Hvítá River in Iceland

Hvítá River in Iceland: Length, Width, Fishes, Location and Environment

Hvítá River (White River) is one of the glacial Rivers in Iceland located in the south of the country. The 40-kilometers long river has coordinates 64.5373° N, 19.7808° W. The Hvítá River in Iceland is the most prominent river in the Borgarfiord region. Hvítá is not volcanic and on its flow cascades form the iconic Gullfoss waterfall. Rich in salmon and trout, the Hvítá River and its surroundings are popular attractions for fishermen and tourists. 

What to do in Hvítá River of Iceland?

Things to do in Iceland for the Hvítá River are fishing, white-water rafting, water sports, and visiting the mesmerizing Gullfoss Waterfall. Hiking the area around the Hvítá River is also a popular thing to do. 

Is Rafting Possible in Hvítá River?

Yes, rafting is possible in the Hvítá River. Hvítá is one of the best places in Iceland for white-water rafting. As a matter of fact, Hvítá is suitable for all kinds of water sports. 

Is it dangerous to swim in Hvítá River?

Hvítá River can be dangerous for swimming as the river is deep and fast. The best thing to do in Hvítá River is rafting. Depending on the taste, visitors can also enjoy canoeing or kayaking. 

Is it possible to use a boat in Hvítá River?

Yes, it is possible to use a boat in the Hvítá River. In fact, Hvítá is one of the most popular rivers in Iceland for water sports that include boats – rafting, and kayaking. 

Which fishes can be hunted in Hvítá River of Iceland?

The top fishes that can be hunted in the Hvítá River in Iceland are salmon and trout. Both species are abundantly present and can be caught in this river. 

How is the Environment of Hvítá River?

The environment of the Hvítá River in Iceland is picturesque and marked by contrasts. There are both green fields and large glaciers. The Hvítá River itself is rich in fish like salmon and trout. 

What Lakes are There near Hvítá River?

Yes, there is a lake near the Hvítá River in Iceland. Namely, the river itself rises from the Hvítávatn lake. Hvítávatn is a relatively small glacial lake in the Icelandic Highlands that lies between Síðujökull and Skeiðarájökull. 

What are the Hotels and Roads for Hvítá River?

Hotels in Iceland for the Hvítá River are River Hotel, Hotel Vatnsholt, and Hotel South Coast. All of these hotels are conveniently close to the Hvítá River and offer accommodation for prices starting from $65 per night. 

Is there a Fishing Lodge around Hvítá River?

The closest fishing lodge around the Hvítá River in Iceland is the Thverá lodge. Situated in Norðtunga in western Iceland, the Thverá lodge can be used as a fishing lodge by fishermen who do not mind traveling the distance to the Hvítá River. 

Is there a Bridge for Hvítá River in Iceland?

Yes, there is a bridge for Hvítá River in Iceland. The Hvítá bridge is unofficially called the Hvítá bridge and is, in fact, a single-lane road. The reinforced concrete bridge was built and opened in 1928 and is 106 meters long. 

What are the closest cities to the Hvítá River of Iceland?

The closest Cities in Iceland to the Hvítá River are Flúðir and Húsafell. They are both small localities that offer nice and cozy accommodation and places visitors can eat and rest. The Hvítá River is close to the capital Reykjavik.

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