Best Zipline Tours in Iceland

The Best Zipline Tours in Iceland

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Zipline tours are one of the fastest ways to capture some excitement and adrenaline during an Iceland tour. The best Zipline tours in Iceland are ones that give travelers the sights they crave and allow people to soar high in the sky like a bird.

Zipline tours in Iceland cost between $50 and $700 depending on the duration of the tour and the extra activities that are included. Because riding a zipline doesn’t take very long, many Iceland tours include other activities to make your tour feel like a deeper experience. Iceland zipline tours average about one hour, so that tours can last 10 hours or more. Since zipline tours require you to hike into the wilderness, there is some danger of falling or getting lost, but with an expert tour guide, you will have nothing to fear. People often fear falling from a zipline, but the chance of that happening with a proper safety harness is close to zero.

Not every place you go to in Iceland will have a zipline tour for you to experience. Some of the popular tour starting stations in Iceland include the following:

  • Vík: A small fishing village that is near a glacier and a volcano.
  • Akureyri: This town is known by the locals as the capital of the north. It is the fourth largest town in Iceland.
  • Hveragerði: People have nicknamed this town the earthquake town because of the geological activity and abundance of hot springs.

If zipline tours are starting to sound like a fun tour idea for you, then keep reading to find out which Zipline Tours are the best ones worth signing up for!

1. South Iceland & Zipline Adventure Tour (South Coast, May-September)

The South Iceland & Zipline Adventure is a day trip Iceland tour focusing on the south coast. Travelers who sign up for this tour will be taken on an adrenaline-fueled zipline adventure where you can soar through the air like a majestic bird as you get a unique bird’s eye view of Iceland’s natural sights. The tour combines a road transport tour of the Golden Circle and a zipline adventure tour all in one!

This zipline tour costs $726 per traveler and lasts for 10 hours. It is available from May to September.  The Iceland tour is a day trip tour with no minimum age to sign up, but anyone who wants to ride on a zipline must be at least eight years old. This adventure tour is considered easy to finish because there is not too much strenuous hiking. Still, if you have a member of your tour group with a fitness limit, they may have trouble staying engaged for 10 hours at a time. This zipline tour has private booking, which means you can set the group size to whatever you want it to be, and the tour company will work with you to iron out the details.

A private booking means that there is more flexibility of days and times to choose from, so you can coordinate this tour with any other tours you want while staying in Iceland. This fact makes this tour great for families or couples who value their privacy or for a solo traveler who wants to skip the crowds. The tour includes a complimentary pickup from any hotel, guesthouse, or bus top in the area and round-trip transportation to your stops. You will also receive an expert and professional tour guide to fill you in on all the cultural contexts of the areas you visit while in Iceland.  This guide will coordinate all travel during your tour and handle all itinerary management, though you have some say on the order of the stops you want your group to make.

While there are many things included in this tour, there are a few considerations you should be aware of. First, there is no airport transfer included in the price of this tour. You will need to find your own way from the airport to the city of Reykjavík for your free pickup. Also, the tour includes no accommodation, so if you plan to stay the night in Iceland, you will need to book and pay for your own hotel. While the tour does stop for breaks and meals during the duration of the tour, there is no food included in the cost of the tour. You will want to budget meals for your group during the day while in Iceland.

Weather conditions can frequently change in Iceland, and the zipline portion of the tour may be canceled or rescheduled depending on the weather on the ground. Pack warm clothing and a waterproof jacket if the weather turns bad. You will also want to bring sturdy shoes to use while hiking and a camera to take photos of your trip.

Your tour begins with an accommodation pickup 30 minutes before your departure time. Here you will meet your guide, and your group will set off to see the waterfalls, beaches, and volcanic vistas in South Iceland. You will hike through a river canyon with exquisite natural views and see a fantastic view of the Grafargil canyon. The zipline portion of the tour will take place inside Grafargil canyon.

2. Zipline and Hiking Adventure Tour in Vík (Vík, March-December)

The Zipline and Hiking Adventure Tour in Vík is a thrilling race on a zipline over waterfalls, glaciers, and rivers high in the sky. This ziplining tour takes place in the seaside village of Vik, where you can hike around the dynamic landscape before getting a taste of a high-flying zipline adventure.

This tour costs $122 per person and lasts for 1.5 hours. The Iceland zipline tour is available between March and December and has four different departure times for extra scheduling flexibility. Travelers who sign up for this tour can choose between 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00 departure times, making this a morning or afternoon tour, depending on your preference.

This tour has a maximum group size of twelve travelers and is a public tour, so your group may be sharing your departure time with other people. Most travelers should be able to participate, as the tour is not challenging to finish. Still, children must be accompanied by an adult, and the minimum age for this tour is eight years old. This zipline tour is also not recommended for pregnant travelers or anyone with physical limitations.

Ziplining can be fun and adrenaline-inducing, so you need a minimum fitness level to withstand it. The Iceland tour is excellent for families, couples, or solo travelers who don’t mind a larger group size. Often, tours are a perfect way to meet new people and make friends during your tour time. This adventure tour includes the use of a helmet, zipline safety equipment, and a local guide that is an expert in the landscape and history of the area. During your tour, the guide will share interesting facts about Iceland’s geology, flora, fauna, and culture. Guides are only available in English, so travelers will want to be fluent in the language to get the best experience from their guides.

You will need to bring a few things to be aware of to participate in this tour. This zipline tour does not include hotel pickup or drop-off and also does not provide airport transfer. This means you will need to find your way to the departure point in Vík, Iceland. Transportation is also not included, but luckily the zipline course is only a three-minute walk from a nearby hostel, so it is not too difficult to reach the course. The zipline tour operates in all weather conditions, so you will want to dress in warm, comfortable clothes, preferably water-proof ones.

This Iceland tour has strict COVID-19 protocols that travelers will have to follow. Social distancing is enforced throughout the tour, and guides are required to wash their hands regularly. All gear will be sanitized between use, and the tour makes hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff at all times.

Your tour begins at the meeting spot at the Víkurbraut hostel. You will meet your guide and get dressed up in your zipline harness and safety equipment. Here, you will then hike up to the starting zipline, where you will take a series of zip lines that lead back down to the hostel. During the trip, you will get a bird’s eye view of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and take leaps of faith across rivers to get to the next zipline.

3. Zipline Adventure Through Glerárgil River Canyon in Akureyri Town (Akureyri, June-August)

The Zipline Adventure Through Glerárgil River Canyon in Akureyri Town is a zipline journey across rivers and through beautiful local scenery. You will get to see views of the scenery that are experienced by few people, even by local residents of the area.

This zipline tour costs $78 per person and lasts approximately two hours. The Iceland tour is a summer tour, available from June through August. Four departure times are available for tour groups ranging from morning to late afternoon. Travelers have the option to leave for their tour at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, or 16:00. The maximum tour group size is twelve, making it a good option for families with a lot of members or tourists who like to travel in larger groups. This zipline tour has a minimum age of 8 years old to participate on the tour. Families with smaller children may need to miss out on zipline tours for this reason.

This zipline tour for Iceland is not difficult to finish and only requires a minimal amount of hiking, with most of the time spent on ziplines. This tour includes a local ziplining guide who speaks English, climbing helmets, and a zipline harness to keep you safe during the tour. This guide is an expert on Akureyri and the surrounding area and will always know where your group is going. Your guide will be a source of information for any questions you have about the area’s history, culture, geology, or flora.

There are a few things you will want to take note of a few things while considering this zipline tour. Hotel pickup and drop-off are not included in the ticket price, and you will have to find your own transportation method to and from different attractions. Also, no airport transfer is offered as a part of this tour, so you will need to arrange a way to get to the meeting point if you want to participate.

This zipline adventure tour has several COVID safety measures in place to make the experience safe for everyone that travelers and guides must follow. Social distancing is strictly enforced during the tour; everyone must wash their hands before touching the equipment. All equipment is all sanitized in between use by different people. You will also want to take note of the tour’s cancellation policy of requiring a full 24-hours notice ahead of time. Cancellations may happen because of weather events or other unforeseen circumstances. Also, when landing in Iceland, you will have to pass a COVID-19 screening to be allowed to participate in the tour.

Your tour begins at the meeting point in Akureyri. Here you will meet your tour guide along with your other tour members. Your guide will brief you on how to equip your harness and safety equipment and lay out the itinerary for the tour. After introductions are out of the way, you will be led to an adventure hiking trail with five different zipline points and forest paths to walk on. You will see the river canyon of Glerárgil and all of its breathtaking scenery.

4. South Coast Zipline Iceland Tour (South Coast, Year-Round)

The South Coast Zipline Iceland Tour is a guided zipline experience that explores the southern area of Iceland with hiking trails and zipline rides. People who have gone on this tour have commented that it includes one of the most breathtaking scenes encountered during their entire Iceland trip. You get a birds-eye view of everything while riding a zipline.

This Iceland tour costs $88 per person and lasts two hours. Anybody under 16 years old gets to go on this tour for half the price, but this tour does have an age requirement of 8 years old. Families with smaller children may miss out on this experience if they want to stay together during their trip. The skiing tour has a weight limit of 120 kg or 264 pounds. This weight limit is there to ensure the safety of all guests when they are on the zipline. These ziplines were designed to be pulse-pounding and fast, so they have a lower weight limit than some of the other tours.

The Iceland tour is considered easy to finish and is relatively safe. The tour takes place near transportation and the town of Vík, so you will never be too far into the wilderness. You will find that there is a flexible range of departure times every day, so it will never be too difficult to find time to put this zipline tour on your itinerary. Included in this tour are a safety harness, zipline helmet, a ride to the starting point of the tour from the meeting point, and an expert English-speaking tour guide.

You will need to bring a few things of your own to be able to participate successfully in this tour. Travelers will need hiking shoes and warm clothing. The clothing you bring will want to be windproof and waterproof to handle the elements you will likely be exposed to. You will also want to bring gloves to protect your hands from the cold and a thin hat the keep your head warm. Travelers will wear helmets during the tour, so that hat needs to be thin enough to fit under the helmet but thick enough to keep you warm. People with longer hair will need to tie their hair into a braid or bun to prevent it from getting in their way while ziplining.

This tour does not include hotel pick-up or airport transfers, so you should consider hiring a personal travel agent to arrange that for you. If not, you will either need to find a transport service or rent a car in Iceland to get to the tour group’s meeting spot.

The tour begins once your group arrives at the meeting spot in Mýrdal, South Iceland. You will want to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure so you have time to equip your safety harness and hear your guide’s safety explanation. Sometimes departure times need to change because of the weather, so you will want to check your email and stay updated on any changes in the tour schedule. After introductions, your tour group will take a five-minute drive to a hiking trail before hiking another five minutes to the first platform zip line.

This zipline is called Little Rush because of the speed travelers go while riding it. The other zipline on tour, called the Gentle Giant, is a longer 240 meters or 787 feet. People remark that this one has the prettiest view of the Hundafoss waterfall. After a short hike, you will be close to the starting point and the zipline base camp.


Best Zipline Tours in Iceland


5. Classic Iceland Ring Road Adventure: ATV, Zipline & Horseback Tour (Multiple Regions, May-October)

The Classic Iceland Ring Road Adventure: ATV, Zipline & Horseback Tour is a combined experience tour of different Iceland areas with a suburb ziplining portion. You will go on an exquisite horseback and ziplining tour on the same day in the town of Vík. People who have participated in this tour really love the relaxing pace of the tour and the extra chances to relax in your hotel sauna.

This Iceland ziplining tour costs $3205 per person and lasts 12 days. Travelers can book the dates on this tour between May and October, making it primarily a summer event. This private touring event has no minimum age or maximum group size, but any traveler who wants to participate in zip lining must be at least eight years old. It is an excellent tour for families, couples, or even solo tourists who want to have a luxury stay in Iceland while they explore some of its most popular attractions.

The Iceland tour package includes 11 nights of accommodations and breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your stay. It also consists of a transport driver and tour guide that will be able to keep you on track during your adventures. This guide speaks English and Icelandic and will have extensive knowledge of Icelandic terrain, culture, and history. The Iceland tour also includes pickup, travel, and airport transfer during your stay.

There are a few different considerations you will want to make before booking this tour. While many things are included in the price of this tour, you will want to bring your own appropriate clothing for the zipline tour. The tour includes safety equipment and a helmet, but you must bring waterproof clothing to protect against the elements. A

lso, this tour requires that you pass a COVID-19 screening before you are allowed to participate in any activities. During the tour you will also need to follow local COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of travelers, guides, and other guests. Also, weather conditions can significantly affect your Iceland experience. Some tour activities like ziplining could be delayed or canceled because of adverse weather conditions.

Your tour begins with your arrival at Keflavik airport. Here, you will get transferred to your rented Jeep vehicle and head out to the Golden Circle area, where you will spend your time exploring black sand beaches on an ATV. You will also visit a geothermal lagoon that will soak all your stress away. On day four, you will reach Vík í Mýrdal and begin your ziplining adventure.

You will be guided on a series of four different zipline rides that give you a grand tour of Iceland’s mountainside. Also, during this time, you will go hiking through the nearby landscape and participate in a one-hour guided horseback ride. This Iceland tour also has a super jeep tour in the wilderness and a hiking adventure in Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. You will explore Iceland at a leisurely pace before enjoying a final day exploring downtown Reykjavik and then catching your flight.

6. Mega Zipline Iceland Tour (Hveragerði, June-August)

The Mega Zipline Iceland Tour is a high-flying adventure that features the longest zipline in Iceland, called the Mega Zipline. Not only is the zipline the fastest and longest zipline in Iceland, but it is also one of the longest in Europe. The zipline can get travelers to reach speeds of up to 120 km/hr or 74 miles per hour.

This tour costs $58 per person and lasts for forty minutes. The Iceland tour has additional options that can increase the price. You can add a free fall combo tour that raises the price by $14 or add a video footage option that increases the cost by another $20. This video footage options gives you access to high-quality footage of your bird-like flight over the beautiful Icelandic landscape. With just one click of a button, you can immediately share it over social media. Also, the video contains multiple view angles that you can select and edit to create a one-of-a-kind tour video. The tour has a conventional superman and free-fall ride that allows you to go as fast or slow as you want.

The tour ticket price includes an admission pass, a ride up the trail, and a safety harness and helmet. This zipline tour is considered moderately difficult to finish, and people with physical limitations will have trouble hiking up the steep slope where the mega zipline is. Also, riding the mega zipline is an intense physical activity that is not recommended for people with health conditions or pregnant travelers. Travelers must be at least nine years old to participate in this tour. Families without small children and couples who want an exhilarating and romantic view of Iceland will like this tour the most. 

When deciding whether to book this tour, there are a few additional considerations to think about. The weather in the tour area tends to have a high chance of precipitation. In the event of a storm or other weather event, the tour will need to be postponed or canceled. Also, this tour requires all its guests to follow COVID-19 safety procedures. These procedures include social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing equipment in between use. The zipline tour also requires its staff to be regularly tested. The Iceland tour has a cancelation policy of 24 hours or more to get a refund. Any cancellations after this time limit will not be eligible for a refund.

Your fun zipline adventure begins with a meeting in the town of Hveragerði. Here you will be transported to the trailhead and driven to the base of the Mega Zipline. After a short hike up a steep slope, you will be set to experience Mega Ziplines in two parallel lines. These parallel lines are great for couples who want to share high adventure side by side. Travelers remark that they feel like sea birds as they soar extremely fast over the landscape. You may also encounter puffins or other sea birds during your zipline journey. The rush of the Mega Zipline is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and excitement-inducing experiences one can do while in Iceland.

7. Zipline Tour at Vík (South Iceland, March-November)

The Zipline Tour at Vik is a combination zipline and hiking tour of the river canyon of Vík. During this tour, you will take three or more ziplines, including a river crossing zipline, depending on the route. Travelers on this tour get a leisurely look at this breathtaking area of south Iceland.

This tour costs $90 per person and lasts for one hour. A good thing about this tour is that it is available from March to November, so you don’t need to visit Iceland during the summer to experience zip lining. Summer is a great season to experience zip lining, but you will often have to fight against the crowds to get accommodations, and you will have a less private experience. This is a great way to get some ziplining in if you plan to visit Iceland during the northern lights season. This zipline tour has two different departure times in the afternoon. Travelers can leave for this zipline tour at 12:00 or 14:00.

The Iceland tour includes a tour guide that will guide you during your hiking portion and will instruct you on how to safely zipline. This zipline adventure also includes safety equipment, including harnesses and a helmet. The south Iceland tour has an age limit of eight years old and a physical requirement that you can walk on uneven ground. This zipline tour is considered moderately difficult to finish because of the hiking time. Anyone with a low fitness level may find this tour challenging.

Before going on this tour, you will want to consider what this tour does not provide. This zipline tour does not offer any hotel pickup or airport transfer, so you will need to book a way to travel while in Iceland. Also, the tour does not provide food or water, so you will need to pack a water bottle for hiking and a snack if you get angry during the tour. Also, this tour has a weight limit of 150 kg or 330 pounds. Anyone that is over that weight limit will not be allowed to participate in the zipline portion of the tour.

The tour begins once you meet up in the lobby of the Vík hostel. You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure, so the guide has time to tell you how to equip your safety equipment and helmets. During this time, your expert guide will also fill you in on the terrain and any safety precautions your group will need to take. It is essential to follow these safety rules because, during your hike, you will be tiptoeing on slippery rocks to cross rivers and climb up potentially dangerous slopes. As you reach the top of the hike, you will see a great view of the Katla volcano and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. After taking some time to take photographs at the top of the slope, your group will start flying down a series of ziplines that take you over a canyon, a waterfall, and more rivers.

8. Zip Line Ride From Vik South Iceland (Vík, May-August)

The Zip Line Ride From Vik South Iceland is a safety-tested zipline adventure that meets the strictest EU standards. Travelers of this tour get to explore the Grave Canyon and take a short hike through many beautiful rock formations.

This tour costs $81 per person and lasts for one hour. Travelers can sign up for this tour between May and August. The tour starts in the fishing village of Vík, which is tucked away between beautiful hills and valleys. You will meet your tour guide and the rest of your group and equip your safety gear here. Travelers of this zipline tour can get a complimentary pick-up and drop-off for hotels. However, there is no airport transfer option. After getting your briefing, your tour group will head out to the trail and hike a little bit to find two zip lines to ride on.

People on this tour should pack warm and windproof clothes, gloves, and a thin hat. After riding the zipline, your tour group will end where you started and be free to explore the area. There is a minimum age of eight years old for this tour, but it is not too dangerous, so it’s a good tour for families.

9.  Saga Travel Zipline Akureyri Tour (Akureyri, June-August)

The Saga Travel Zipline Akureyri Tour is a guided adventure trail experience complete with five different zip lines and a maze of forest paths. People going on this tour enjoyed the hidden gems of the Glerárgil canyon and the surrounding lush green landscape.

This tour costs $86 per person and lasts two hours. Travelers get a choice of four different departure times every day between June and August. The zipline tour starts at a meeting point in Akureyri town, where you will meet your professional tour guide. This guide will check your safety equipment and ensure everyone meets the requirements.

All tour members must be at least eight years old and no more than 120 kg or 260 pounds. Despite these requirements, the tour is not hard to finish or very dangerous, making it an excellent fit for families who like zipline adventures. You should bring waterproof hiking shoes and dress warm because you will be partaking in a few river crossings. Also, there are no pickup or airport transfer options, so travelers will need to find their own way to the meeting point.

10. Arctic Face Zipline Tour (Vík, Year-Round)

The Artic Face Zipline tour is a fun ride over a canyon that gives travelers hear pumping thrill and a gorgeous scenic view at the same time. This safe zipline tour take you past canyons, waterfalls, and rivers while delivering on an amazing birds eye view of the area.

This tour costs $111 per person and lasts for two hours. People are able to book this tour year round, and it has multiple departure times for added flexibility. Children under the age of eight are restricted for participating on this tour, and they need to weight at least 30 kg or 66 pounds. Since this tour has no minimum tour group number, this is a good option for solo travelers who want a solitary zipline experience. The meeting point for this Iceland tour is at the Norður-Vík hostel in small village of Vík in South Iceland. Once meeting your guide you will start your hike to the zipline platform where you will ride 2-3 ziplines depending on weather conditions.

Ziplines are generally not too dangerous thanks to safety equipment, and the hiking portion is not too challenging to finish. Be sure to bring warm clothing and waterproof hiking boots for when need to cross a river to change ziplines. Travelers will also need to find their own way to the meeting point because the tour doesn’t include hotel pickup or airport transfer.

What to know for Best Zipline Trip Tours in Iceland

When looking to book a zipline tour, there are a few considerations you will want to do some research on. The things to know about the best zipline tours in Iceland are listed below:

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Many zipline tours do not offer airport transfer options. When arriving in Iceland, you must find a way to get transportation to the tour group meeting site. Some of the tours near a significant city in Iceland may offer hotel pickup, but this is not guaranteed. Before setting foot in Iceland, you should already have a solid plan of where you are going and how you will get there.

Accommodation Cost: While a few zipline tours are a package deal without tours, most zipline tours do not include the cost of accommodations. This means that you will be responsible for finding and paying for a hotel while you are in Iceland. There is no free camping in Iceland, so it is essential to find a place to stay if you plan to spend multiple days.

Personal Travel Agent: It is highly recommended that you hire a personal travel agent for your trip to Iceland. They are worth the cost of hiring them and more in nearly every situation. Beginning travelers often wish they had used a personal travel agent so that the stress of planning and research had been replaced by relaxation. A personal travel agent uses their connections and experience to plan an itinerary for you that is the best that can be, all while you don’t have to exert major effort.

Price Range: The price range for Iceland zipline tours is between $50 and $700. Some zipline tours that are part of a package can range from $1,000 to $3000.

Price Factors: There are a few things that can influence the price of a zipline tour. Travelers who go to Iceland in the busy summer tourist season will see an increased price on zipline tours. Also, the duration of the zipline tour dramatically impacts the price. Shorter tours tend to cost around the same amount, but the price goes up as the hours spent increase. Another reason prices can fluctuate is because since ziplining is a short activity, it is often packaged with other activities that can vary in price. Ziplining also requires some hiking, but some tours make the hiking section longer. Things like horseback riding and biking can also be worked into ziplining because these things typically take place in the same area.

Popularity: Zipline tours are popular with Iceland visitors because they are one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have with nature. People of all ages find ziplining fun because of the ease of the experience, the feeling of adrenaline, and the way it makes you feel like you are flying. Because zipline tours are popular, it may be difficult to reserve a spot without them being sold out. Ziplining is not something you can just show up for, it requires a safety harness and safety equipment, and there are only so many of those to go around. It is a good idea to look at reserving a spot as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on an ideal touring time.

COVID-19 Precautions: Iceland zipline tours have a number of COVID-19 precautions that travelers and staff members must follow. Many tours will require that you pass a COVID-19 test to be allowed to participate. This is done to ensure that everyone on tour can enjoy the activities safely without worrying about contracting the disease. Also, many tours will strictly enforce social distancing rules to reduce the chance of spreading germs. Safety equipment will be sanitized and cleaned between traveler use, so you don’t have to worry about contracting COVID-19 from any frequently used surfaces. Lastly, many tours will require staff members to wash their hands and provide hand sanitizer to guests regularly.

Which regions of Iceland are better for Zipline Trip Tours?

When picking out a zipline tour, there are some regions to check before looking at others. The best regions of Iceland for zipline trip tours include the following:

  • South Region: This region has the perfect terrain for ziplining and is an excellent location because it is close to the Golden Circle and many other popular Iceland attractions.
  • West Region: A region that is popular with zip liners for its viewpoints and attractions. While part of the fun of ziplining is going fast, the western region boasts some of the more impressive zipline views than other regions.


Zipline Tours in Iceland


What are the Most Famous Zipline Trip Tours of Iceland?

Popular tours are often an excellent way to gauge the zipline’s quality. Some of the most famous zipline trip tours of Iceland include the ones listed below:

  • South Iceland & Zipline Adventure Tour: This zipline tour is popular for its long 10-hour duration, allowing travelers to zipline to their hearts. It is also popular with travelers because of its location. South Iceland is home to many famous attractions, so it’s only natural the ziplines in the area would be famous too.
  • Zipline and Hiking Adventure Tour in Vík: One of the most popular tours in the area. This tour is loved by zipliners for its combination of hiking and ziplining, where the hiking experience is almost as fun as the ziplines.

What are the Best Zipline Trip Tours for Families?

If you are traveling with your family, then you will want to find a zipline tour that caters to your family’s needs. The best zipline trip tours for families include:

  • Zipline and Hiking Adventure Tour in Vík: A popular tour with families because of its proximity to other fun family attractions. While your family is in the area, you might as well go ziplining. Kids also have a blast zip lining, provided that they are old enough.
  • Zipline Adventure Through Glerárgil River Canyon: This is a larger size tour that is great for larger families that enjoy a fantastic view while ziplining. The ziplines in this tour carry you at an incredible speed and have a higher weight limit than others.
  • Mega Zipline Iceland Tour: The zipline tour features the longest and fastest zipline in Iceland. It is an excellent tour for families because its spectacle appeals to everyone. It has an incredible number of options for customization that will help it appeal to different family members.
  • Classic Iceland Ring Road Adventure: ATV, Zipline & Horseback Tour: This popular ziplining package tour is a great family pleaser because it has something for everyone. Not everyone likes every activity, so this tour keeps it fresh so each family member can look forward to their favorite activity.

What are the Best Zipline Trip Tours for Couples?

Ziplining is a romantic way to spend time with your significant other. The best zipline trip tours for couples are listed below:

  • Mega Zipline Iceland Tour: A ziplining tour that features a pair of parallel ziplines. Couples can go down zip lines side by side to experience the romantic views of the Iceland scenery together.
  • Classic Iceland Ring Road Adventure: ATV, Zipline & Horseback Tour: Couples are a good fit for this zipline combination tour because it has a smaller tour size than other tours. Also, you can partake in a range of activities besides ziplining, so the spontaneous romantic moments never stop. Couples greatly value added privacy on their tours so they can better share the experience with each other.

What are the Most Luxurious Iceland Zipline Trip Tours?

The most luxurious Iceland zipline trip tour is the Mega Zipline Iceland Tour. Its luxury does justice to its name because it has so many tour package options and add-ons that it is well worth the price. You can get a recording of your zipline tour and customize the way you zipline between fast speed, free fall, and leisurely pace.

What is the Price Range for Iceland Zipline Trip Tours?

Iceland zipline tours range between $50 and $700. The price range is so vast because ziplining is usually paired with another activity that can vary in price. This is because ziplining as an activity doesn’t take very long, so many tours will add activities to fill out the tour experience. Another reason that the price can fluctuate for zipline tours is the time of the year you visit. Summer tours in July will be the most expensive month, while winter tours in February will be the least costly generally. Another reason zipline tours can have different prices is because of the duration. A 45-minute zipline tour will cost much less than a 10-hour zipline tour.

What is the Cheapest Zipline Trip Tour in Iceland?

The cheapest zipline trip tours in Iceland are the Zipline Adventure Through Glerárgil River Canyon and the South Coast Zipline Iceland Tour. These tours are cheaper because they are a shorter duration than other tours and do not feature additional activities.

What are the Rules for Iceland Zipline Trip Tours?

There are several rules that guests must follow when going on a zipline trip tour. These rules are essential because they protect the safety of travelers and staff while maximizing the fun you can have on the tour. These rules include are listed below:

  • Dress Warmly: The weather in Iceland will often get cold and can change instantly. You will always want to be prepared to protect yourself from the elements with warm, comfortable clothing.
  • Properly wear your safety harness: Although it can be uncomfortable when hiking up to your zipline, it is important to listen to your guide’s instructions and wear it properly to ensure a safe zipline ride.
  • Pack your own snacks: Zipline tours will often require your tour group to hike to reach the ziplining point for a while. When traveling into the Icelandic wilderness, it is important to have food and water. Since zipline tours typically do not provide food or water, you must pack your own snacks in a backpack.
  • Always arrive 20 minutes before departure: You want to be considerate of other people in your tour group. You need to arrive before your departure time, so you have time to get suited up in your safety gear and hear the safety briefing from your tour guide. Leave early so that you will have enough time to get to the meeting site early.

Is taking photographs allowed for Zipline Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to take photographs on zipline tours. During zipline tours, there are often many opportunities to take photos on the hike up to the zipline area. Also, you can take photos while ziplining through the air, but this is not recommended because it is unsafe.

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for Zipline Tours?

Some zipline tours offer photography and video packages for your zipline adventure. Often, these tours will use a GoPro camera to capture moments from your ziplining so you can take them home as a souvenir.

Are Iceland Zipline Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, zipline tours are safe from COVID-19 because these tours take precautions to protect against the virus. Participants of zipline tours are often required to pass a COVID-19 screening and social distance while on tour. Staff members are also required to wash their hands regularly and provide hand sanitizer to guests who need it. Also, all safety equipment is sanitized before it is handed off to the next tourist.

Are Zipline Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

No, zipline tours require at least a guide and a tour group with a minimum amount of people. Tours require this for safety reasons and to ensure their guests get a full experience with the cultural context of the area from their guide.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland Zipline Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on Iceland zipline trip tours. It is recommended that you pack a snack, a meal, and some water in a backpack before venturing out on a hike in Iceland. Hiking can get tiring, and zipline tours will often not provide meals to their guests.

What are the Best Sessions for Iceland Zipline Trip Tours by Month?

The best sessions for Iceland zipline trip tours by month include the following:

  • June-July:  This is a great time to try out a zipline tour in Iceland because you have more daylight hours to hike and joy the sights. You will also find more tour groups during this time, increasing your options for zipline tours.
  • March-May: Booking a session during this time is a good idea for those who want to miss out on the busy summer season but still want to benefit from the better weather.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland Zipline Trip Tours?

Zipline tours last for an average duration of one hour. Ziplining as an activity is extremely quick, as you just slide down a rope at a fast speed, and then it is over. Some zipline tours can last over 10 hours, and these zipline tours have a better cost per hour and are a better bang for your buck.

Where do the Iceland Zipline Trip Tours start?

Some of the starting points for Iceland zipline trip tours include the locations listed below:

  • Vík
  • Hveragerði
  • Akureyri

Are Iceland Zipline Trip Tours challenging to Finish?

No, Iceland zipline trip tours are generally not challenging to finish. People who want to go on a zipline tour in Iceland must be capable of walking on an uneven trail surface for 20 or more minutes before they get to the zipline. The act of ziplining does not require any amount of physical fortitude, but it is not recommended for people with heart conditions or pregnant travelers.

What to know about Zipline Tours in Iceland?

You will want to know a few things about the zipline tours in Iceland. Ziplining is only confined to a few areas that have them set up, so not every place you visit in Iceland will have a spot for you to zipline. Also, zipline tours do not usually take too long, so to maximize your time in Iceland, you might want to plan other activities for the day as well.

How many Zipline Tours does Iceland have?

Iceland does not have a lot of zipline tours. The approximate number of zip line tours Iceland has by region is listed below:

  • North Region: 5-10
  • South Region: 10-15
  • West Region: 5-10
  • East Region: 5-10


Best Zipline Tours for Iceland


What are the other Activities for Zipline Tours?

Ziplining is a lot of fun, but there are also other activities you can do while on a ziplining tour that can be just as interesting. Some of these activities are included below:

  • Bird Watching: During your hike to get to your zipline, and while riding your zipline, you may get lucky enough to encounter beautiful and unique birds native to Iceland.
  • Plant Spotting: While much of Iceland has a volcanic landscape, there are many unique flowers and plant species that curious observers can find while hiking.
  • Hot Springs: Iceland has many hot springs because of its active volcanoes. This plethora of natural geothermal baths means that many times after zip lining, you will be able to bathe in one to relax.
  • Photography: Taking photos is excellent with a good vantage point. Since the point of a zipline tour is to get high up, zipline tours are great photo opportunities.
  • River Crossing: One of the most fun activities of zipline tours is the ability to cross rivers on a zipline. Crossing smaller rivers are often necessary to get to crucial zipline vantage points.
  • Whale Watching: If you are lucky enough during your zipline trip, you might encounter whales crossing your path that are visible from the shore. Many zipline tours in Iceland have an area with a fantastic view of the sea.
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