Selfoss City in Iceland

Selfoss City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

Selfoss is a city in the southern part of Iceland that lies along the Ölfusá river. It is the largest residential area in southern Iceland. Selfoss City in Iceland has about 6,500 people.

What to do in Selfoss?

Selfoss city has a bustling city center and beautiful scenery just a few minutes away to explore. Some of the popular things to do in Selfoss include:

  • The Great Geysir
  • Kerid crater
  • Horse farms
  • Icelandic Turf houses

What are the Best Hotels in Selfoss?

Selfoss has many great hotel options for someone looking for a temporary respite. Some of the best hotels in Selfoss are:

  • Hotel Selfoss & Spa
  • Hotell South Coast
  • Hotel Grimsborgir

What are the Tours for Selfoss?

There are many excellent private tours in Selfoss to choose from. It will be hard for someone to narrow down the choices. Some of the Tours for Selfoss are:

  • Ride With Locals
  • Iceland Tours by Taxi
  • Eat in Iceland Scenic Food Tours

What Restaurants are the Best in Selfoss?

Because Selfoss is one of the more extensive residential areas, there are plenty of places to stop and eat. The following are the best restaurants in Selfoss:

  • Krydd Restaurant
  • Krisp Restaurant
  • Tryggvaskáli

Is there a Grocery Store in Selfoss?

Yes, Selfoss city has many grocery stores; some of the popular ones include:

  • Bónus
  • Krónan
  • Samkaup Úrval Selfoss

Is there an Airport in Selfoss?

Yes, there is an airport in Selfoss city called Selfossflugvöllur.

What is the total area of Selfoss?

Selfoss has a total area of 2 square km or 0.8 square miles.

How is the weather in Selfoss Town?

Selfoss lies on the southern coast of Iceland, which means the weather in Selfoss Town is mild with cold winters and summers. Selfoss has significant precipitation and rainfall that occurs throughout the whole year.

What is the Postal Code of Selfoss?

Selfoss uses the postal codes 800 and 801.

Who are the Notable People from Selfoss?

Many famous people come from the Selfoss area; the Notable People from Selfoss are the following:

  • Vésteinn Hafsteinsson: A discus thrower.
  • Davíð Oddsson: A politician.
  • Jón Daði Böðvarsson: A football player.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to the Selfoss?

Some of the other Close Towns from Iceland to the Selfoss are the following::

  • Eyrarbakki: 12.4 km or 7.7 miles away.
  • Hveragerdi: 13.8 km or 8.5 miles away.
  • Stokkseyri: 14.2 km or 8.8 miles away.

Are there any close Glaciers to the Selfoss?

No, Selfoss is not close to any glaciers. The closest glacier is Mýrdalsjökull which is a glacier that covers an active volcano.

Are there any close Mountains to the Selfoss?

Yes, the city of Selfoss lies underneath the Ingólfsfjall mountain.

Are there any close Volcanos to the Selfoss?

Yes, the volcano Eyjafjallajokull is located near Selfoss and is one of the only stratovolcanoes in Iceland.

What are the Unique Sides of Selfoss in Iceland?

Selfoss City in Iceland had a few unique sides that differentiate it from other Iceland cities. It sits on the ring road that goes through the country and holds a summer festival known as the Sumar á Selfossi.

It also has a museum for Bobby Fisher, the famous chess champion.

Is Selfoss Waterfall Located in Selfoss City?

No, despite sharing a name with Selfoss Waterfall, Selfoss city is in a different palace. Selfoss city is in the southern part of Iceland, and Selfoss waterfall is in the north of Iceland.

Where is the Selfoss Swimming Pool?

The Selfoss swimming pool is located in the municipality of Árborg near the Flying Tiger Copenhagen shop.

Does Selfoss have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Selfoss has a sports club called Ungmennafélag (UMF) Selfoss. This club has several active sports, one of which is the men’s handball team which won the national championship in 2019.

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