Stykkishólmur City in Iceland

Stykkishólmur City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

This town of 1100 people is located in the western part of Iceland. Stykkishólmur City in Iceland is a central hub for commerce, fishing, and tourism in the area. 

Stykkishólmur was founded thanks to its great geography, making it a natural harbor. It has since been an important trading post in western Iceland.

What to do in Stykkishólmur?

Stykkishólmur is a cultural center filled to the brim with exciting adventures to offer visitors and residents. Some of the things to do in Stykkishólmur include visiting places like the following:

  • Library of Water: A collection of liquids taken from the unique waters of different Icelandic glaciers.
  • Stykkisholmskirkja: A church with an impressive futuristic architectural design.
  • Lighthouse Súgandisey: A distinct red lighthouse that captures the attention and eyes of everyone in town.

Are there Camping Places in Stykkishólmur?

The city of Stykkishólmur has many camping places to stay while exploring the sights of Iceland’s natural beauty. The camping places in Stykkishólmur include:

  • Tjaldstæði: A clean-looking campsite next to the scenic Víkurvöllur golf course.
  • Kemp Stykkishólmur: A campsite near the Stykkishólmur seaport close to a supermarket.

What are the Best Hotels in Stykkishólmur?

Many people will spend extra time in Stykkishólmur to explore the local culture. Some of the best hotels in Stykkishólmur they will stay at include:

  • Fosshótel Stykkishólmur: A 3-star hotel with a great view of Breidafjordur Bay.
  • Hótel Egilsen: A hotel that overlooks Stykkisholmur Harbor. It is within walking distance of the Volcano Museum. 

What are the Tours for Stykkishólmur?

If you are planning on traveling to Stykkishólmur, it is highly recommended to take a tour to get the most out of your experience. Some of the best tours for Stykkishólmur are listed below:

  • Stykkishólmur Slowly: A cultural, culinary tour of Stykkishólmur cuisine with an emphasis on slow travel, walking tours, and artisanal picnics.
  • Kontiki Kayak Tours: A two-hour kayak tour of the sea that explores west Iceland’s nature and wildlife.

What are the Best Restaurants in Stykkishólmur?

If you work up an appetite exploring Stykkishólmur, there are many restaurants to choose from. The best restaurants in Stykkishólmur include:

  • Stykkishólmur: A local favorite that is always busy. Make a reservation early so you don’t miss out on the harbor’s great food and scenic view.
  • Narfeyrarstofa: A great collection of local cuisine, including fish and garlic bread appetizers.

Is there an Airport in Stykkishólmur?

Yes, the airport in Stykkishólmur is simply called the Stykkishólmur airport.

What is the total area of Stykkishólmur?

Stykkishólmur has a total area of 6.2 square km or 3.8 square miles.

How is the weather in Stykkishólmur Town?

The weather in Stykkishólmur town is warm with heavy rainfall. You can expect overcast and rainy days for a large part of the weather every month. Sunny days are few, even during the dryer months.

What is the Postal Code of Stykkishólmur?

Stykkishólmur uses the postal codes 340 and 345.

Who are the Notable People from Stykkishólmur?

Stykkishólmur has a long history that has produced many famous Icelanders. Some of these notable people from Stykkishólmur include:

  • Hildur Sigurðardóttir: A famous Icelandic basketball player.
  • Haraldur Sigurðsson: A volcanologist that made breakthrough work on Iceland’s past volcanic eruptions.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to Stykkishólmur?

Some of the close towns to the city of Stykkishólmur include the following:

  • Helgafellssveit: A municipality that is six km or three miles away from Stykkishólmur.
  • Olafsvik: a small village 86 km or 53 miles east on route 54.

What is the Distance from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur?

The distance from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur is approximately 172 km or 106 miles.

Are there any close Glaciers to Stykkishólmur?

No, there are not any close Glaciers to Stykkishólmur. The closest glacier is Snæfellsjökull which is 90km or 55 miles away.

Are there any close Mountains to Stykkishólmur?

Yes, Helgafell mountain is only a short distance away from Stykkishólmur.

Are there any close Volcanoes to Stykkishólmur?

Yes, there are a few close volcanoes to Stykkishólmur, including:

  • Ljósufjöll volcano
  • Helgrindur volcano

Where is the Stykkishólmur Lighthouse?

The Stykkishólmur Lighthouse is on the northern end of Stykkishólmur near the Súgandisey Cliff.

Does Stykkishólmur have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Stykkishólmur has a sports tourism culture. There’s a sports club called Ungmennafélagið Snæfell. Local fans will travel to watch their team play against other teams in basketball, swimming, football, and golf.

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