Eldgjá Volcano in Iceland

Eldgjá Volcano in Iceland: Eruptions, Area, Caldera and Tours

Eldgjá Volcano in Iceland (also known as the Fire Canyon) sits in the south of the country and spreads for 40 kilometers, it is the largest volcanic canyon on a world scale. Eldgjá cradles the famous Ófærufoss waterfall. The volcanic canyon was discovered by Þorvaldur Thoroddsen in 1893. With no eruptions for over a millennium, Eldgjá classifies as inactive. Although there are many volcanoes in Iceland, Eldgjá is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists. 

Where is the Location of Eldgjá Volcano in Iceland?

Eldgjá is located in South iceland and lies between Landmannalaugar and Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The exact geographic coordinates of the Eldgjá Volcano are 63.9664° N, 18.6082° W. 

When did Eldgjá Volcano Erupt last time?

Eldgjá last erupted in 939 AD. Since it is not showing any signs of activity, now Eldgjá is considered to be inactive. 

What are the Features of the Volcano of Eldgjá?

Geologically speaking, Eldgjá represents a volcanic fissure that was formed as a result of a catastrophic volcanic eruption that occurred sometime around 934. The eruption was one of the largest in recorded history and produced 18 cubic kilometers of magma or 800 square kilometers. 

What type of Volcano is Eldgjá?

Eldgjá is a fissure vent and part of the same volcanic system as Katla. Eldgjá is the world’s largest volcanic canyon and measures 40 kilometers in length, 600 meters in width, and 270 meters in depth.

What are the scientific expeditions for Eldgjá Volcano?

As the largest volcanic canyon in the world, Eldgjá is a popular site for scientific expeditions. The goal of the scientific expeditions is to learn more about volcanic activity and the formation of the volcanic canyon as a landform. 

What are the Tours for Eldgjá Iceland?

Tours for Iceland often include the Eldgjá Volcano. Since 2011, the northern part of Eldgjá and the famous waterfall are part of the Vatnajokull National Park which means the volcanic canyon is visited by thousands of tourists. 

What are the Lakes close to the Eldgjá Iceland?

There are diverse Lakes in Iceland and Langisjór Lake is near the Eldgjá Volcano. Langisjór is 20 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide at its largest. The maximum depth is 73.5 meters. 

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