Fossá River in Iceland

Fossá River in Iceland: Length, Width, Fishes, Location and Environment

Fossá River (Waterfall River) is one of the many Rivers in Iceland located in the southwest of the country. The coordinates of the Fossá River in Iceland are 66.0333° N, 23.16666° W. In terms of size, Fossá is a medium-sized river that got its name by the many waterfalls it makes. Interestingly, the Fossá River flows through Mount Hekla’s lava fields.

What to do in Fossá River of Iceland?

Of the many things to do in Iceland on Fossá River is fly-fishing. Fly-fishing for salmon is a popular sport for fishermen. Another popular thing to do is visit the three waterfalls on Fossá River – Iceland’s second-largest and 128-meters tall Háifoss (High Waterfall), Granni (Neighbour), and Hjálparfoss (Helping Falls).

Is it dangerous to swim in Fossá River?

No, it is not dangerous to swim in the Fossá River. However, you need to be careful of fishermen and stay away from the fishing pools and rods. 

Is it possible to use a boat in Fossá River?

No, it is not possible to use a boat in the Fossá River. The river is riddled with pools and rods for fishing. 

Which fishes can be hunted in Fossá River of Iceland?

Salmon is the primary fish that can be hunted in the Fossá River in Iceland. Fossá River is described as one of the top three Icelandic rod rivers to fish for salmon. Other fish in the river are trout and Arctic char. 

How is the Environment of Fossá River?

Fossá River in Iceland runs through the picturesque Fossárdalur Valley (Waterfall River Valley). The valley is rich in versatile flora and fauna thus attracting many visitors. Hiking and biking in the area are particularly popular. The lava field of Mount Hekla is also close and unique to see. 

What are the Hotels and Roads for Fossá River?

There are several hotels in Iceland close to the Fossá River but Litli Geysir Hotel is the best. Situated in the southwest of the country, Fossá River is close to the capital and easily accessible. 

Is there a Fishing Lodge around Fossá River?

Yes, there is a fishing lodge around Fossá River in Iceland. The name of the fishing lodge is East Ranga Lodge. East Ranga Lodge is a cozy place to stay while fishing. 

Is there a Bridge for Fossá River in Iceland?

There is no bridge for the Fossá River in Iceland. 

What are the closest cities to the Fossá River of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to the Fossá River are Flúðir, Skálholt, Asolfsstadhir, and Hruni. In these settlements, there are various accommodation options and places visitors to the Fossá River can rest and dine. 

How to Get Fossá River?

To get to Fossá River, travelers from Reykjavik need to drive via Þjóðvegur 1 and Þjórsárdalsvegur. The drive is one and a half hours and the road is in excellent condition. 

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