Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

The Onno-Óltifoss waterfall in Iceland is very close to Fardagafoss. In fact, it is a partially hidden waterfall that you can see on your way to the larger Fardagafoss. There is a viewing point for this smaller waterfall partway through the hike. This hidden gem among the waterfalls in Iceland is located at the coordinates 65°16’00.9″N 14°19’39.4″W. 

What are the Tourist Activities for Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

Although Onno-Óltifoss is quite picturesque, it is not one of the primary tourist attractions in the area. Rather it is a smaller waterfall that you can conveniently see while hiking up to Fardagafoss. You can do hiking tours that will take you on hikes past Onno-Óltifoss, Fardagafoss, and even to Gufufoss waterfalls. There are more waterfall hikes you can do on the other side of Lagarfljot lake as well.

What are the Hotels for Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

The hotels in Iceland that are available for those wanting to visit this little waterfall are primarily located in and around the nearby town of Egilsstadir. Some of these include the Lake Hotel Egilsstadir, the Vinland Guesthouse, and the Icelandair Hotel Herad.

What are the Facts about Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

Onno-Óltifoss does not have any particular stories or history that make it stand out as it is a relatively hidden waterfall in the area. It is simply a beautiful, small waterfall located along the path to Fardagafoss waterfall. It is quite early in the hike to Fardagafoss, so keep an eye out for the viewpoint. You can also try to hike towards the waterfall away from the observation deck. However, practice care as you do so since the nature in the area is somewhat sensitive.

Is there a National Park for Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

Onno-Óltifoss is not located within one of the national parks in Iceland. Instead, the closest national park to this waterfall is Vatnajokull National Park. As the crow flies, it is only a hundred miles or so away from the park’s northern border. However, to enter the park via car, you will have to drive about four hours south from this waterfall to Vatnajokull’s southern entrance via Route 1. 

Which Canyons are Connected to the Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

There are no particular canyons in Iceland associated with this waterfall.

Which Rivers are connected to the Onno-Óltifoss Waterfall?

The Miðhúsaá River feeds both this waterfall and Fardagafoss further downstream.

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