Trips for helicopter tours can last for 40 minutes to an hour. Extended trips may also include other forms of travel. 

Most travelers can participate and it can be fun for families, couples or solo travelers. It is quite important that you dress warmly when joining a Helicopter tour, as you might get cold during the trip. 

Not only are helicopter tours the most time-effective way to see Iceland, but they also ensure that you get to see some of the most mind-blowing views of nature. You will also have an intense adrenaline boost while you sit back comfortably and glide through the air. 

With Iceland Helicopter Tours, you’ll also have access to areas that are not reachable from the ground. For instance, you’ll be able to see sights over volcanoes and other inaccessible, deserted parts of the Iceland Highlands. The majority of the sitting space of the helicopter is made from glass to increase your viewing experience. 

A popular destination for Iceland Helicopter Tours is Reykjaik from where you can explore the vibrant and colorful cityscape of the peaceful town.

What are the best Iceland Helicopter Tours?

  • Mountain Helicopter tour with Summit Landing from Reykjavík
  • Small group 6-day adventure tour around Iceland from Reykjavík
  • South Coast Full Day Tour by Minibus from Reykjavík
  • Golden Circle trip with Kerid Volcanic Crater from Reykjavík
  • Perlan Museum – Wonders of Iceland and Áróra Northern Lights Planetarium Show

18. Iceland Jeep Tours

With Iceland Jeep Tours, you can feel the rush of experiencing the true wilderness of Iceland on a 4×4 tour. The trip can be combined with stops at hard-to-miss natural attractions. These packages normally include the 4×4 vehicle, accommodation, breakfast and 24/7 support. 

Iceland Jeep tours are priced from around $160 to $250. These trips usually last for around 3 hours to 5 hours. Jeep tours are usually open for participation by most travelers and they can be enjoyed by families and couples. Certain Jeep tours in Iceland will also allow for solo travelers to book a trip. 

Join an Iceland jeep tour to navigate the off-road trails, cross rivers and explore dare your way up narrow mountain roads to reach beautiful remote natural sites in Iceland. 

What are the best Iceland Jeep Tours?

  • Guided 4-Hour Super Jeep Reindeer Safari
  • Off-Road Super Jeep Tour of Lake Myvatn with a Transfer from Akureyri
  • Rustic 4-Hour Jeep Sightseeing Tour 
  • Scenic 12-Hour Super Jeep Tour of Landmannalaugar & Mt Hekla with a Transfer from Reykjavík
  • Guided 10-Hour Super Jeep Tour of the South Coast & Eyjafjallajökull with a Transfer from Reykjavík

19. Iceland Whale Watching Tours

It doesn’t matter when you want to travel to Iceland, Iceland Whale Watching Tours happen throughout the year. Summer is, however, the most popular time to see whales. Additionally, during the warmer months, there are trips that run day and night and there’s even whale watching in the midnight sun. 

You can enjoy whale-watching trips for Iceland whale watching tours from about $75 to $150. These trips generally last for 2 hours to 3 hours. Most travelers can participate in these types of tours and they are ideal for families, couples or people who choose to travel solo. 

Tour operators say that there’s a very good chance of seeing whales in Iceland, and surfacing often happens near the boats. Other ocean-going tours also include birdwatching or a visit to one of the islands around Iceland. 

There are several types of Iceland Whale watching tours that depart from Reykjavík’s old harbor. You can also opt to stop for a delicious dinner of fresh cod after you return, as there are many small restaurants located in the harbor area.  

What are the best Iceland Whale Watching Tours?

  • Classic Whale Watching from Reykjavík 
  • Whale-Watching Tour from Reykjavík
  • Small-Group Reykjavík RIB Whale Watching Cruise
  • Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavík

20. Iceland Glacier Hiking Tours

On a glacier hiking tour, you will learn how glaciers were formed over the ages and what makes them so unique. Iceland glacier hiking tours are quite exciting as you get to take a walk on an actual glacier. You might also be able to explore ice caves among other adventurous escapades. 

On these walks, you will be guided through scenic routes and over glaciers and your guide will provide you with some interesting information about the glaciers and the areas they are found in. 

Iceland glacier hiking tours are priced as day trip tours or extended tours. Hiking day tours will cost around $70 to $100 and most of these tours last for about 3-5 hours. Extended tours that include other adventures will be more expensive.  

Glacier hiking tours provide a good adventure for families, solo travelers and couples alike. As far as safety is concerned, you would want to wear good hiking shoes and be dressed in the proper attire for this adventure. It is recommended that travelers be over the age of 12 years to part-take in these tours. 

You can choose which of the tours will suit you best. Glacier tours are available all year round and most are suitable for any skill level. 

You can choose whether you want to join a small group from Reykjavík or join a group from another meeting location. A top destination for glacier tours in Iceland is Skaftafell nature reserve. Iceland is certainly a glacier paradise. 

What are the best Iceland Glacier Hiking Tours?

  • Skaftafell Glacier Hike 
  • Natural Crystal Blue Ice Cave Tour of Vatnajökull Glacier
  • South Coast with Glacier Walk – Minibus from Reykjavík
  • Skaftafell Ice Caving & Glacier Hike
  • Solheimajokull Glacier small group hike

What are the Popular Places for Iceland Tours?

Some popular places for Iceland tours are listed in this section. 

1. Reykjavík Tours

On a tour to Reykjavík you will get to do all sorts of fun and adventurous things like horse-riding, whale-watching and viewing interesting museums. Reykjavík tours allow for in-depth visits to some of the most iconic landmarks and attractions of the charming capital of Iceland. 

2. Akureyri Tours

Explore the unique culture and the beautiful natural attractions that are associated with the so-called “Capital of the North” with Akureyri tours. It lies amid majestic mountains on the longest Fjord in Iceland, which is about 40 kilometers south of the arctic circle. 

Summer days can reach nearly 25 degrees Celsius, while the winters in Akureyri bring cold weather with heavy snow. 

3. Blue Lagoon Tours

These tours are spectacular as they help you with admission to the Blue Lagoon. This world-famous natural spa is one of the most popular attractions that Iceland has to offer. It is located between Keflavik Airport and Reykjavík and most of the vacation packages and self-drive excursions from there will include a visit to this wonder of nature. 

4. Dettifoss Tours

The Dettifoss waterfall can be found in northern Iceland, and it is known as the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. Dettifoss tours normally form part of other tours like the Diamond circle tours, and this extravagant natural feature is not to be missed. 

5. East Fjords Tours

The majestic East Fjords of Iceland can be experienced as it forms part of a diverse selection of tours, multi-day vacationing package and self-drive itineraries. This destination promises to memorize mountain peaks, herd of wild reindeer, weeping fjords and rugged coastlines along with small and interesting fishing villages. 

6. Myvatn Tours

While touring on the North Iceland Diamond Circle sightseeing route, an essential stop is Lake Mývatn. Mývatn tours famously include natural attractions like Dimmuborgir lava fortress, the Mývatn Nature Baths and Námaskard pass. 

7. Westfjords Tours

You can get to explore a region that is steeped in myth and legend and is world-renowned for its towering mountains and breathtaking labyrinth fjords. You’ll also get to visit Hornstrandir nature reserve and the Dynjandi waterfall. Additionally, there is a wealth of adventurous activities that you can part-take in. 

8. South Coast Tours

With South Coast Tours you will get to travel Iceland’s South Coast while witnessing a wide variety of waterfalls, the Reynisfjara black sand beach, glacier-capped volcanoes and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

9. Golden Circle Tours

Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir Geothermal Area are all destinations that are a must-visit for travelers during their trip to Iceland. With Golden Circle Tours, you will get to discover the treasures of three world-renowned sites that form part of this exquisite travel route. 

10. Thorsmork Tours

Þórsmörk or Thorsmork valley is found in the interior highland of Iceland, and it is named after the Norse God of thunder. This location truly lives up to its expectations. Thorsmork Tours will take you on an impressive journey and the area is only accessible by 4×4 vehicles. There are various hiking trails that start and end at this location, including the path to the Fimmvörðuháls eruption site and the “Laugavegur” trail to Landmannalaugar. 

11. Snaefellsnes Tours

These tours will take you to one of the most naturally diverse regions in Iceland. Snæfellsnes tours will allow you to explore the scenic peninsula that some like to call “Iceland in Miniature” due to its awesome diversity of picturesque landscapes and the unequaled array of natural attractions it has to offer.


Tours for Iceland


What are the Iceland Tour Packages?

Iceland tour packages are fantastic, and this scenic destination has turned into a top travel destination for both nature lovers and the thrill-seeking adventurer. Whichever you are after, you’ll have wonderful options to choose from. On tours for Iceland trips, you will have the chance to see and experience icefields, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, and active volcanoes among other wonders of nature. 

Your travel consultant will be available to arrange all the details of your tour for you. The predetermined packages include transport, accommodation, activities and all the other services that are suited to the deal. 

If the itinerary needs to be reworked, it will be done for you so that you can relax and enjoy your getaway. 

What to do with Iceland Tours?

With Iceland tours, you can be sure to have a top travel experience in Iceland along with the guidance of someone with the know-how. Iceland tour types vary, and you’ll be surprised at the types of packages that are available, from flexible self-drive tours to smaller group tours and privately guided travels in this magnificent landscape. 

You can always choose to customize your itinerary by adding activities or keeping your options open on perhaps adding extra nights to your stay. Tours can be upgraded as well if you catch yourself wanting to see more in the spur of the moment. 

What are the activities in Iceland Tours?

The activities in Iceland tours are varied and all form part of an unforgettable experience. From low-key sightseeing or visits to museums to adrenaline-filled adventures. There’s something for everyone. You could go whale-watching in Dalvik, hiking in remote destinations, or you could have some fun hunting the most beautiful waterfalls or the Northern lights.

It doesn’t matter in which season you go; you’re bound to find some extremely entertaining activities to try out solo or in the company of friends or family. 

What is the duration of Iceland Tours?

People tend to underestimate the actual size of Iceland, and this may cause some issues regarding their expectancy of the duration of Iceland Tours. 

Long term Iceland tours might involve a multi-day itinerary, and this can last for many days. The commonly recommended duration for an “express” longer term trip in Iceland is around 8 days. Though you can choose whatever suits you best and adding a few extra days can afford you more time to appreciate the country’s splendor. 

On longer term tours you will have ample time to spend on the roads, and you can ask a tour agency to help you book the best accommodation and day trips that Iceland has to offer. There are many fun and adventurous activities that could all form part and parcel of your journey. 

Short-term Iceland tours can last for a few days, and you can ask a tour agency to help you book the best experience to make the best of your time in Iceland. Shorter tours in Iceland can be filled with all sorts of wonderful experiences and your itinerary can be adjusted to suit your needs depending on your expectations. 

You might be wondering which one is better. The simple answer is that it will depend on what you’re after. If you are looking for a short adventure-filled tour in Iceland, you’ll want to book a short-term Iceland tour. These types of tours could offer some outdoor fun, and they will be long enough to provide the thrill you seek. 

Longer tours for Iceland and those that involve more expensive activities will cost more while short trips or tours or trips for Iceland that involve less expensive activities will be cheaper. 

If you are looking for a breakaway and to enjoy an all-out touring experience in Iceland, you will want to book one of the long-term Iceland tours. 

What are the most popular tour agencies in Iceland?

The most popular tour agencies in Iceland will help you to plan and map out your tour of Iceland and the include the following:

  • Top Iceland Tours
  • Nordic Visitor
  • Iceland Tours
  • NiceTravel
  • Nonni Travel
  • Snaeland Travel
  • Saga Travel
  • GJ Travel
  • Star Travel Iceland

What is the average cost for Iceland Tours?

Iceland tours can range in cost, and it will all depend on the type of package you choose. This will all involve things like your accommodation, mode of travel, which activities you are interested in, which sights you plan to see and what you will want to eat. 

Cheap Iceland tours can range from around $400-$500 for short-term tours, for instance a 2-day tour. The duration will have a large impact on the cost of the actual tour. A 3–4-day tour might range in prices from around $700-$1200. 

Medium priced Iceland tours will cost you around $1600-$2500 for tours that have a longer duration of about 6 days. There are also shorter tours that have a bit more to offer than low cost tours for a shorter duration of time in this price range. 

Expensive Iceland tours are top of the range tours and are often multi-day tours. They can cost you anything from $3500 upward for a lavish tour to about $12500 for a luxury private tour that are usually all of longer duration. These tours can last up to 10 days, for instance. There are also shorter duration tours that are in the same price class, but naturally, they have a lot of value to offer. 

What are the month-based Iceland Tours?

Iceland tours can be viewed as monthly tours, perhaps to make it a little easier for you to navigate when you would like to visit the country. The month-based Iceland Tours are elaborated upon in the following sections. 

Iceland January Tours

January is a great time for a traveling experience to Iceland. There are long periods of darkness every night, which makes it the greatest time for looking out for the Northern Lights. It is also one of the few chances you’ll get to visit the beautiful crystal blue Ice caves under Vatnajokull. 

Despite the colder weather, which some might even enjoy, there’s still a lot to do in Iceland over January. 

Popular activities during January include Skiing and dog sledding among other things like glacier hiking, whale watching, snorkeling and horseback riding.

Iceland February Tours

Another fantastic time to visit Iceland is during February. In the beginning of this month, you can expect to have just over 7 hours of daylight, but by the end of the month it will increase to about 10.5 hours. This means that you get to see the Northern lights on full display for quite a while.

You can expect to see a spectacular sunrise at around 8.30 in the morning and the sun will start setting at 19.00. 

You will also get to go on whale-watching trips where you will not only see minke whales, but also porpoises and white-beaked dolphins.

Iceland March Tours

March is a fantastic time for traveling to Iceland. The worst cold from the winter will have passed, so it will be a little easier to get around Iceland. The snow will start melting during March in Iceland. 

You’ll still have a great chance of seeing the Northern lights. You’ll still be able to enjoy some of the winter activities, depending on the amount of snow that is left after the winter. 

Popular tours that are available during March are tours of the ice caves that are located near Langjokull and visits to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon are also available. 

Iceland  April Tours

During April, you will have around 13 hours of sunlight each day. The temperatures will also start rising steadily throughout the month. Chances of snow are lower during April in Iceland. As can be expected, winter attractions like the ice caves in Iceland will be less accessible or inaccessible due to the meltwater. 

Activities like snowmobile rides and glacial hikes will, however, still be available to enjoy. 

Additionally, routes that are closed during the winter months will be opened during April, which will provide the opportunity to do things like spotting puffins at the Latrabjarg bird cliffs. 

Iceland May Tours

May is a good time for traveling to Iceland. During May, the days are longer, and the weather is a little more pleasant. Additionally, North Iceland becomes more accessible due to reduced chances of snow. 

More outdoor tours start opening up to tourists, and you can enjoy things like snorkeling in Silfra, and puffin and whale watching among other fun activities. In May, you could also visit any of the numerous hot springs around Iceland. 

Another fun activity that starts from May in Iceland is river rafting. Just remember that it is glacial water!

Iceland June Tours

June is a fantastic time to travel to Iceland. It is the first official month of summer and will bring the most daylight hours. June is perhaps one of the best months to experience the midnight sun. Additionally, the warmer weather brings with it improved driving conditions. 

Activities that are fun at this time of year include fishing, hiking, lava caving, horse riding, swimming, and whale watching. 

Interesting events during June in Iceland include Fisherman’s Day, the National day of Iceland and the Secret Solstice Music festival. 

Iceland July Tours

Iceland Tours in July will be well worth your time. There are few things more wonderful than enjoying the long sunny days that automatically create a very energetic vibe. The summer months also make various areas more accessible than they would be during the rest of the year. 

The Highlands are not to be missed, with their many hiking trails that are ripe for exploration during the summer months. 

Favorable driving conditions along with long daylight hours make exploring different areas much easier. You may not be able to see the Northern Lights during the summer, but you have the midnight sun to look forward to. This phenomenon brings a rainbow of colors to the sky and the opportunity to see and do more on your holiday. 

Iceland August Tours

August is a good time to visit Iceland while the summer months are in full swing. The weather, though not tropical, is as warm as it gets and there’s lots to do. This month marks the end of the midnight sun. 

Some of the best activities to enjoy in August are self-driving tours, camping, watersports, and hiking. August in Iceland is the best time of year for summer festivals, and it is a great time for you to visit the markets. 

Make sure not to miss the Thjodhatid i Eyjum Music Festivalwhich takes place in the volcanic terrain of the Westman Islands. 

Iceland September Tours

September in Iceland is a bit cooler than the summer months, however, remote regions like the Westfjords still remain easily accessible. 

Most of the activities that you could part-take in during summer are still there to enjoy in September. You can, for instance, still enjoy a boat ride that takes you across the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, or you may opt to take an adventurous volcano tour. 

September is the first month during which the Northern lights become visible. During this colorful month, you’ll also be able to adore the beautiful autumnal foliage. There’s a colorful shade of red, orange, and yellow which paint the landscape and provide the perfect opportunity for taking beautiful photos. 

Iceland October Tours

You should take the time to visit Iceland in October. This is after the warmer months have passed, but before winter is in full swing. 

There are many interesting attractions to see during this month, and October Iceland tours are bound to provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

Some winter attractions will start opening, while you can still get to see various attractions that will soon thereafter close until springtime. You will also be able to see the Northern lights. 

Iceland November Tours

November is a fantastic time to visit Iceland and a wide array of winter activities will be available with Iceland November tours. Daylight hours will decrease and this means that you will have ample opportunities to view the Northern lights. 

Bring warm clothing, as the temperatures are quite low during November in Iceland. 

Winter activities are in full swing during November you can try to look at activities like Ice caving, surfing, horse riding, bathing in thermal springs, glacier hiking, dogsledding and many more.

Iceland November Tours will take you on popular routes like the Golden Circle route and to the south coast. For music-lovers, there is also a three-day Iceland Airwaves music festival, which happens at the beginning of the month. 

Iceland December Tours

December is a good time to plan your visit to Iceland. In the mid-winter months, there’s always a better chance to see the magnificent Northern Lights. 

If you book a trip for December, you will also be in Iceland over Christmas, which is one of the best places to enjoy this festive holiday!

Iceland December tours are perfectly catered for, promising a wonderful holiday season filled with lights and wonderful sights to behold.

What are the themes of Iceland Tours?

The themes of Iceland tours are listed below.

1. Iceland Adventure Tours

On one of the Iceland adventure tours, you’ll get a chance to journey very close to the active volcanoes or when you visit a waterfall, you’ll get to feel the mist or splash on your skin. 

You could also enjoy the experience of walking on glaciers or perhaps relaxing in a geothermal pool. These warm pools are characteristic of Iceland. 

Experience the energy of nature at prices ranging from around $80 for an enjoyable 2-hour tour to various prices for different types of tours at prices of up to around $60000 for a longer 10-day tour that’s “top-of-the-range.” 

2. Iceland Nature Tours

During a nature tour, you will have the opportunity of wandering around some of the popular glaciers in Iceland or perhaps viewing the Northern lights. 

You’ll also have a chance to explore the waterfalls in Iceland or enjoy a camping trip. Then there are whale-watching tours, which are perfect for amusement during the summer months. Other ocean-going trips and tours in Iceland are also available. These include birdwatching and island tours. 

You can part-take in a nature tour of Iceland at various prices from about $50 for a short afternoon tour to about $11000 for a more extended 15-day group tour in Iceland.

3. Iceland Bus Tours

There are Iceland bus tours that are available throughout the year. Bus tours can be booked that include things like horse-riding, glacier hiking and trips to see the Northern Lights or sad beaches. 

How to Choose an Iceland Tour Package?

When considering how to choose an Iceland tour package, there are different things to consider, an Iceland tour buying guide would including factors like the following:

  • Dangers involved
  • What you want to learn about the culture
  • The things you look forward to seeing in nature
  • What pricing is like
  • How you would like to travel and which vehicles to use
  • A map of the region

Iceland Tours and Danger

Some Iceland tours are quite intense and are only safe for healthy people. Strict regulations are in place to protect you from any danger. Those with medical conditions might need to provide an approval letter from their physician. 

Iceland Tours and Culture

You can immerse yourself in Icelandic culture, myth, legend, and history. You can have fun learning on Iceland Tours and Culture lessons of the country as part of this eventful experience. Your trip will include visits to small authentic fishing villages as well as monumental buildings and historic landmarks. Additionally, excursions around Reykjavík which is the capital city and small towns will help to introduce you to the cuisine, music, and nightlife in Iceland.

Iceland Tours and Nature

Nature tours will take you closer to the wild, unbound landscapes of Iceland. You will have a chance to explore the wild, unbound landscapes to spot ancient volcanoes, roaring waterfalls and creeping glaciers which all make Iceland stand out as a top travel destination. 

While enjoying some of the most exciting Iceland Tours and nature at its best, you will get to kick back and relax. The guided tours will provide you with all you need for a fantastic experience of all that nature has to offer in this picturesque country. 

Just imagine viewing the multiple contrasting natural elements that form the unbound landscapes where majestic rivers run through deserts with fire erupting from ice. 


Iceland Tours Nature


Iceland Tours and Pricing

If you have been thinking about planning a trip to Iceland, you may have wondered about Iceland tours and pricing. 

The pricing of Iceland tours can range, and it will all depend on your expectation of the trip. This will involve things like your choice of accommodation, your mode of travel, which activities you want to part-take in, which sights you would like to see and what you would want to see on your menu. 

Cheap Iceland tours can cost anything from around $400-$500. This would be for short-term tours that may last for 2-days at most. The duration will have an impact on the total cost of the tour. A 3–4-day tour, for instance, might cost you around $700-$1200. 

Medium priced Iceland tours go for about $1600-$2500 for longer tours. Shorter tours are also available in this price class that have more to offer but for a shorter duration of time in this price range. 

The prices of expensive Iceland tours vary and often last for multiple days. They are priced at around $3500 upward for lavish tours to around $12500 for luxury private tours. Such tours can last for a duration of up to 10 days. There are also shorter tours that are in this same price class, however, they have more value to offer.

Iceland Tours and Vehicles

You can navigate your way through Iceland in different ways. You can go on a self-drive tour in Iceland, or you can opt for a minibus tour in a small group. Then in the winter months it might be more advisable to take a larger 4-wheel drive vehicle. 

Car rental is available for touring Iceland. With this option you can choose to have free unlimited Wi-Fi, unlimited mileage and all this will come with insurance. On a self-drive tour in Iceland, you’ll have the freedom to explore Iceland on your own terms. It will be a more relaxing way to enjoy Iceland Tours. 

Another popular choice for touring Iceland is by minibus. Small minibus tours in Iceland usually allow for a maximum of 16 passengers. Bus tours are great for those who are traveling solo or people who don’t feel comfortable driving. Minibusses also have the option of Wi-Fi connectivity. As for leg space, there’s plenty of room for travelers to feel comfortable, and comfort breaks are taken for stretching your legs and getting a breath of fresh air. 

During the colder months in Iceland, the weather can make traveling somewhat more difficult. Therefore, if you are planning on traveling to Iceland in winter, it might be a better idea to opt for a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Then there are ATV tours, airplane tours, snowmobile tours, boat tours among others. 

Iceland Tours and Family Packages

Iceland is a wonderful place to visit if you want to explore astonishing scenery with your family. Whether you have toddlers, young children or teenagers, you will have an incredible experience touring Iceland. 

Together, you can create unforgettable memories while sightseeing or enjoying some fun activities in Iceland. You can swim in the geothermal pools, view mesmerizing landscapes and features of nature, or meet cute animals like horses and puffins. 

Iceland has various family-friendly accommodation choices, and there are plentiful ways to enjoy a more easy-going trip if you are traveling with small children. 

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