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The Best Motorbiking Tours in Iceland

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Motorbike tours are immensely popular in Iceland, and it is easy to see why. This tour gives you, the traveler, full control of a vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to go, on or off. The best Motorbiking Tours in Iceland are the ones that let you experience Iceland for yourself while planning out the route and keeping you safe.

A motorbiking tour price range is around $2000 to $5000 for most guided tours, while self-guided ones can be slightly cheaper. These tours will last an average of six to eight days, and at least ten or more motorbiking tours are ongoing each month in Iceland. While these tours are generally safe for travelers, they do often feature off-road wilderness sections that can be dangerous. The weather in Iceland can be tricky to navigate, causing problems for travelers in an instant.

Many motorbiking tours will start at various stations, including Reykjavík, Selfoss, and the Golden Circle in southern Iceland. Motorbiking tours typically originate from these places because they are popular and have a higher population density than other areas.

If you are interested in determining what the best motorbike tours in Iceland are for you, then keep reading!

1. 6 days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour (South Iceland, July-August)

The six days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure is a cross-country motorcycle trip that offers scenic rides across Iceland’s ring road. Many reviewers of this tour praised it as one of the best ways to see and experience Iceland and gave it high marks for its overnight accommodations and off-road riding. 

This tour costs $4954 per person and lasts for six days. Your adventure will take place in the summer months of Iceland, where the sun is shining brighter and for longer. The price includes five nights in mountain huts where you sleep in sleeping bags. You will also have five breakfasts, six lunches, and five dinners paid for during the trip. This tour also offers an unlimited amount of snacks, coffee, and water for the six-day duration. You will get a motorcycle rented as part of the price, a backup bike, all fuel costs covered, and a support vehicle with a drive in case something goes wrong. The ticket price also covers motorcycle and liability vehicle insurance that protects your vehicle in case of collision or medical costs.

Your tour begins in Reykjavík, where you will be picked up from your accommodations and driven to Selfoss. From there, you will encounter many sights on your six-day journey, including:

  • Selfoss: A town in Iceland that sits on the famous ring road that leads to every area of Iceland. It gets its name from its proximity to many popular waterfalls, which is what ‘foss’ means in Icelandic. However, the town itself is built on a flat river, which ironically does not lead to a waterfall.
  • Mt Hekla: An Iceland volcano that is one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes. It has had over 20 eruptions since the middle ages and gained a reputation in ancient times from the Icelandic Norse people as the ‘Gateway to Hell.’
  • Langisjór Lake: A mysterious lake in the highlands of Iceland, one of the country’s largest natural lakes. Despite being so big, it is nearly impossible to see unless you travel close to the edge of the water. It is mysterious because it was not discovered until the 1800s because no one had bothered to adventure that far into the highlands. Even to this day, it is hard to find even if you know where to look for it.

Your tour ends with back in Selfoss, where you will be driven back to your accommodation in Reykjavík.

There are a few things to consider before booking the tour. This tour does not cover the cost of riding gear and helmets, and any flights into Iceland are not included as part of the ticket price. Also, this tour will not pay for any additional accommodations you need on the trip. You will also need to remember that the weather in Iceland can vary daily, and Iceland gets a lot of precipitation, even during the summer. As a traveler in Iceland, you will want to pack waterproof socks and clothing. Also, your tour will often stop at places offering pools, hot tubs, or bathing, so you want to pack a swimming suit. Another thing to remember is that while hotel pickup is included in the tour, airport transfer is not.

2. Extreme 6-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Icelandic Highlands with Waterfalls & Glaciers (South Iceland, July-October)

The Extreme 6 Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Icelandic Highlands with Waterfalls & Glaciers is an excellent and fully-loaded motorbike adventure that manages to fit in Iceland’s most remarkable natural attractions. People who went on this tour liked how in-depth the tour was and complemented how through the guides were.

This tour costs $4,960 per person and lasts for six days. The tour covers a majority of the popular locales in South Iceland between July and October. There is no minimum age for this tour, so kids are welcome to join as well. Because of this, this is an excellent tour for families, couples, and anybody who can handle a motorbiking challenge. This tour is physically demanding, taking many off-road trails and consisting of multiple-hour drives over several days.

The tour includes a pick-up at any Reykjavík hotel at the start of the tour and a drop-off back to a hotel after the last day of the tour. The tour also includes five nights of accommodations in mountain hut dorms with sleeping bags and mattresses. During the tour, you will be treated to five breakfasts, six lunches, and six dinners. You will also have unlimited access to snacks while driving and coffee and water for six days. Your tour package also provides a rental for a Husky 701 motorcycle, a punchy bike with impressive performance both on the road and off the road, and delivers a smooth ride.

The ticket price for the tour also covers fuel for your motorcycle, motorcycle insurance, a backup motorcycle, and a support driver. Your tour will include an expert guide who speaks English and Icelandic. This tour is also great because it has a flexible starting time, meaning you can travel as long as you want in Iceland’s capital before going on your motorbike adventure.

You should be aware that you will need to bring some things on tour yourself, as the tour doesn’t provide everything. You will need to bring your own full set of riding gear along with a motocross helmet. You will also need to provide proof of driving in the form of an international driver’s license. The weather conditions of Iceland can be unpredictable, so your group may need to change routes or delay travel when the conditions turn harsh. Also, airport transfer is not included in the tour package, so you will need to pay for your own transfer to your accommodation or arrange a way to get to the meeting place for the tour.

The tour begins with you being picked up at Reykjavík accommodation. After your pickup, you will be driven to Selfoss, where you will meet your bike and instructor and get a brief rundown on the route and itinerary. After introductions, you and your group will ride out across Iceland on a well-orchestrated journey, seeing many mind-blowing sights, including:

  • Day One: Your group will set out towards the incredible Gullfoss waterfall, one of Iceland’s most iconic falls that are known as the ‘Golden Falls.’
  • Day Two: On the next day, your group will travel to the Hvítarvatn Lagoon, a beautiful glacier lake in the highlands that is the main source for some of Iceland’s largest rivers.
  • Day Three: The group will then travel towards Sprengisandur, one of Iceland’s famous deserts. It is a reckless area that adds some extra difficulty to the tour.
  • Day Four: After the desert, you will head to the ‘Behind The Mountains’ region. This area is known for its rugged mountain paths and deep valleys. Many travelers find this section of the tour epic like it is out of a movie.
  • Day Five: Your group will then head toward Laki, where you can see stunning volcanic craters, lava fields, and the gorgeous Fjarðrárgljúfur Canyon.
  • Day Six: The last day of the tour will see your group exploring the coastline and getting a glimpse of the fantastic Reynisdrangar Basalt Sea Stacks and Iceland’s back sand beaches. The trip ends once the group arrives back at Selfoss, where you can bathe in geothermal water before being dropped off back in Reykjavík.

3. Thrilling 7-Day Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Westfjords with Waterfalls & Glaciers (Westfjords, June-October)

The Thrilling 7 Day Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Westfjords is a unique exploration of the one-of-a-kind region that is the Icelandic Westfjords. Travelers who take this tour will be overcome by the beautiful stillness and magnificence of the landscape, creating excellent photo moments and memories throughout the tour.

This tour costs $5492 per person and lasts seven days in western Iceland. The tour is available between June and October and is considered an easy tour fit for inexperienced riders and people who want a more casual experience. There is no minimum age for the tour, so this tour is excellent for families or couples of any age. Included in this tour is an expert tour guide that can safely guide you through the countryside and speaks English and Icelandic. The tour also includes hotel pickup for any accommodation in Reykjavík and a drop-off after the tour is done. This tour also provides six nights in a hotel that covers the tour’s duration and six breakfasts. The tour gives you a seven-day rental for a motorcycle that you can select from several different options. Also included in this tour are motorcycle insurance and fuel for your motorcycle.

Some things to consider on this tour is that the price of lunch, dinner, and snacks is not built into the price of this tour. This means you are responsible for paying for most of your meals while traveling, so you should factor that into the cost of the trip when planning. Also, the tour does not provide any riding gear, so you will either need to rent or bring your own riding gear and helmet along to the tour. Also, all tour participants must have a valid motorcycle license translated into Latin characters to be allowed to drive a motorbike. Make sure you don’t leave home and arrive in Iceland without considering these things.

Your tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík. From there, a bus will take you and your group to the bike rental base in Selfoss. You will select which bike you wish to rent and meet your instructor and tour guide. This guide will brief you on the route you will take and what you will do in case the weather forces that to change. The guide will also take you through all the safety procedures and local driving rules you will need to follow. After being introduced to the tour and its guide, your group will start heading out. Along the way, you will be able to see many wonderful sights, including:

  • Day One: Your group will follow the F550 mountain road to view the incredible sights of the Langjökull glacier and the surrounding mountains. Along the way, your path will be filled with beauty from birch forests, lava fields, glaciers, lakes, and active volcanoes.
  • Day Two & Three: Next, you will head along the coastline and take a two-day tour of the southern part of the Westfjords. This coastline is home to many faunas living on over a thousand islands in the distance.
  • Day Four: On this day, your group will ride along steep mountain cliffs as you visit one of Iceland’s most beautiful towns: Ísafjörður.
  • Day Five: Your group will ride out from Djúpavík and get a taste of the local culture here by seeing abandoned herring factories and lots with a rich history of local stories, including some haunted stories.
  • Day Six: The tour group will explore the coastline of Drangsnes, which has many remote fishing villages and is home to the adorable puffin. You will also visit the town of Hólmavík, a town where legend says a local defeated the devil through sorcery.
  • Day Seven: As the tour wraps up, you will explore the southern part of Snæfellsnes before returning to your accommodations.


Best Biking Tours for Iceland


4. Challenging 4-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Iceland (South Iceland, July-October)

The Challenging 4-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Iceland is a fantastic trek through lava deserts, glaciers, waterfalls, and active volcanoes in Iceland’s southern region. This tour is famous for its unique water passages that test your motorbike skills in an exciting way that gets your adrenaline pumping. The gravel trails in the remote, desolate highlands give you a sense of awe and smallness as you look out over the landscape.

This tour costs $3,682 per person and lasts for four days. Travelers who sign up for this tour will find a flexible starting time and no minimum age requirements. This tour is considered very demanding, so people who will be driving should be experienced with motorbike driving and confident with rugged trails. This tour can be great for outdoors-oriented families that have experienced motorcycle drivers as members.

The tour includes an option to pick up travelers at the Reykjavík hotel and drop them off in the city after the tour concludes. Travelers will also receive three nights of accommodation in private mountain huts where they will sleep in sleeping bags. The tour also includes three breakfasts, four lunches, four dinners, and any amount of snacks while driving through the Icelandic countryside. Travelers will also be entitled to drink all the water and coffee they need to stay refreshed during the tour. Your tour package will come with a four-day rental of a motorcycle, a backup motorcycle, and motorcycle insurance. The ticket price also includes all fuel-related costs to keep your motorbike running.

This tour does not cover everything, and there are some things you will need to bring to Iceland yourself. You must rent or bring your own motorbike suit, helmet, and safety pads. This gear will need to be checked by your instructor to make sure it meets safety standards. You will want to coordinate with the tour company to ensure your equipment is sufficient; otherwise, you will need to make arrangements to buy some in Iceland or rent some. Also, all drivers of motorbikes in Iceland will need to bring their motorcycle license to be eligible to participate in the tour. Some travelers can be riders, but some tour group members need to be able to drive their motorbikes.

Your tour begins with a pickup in Reykjavík, where you are escorted to Selfoss to pick out your motorbike and meet with your tour group. Once you have arrived at the meeting spot, you will meet your experienced tour guide, who can speak both English and Icelandic. Your guide will take you through the different safety rules and tips to keep your bike on the right path. The guide will also lay out the tour route and go over any contingencies in case the weather causes plans to change. Once your group is ready, you will set out into the wilder parts of South Iceland. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to be up close to many of Iceland’s natural vistas, including the following:

  • Heckla: One of Iceland’s most explosive and powerful volcanoes. In medieval times,s it gained the nickname of ‘the gateway to hell’ because of how ferocious it is. It has erupted nearly thirty times since people first settled in the area. Some of these eruptions have lasted more than thirteen months.
  • Eldgjá: A beautiful canyon area that is the largest volcanic canyon in the world. It covers a significant percentage of the country and is famous for its hot springs. One of the popular attractions in the area, Lakagígar craters, was formed from a spectacular lava eruption.
  • Langisjór: One of Iceland’s highlands that has one of the clearest lakes in the country. It is located between beautiful mountains and is a popular spot for trout fishing.

5. Extreme 3-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Icelandic Highlands with Langjokull & Fjallabak (South Iceland, August-October)

The Extreme 3-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Icelandic Highlands is a thrilling and demanding exploration of the beautiful lava deserts of southern Iceland. People on this tour need a certain amount of skill and a sense of offroad adventure to truly enjoy the sights of beautiful terrain and gorgeous landscapes you have to earn by riding through rugged trailers.

This tour costs $2813 per person and lasts for three days. The tour is available from August to October and takes advantage of the maximum amount of daylight time available to get the most out of each day. This tour has no minimum age but is considered very physically demanding, meaning the tour is not recommended for younger kids who cannot handle long rides on a bike.

This tour includes two nights of accommodation in mountain dorms with sleeping bags. You will also receive two breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners that will keep you fed during the tour. This tour can work around any dietary restrictions or food allergies you may have to provide you with hearty and satisfying meals that can keep your energy up while you are driving or riding on these intense trails. The tour also includes three days of unlimited coffee, water, snacks, and refreshments to make the journey easier. Your tour ticket also allows you three days of a motorbike rental, insurance, and a backup motorcycle in case something happens to you. The tour will also cover any fuel costs for your bike.

There are a few things to consider before booking this tour. The tour does not include airport transfers, so you will either need to use their Reykjavík pickup service or find your way to the meeting site in Selfoss. Also, the tour does not provide any riding safety gear; you will need to rent or buy your own. The laws in Iceland require you to have adequate safety equipment that your tour guide must approve before you are allowed out on a motorbike. You will also need to bring your motorbike license and have it inspected before you are allowed to drive or rent a motorbike in Iceland. 

Another thing to consider is that Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable, even during summer. Iceland gets many rainy days and precipitation even during the driest months, so you should make plans in case the tour has to be rescheduled or canceled. Driving in the wilderness in Iceland can be dangerous, and weather conditions can often cause a tour to be canceled for safety reasons.

After you arrive in Iceland, your tour will begin with a pickup in Reykjavík. You will be escorted to Selfoss, where you will get familiar with your motorbike rental and meet your expert instructor. This expert guide speaks English and Icelandic and will provide insightful commentary throughout the tour and bring his countless hours of driving experience with him. During this time, the instructor will explain the safety rules and driving tips and check your equipment to ensure it can satisfy safety standards. After the brief tour introduction period, you are reading to experience the wilder side of Iceland! You will explore many unforgettable sights during your journey; your trip itinerary is listed below:

  • Day One: The highlight of this day is Nesjavellir, a stunning geothermal power plant that is in harmony with nature. You will also get to visit the Þingvallavatn great lake.
  • Day Two: After spending a night close to nature, your group will explore Langjökull glacier, which is known for being Iceland’s largest glacier. This glacier also sits on a hot volcano, giving you the perfect view of the extreme results of hot and cold temperatures interacting with the environment.
  • Day Three: The last day is spent in the Fjallabak region, which is known for its treacherous ridges and mountain trails. It is a famous region for being a filming location for the Lord of the Rings series. Your tour group will travel back to Selfoss, and you will be dropped off at your accommodation in Reykjavík

6. Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour (South and North Iceland, May-September)

The Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour is a self-guided motorbike tour that takes you through some of the lesser traveled parts of Iceland to get a more personal or private tour experience. You will explore many remote and spectacular landscapes that are isolated and have sparse populations.

This tour costs $70 and lasts for six days. Since it is a self-guided tour, you have complete freedom of when you want to go and the people you want to bring. This tour is recommended to be taken between May and September because you have the lowest chance of adverse weather, but this tour can be taken during any time of the year. You will travel through 30% gravel and 70% paved roads. 

The tour is recommended for experienced riders and casual passengers. When you sign up for this tour you will get several guarantees and inclusions. The tour includes the GPS route to plan your itinerary, as well as detailed route notes to tell you all of the tips and best places to visit. You also get hotel and guesthouse suggestions to stay at and food recommendations. 

There are a few considerations you must plan out before booking this motorbike tour. This tour does not provide any accommodations, airport transfers, or pickups. Also, the tour package does not include any bike rentals, so you will have to rent the motorbike yourself as well as pay for motorcycle insurance and any fuel costs incurred while traveling. You will also need to bring a motorbike license to be allowed to rent and drive a motorcycle in Iceland. This driver’s license will need to be translated into Latin characters to meet the standards in Iceland. Another consideration to think about is that Iceland’s severe and unpredictable weather can force you to delay, reschedule, or cancel a route while traveling. It is recommended that you hire a personal travel agent while staying in Iceland that can help you sort out your plans in case something unexpected happens.

The tour starts after you arrive in Reykjavík. You will want to spend the night in your hotel and enjoy a relaxing evening to prepare for your motorbike journey. During your journey, you will visit the beautiful vistas of Iceland, including the ones listed below:

  • Geysir: The first geyser discovered and written down in European sources. Its name is where English derives the word geyser. It has been active for more than 10,000 years and stays active thanks to the shifting of tectonic plates and earthquakes.
  • Vatnajokull: The biggest glacier in Europe that covers nearly eight percent of the country of Iceland. It is the source of many of Iceland’s rivers in the area and is responsible for pushing volcanic debris out and onto the shores of Iceland when it melts during the summer months.
  • Asbyrgi: A huge canyon formed by catastrophic glacial flooding surrounded by high cliff walls. It is known for its distinct horseshoe shape and distinct thick woodlands that don’t look like any other place in the world. Icelandic legend tells that the valley was formed by Odin’s eight-legged steed, Sleipnir, stomping the ground and leaving a trace of his horseshoe print in the earth.

7. Black Desert Guided Motorcycle Tour (Hekla, July)

The Black Desert Guided Motorcycle Tour is a moderately challenging motorbike tour of the area surrounding Hekla, the most active volcano in Iceland. On this tour, you will almost exclusively ride on volcanic-sand roads and pass valleys and river crossings.

This tour costs $4,393 on average per person and lasts for four days. The tour is offered only in July, so your tour group can take full advantage of the midnight sun for maximum riding time. It is recommended that people signing up for this tour are experienced riders with off road experience. While not professional people can participate, they will have to ride in a support van and miss out on riding on a motorbike. 

The total distance you will be riding is 1350 km or 838 miles. Your group will consist of a minimum of six riders with a maximum of ten. Included in this tour are a bike rental, a bilingual tour leader, and damage insurance. The tour will also include three nights’ hotel accommodation, a support vehicle, fuel costs, and all meals. You will also be able to have access to unlimited refreshments and snacks during the journey. This tour also offers airport transfer and hotel pick-up.

There are a few things this tour does not include in its price. You will have to buy your own personal travel insurance while in Iceland. Also, alcoholic beverages are not included in the cost of your ticket. You will also have to pay for your own flights entering and leaving Iceland. Travelers will also need to bring their own riding safety equipment and helmets for the trip. Be aware that the weather in Iceland can change at the drop of a hat. It is recommended that you hire a personal travel agent that can arrange backup plans in case any of your tours in Iceland fall through.

Your tour begins with your arrival in downtown Reykjavík. During your exciting motorbike adventure, you will go to many places and see Iceland’s natural wonders in the area. Your itinerary is listed below:

  • Day One: You will arrive in Reykjavík and get a chance to spend a relaxing evening with your tour guide and group at a restaurant in the downtown area.
  • Day Two: This will be your first day traveling on your bike, and you will get to zip past lake Kleifarvatn, one of the largest lakes in Iceland. You will also stop to visit Seltun, a geothermal field. For lunch, you will eat delicious lobster soup in the fishing village of Eyrarbakki.
  • Day Three: Next, your group will visit the tour’s highlight, Mt. Hekla. This volcano is a Strato volcano that is the most active in Iceland. It has had over 20 eruptions since the early parts of Iceland’s history. The volcano resembles an overturned boat and was once a highly forested area. However, due to the volcano’s ash, much of the ground is unsuitable for vegetation because of erosion.
  • Day Four: On the fourth day, you will visit Iceland’s Golden Triangle area. Here you will see a hydropower plant, the Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir national park before heading back to Reykjavík.

8. Guided Westfjord Adventure Motorbike Tour (Westfjord, June)

The Guided Westfjord Adventure Motorbike Tour is a motorbike exploration of the western-most point of Europe, the West fjords. This magnificent area is known for its mountainous landscape, sparse population, and isolated natural wonders. Many people on this trip experience some of Iceland’s most untouched and secret habitats and natural features.

This tour costs $5484 and lasts for six days. It is a moderately tricky riding tour, so it is recommended that if you sign for a ride, you have a decent amount of experience. You will be driving on 30% gravel and 70% paved roads on this tour. The tour supports pillions, which are passenger riders who will not have to have such a strict motorbike experience. Your group will consist of a minimum of six riders and a maximum of 10 riders that will travel a distance of 1275 km or 792 miles. 

This tour includes a bike rental, a professional tour guide, and five nights of accommodation in guesthouses or hotels. The tour also provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of the tour and water, coffee, and other beverages during your journey. You will also be able to get an included airport transfer or hotel pickup while in Reykjavík. This tour also comes with a support vehicle and driver for anyone who doesn’t want to ride on a motorbike. The tour also includes any fuel expenses incurred in the tour cost.

You should be aware that this tour has some requirements that are not covered in the tour’s ticket price. People must buy their travel insurance while traveling in Iceland and pay for any flights while visiting the country. Travelers also will need to bring their own riding gear, helmets, gloves, and safety pads on the journey. You will need this extra protection when riding in difficult-to-traverse areas. The ticket price also doesn’t include any alcoholic beverages you will want to consume while resting after a day’s travel.

The tour begins upon your arrival in Reykjavík. While staying in the downtown area on the first day, you are given the freedom to relax or meet with your tour group members at a restaurant to get acquainted. During the other days on tour, you will get to visit and experience Iceland in several areas, including the areas listed below:

  • Whalefjord: One of Iceland’s most beautiful fjords is known as the “biker’s paradise” because of its beauty. The former site of a WW2 naval base which is still there today.
  • Steingrímsfjardarheidi: An ancient mountain route that is famous in Icelandic legend. It is shrouded in mystery, this area contains a waterfall that doesn’t have a name, and the snow doesn’t disappear even during the summer.
  • Latrabjarg: This is the largest cliff in the entire country of Iceland. It is famous for being the nesting home of millions of different birds of various species. This is the highlight of the tour, known for being the western-most point in Europe.

9. Self-guided Westfjord Adventure Tour (Westfjord, May-September)

The Westfjord Adventure Tour is a riding exploration of some of the lesser-known landscapes in Iceland. People like this tour for its ability to get you off the beaten path and find untouched secrets of the Icelandic wilderness that makes your journey more memorable.

This tour costs $70 and lasts for six days. The tour is available from May to September. Since this is a self-guided tour, you will be responsible for finding accommodations, renting a bike, and paying for food and gas. With self-guided tours it is highly recommended that you hire a personal travel agent to make organizing your trip much more manageable. The tour is not very dangerous or challenging to finish; still, it is recommended for experienced drivers for maximum safety. Families will have a great time ironing the details out of this tour, and since there is no minimum age, all family members are free to come along. Airport transfer is not included as a part of this tour.

The tour begins in Whalefjord, a place known as the motorcyclist’s paradise for its astounding number of biking trails. During your journey, you will explore the highlights of the West fjords before exploring the famous golden triangle and departing from Reykjavík.

10. Three days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour (Jökulheimar, July-August)

The three days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour is a popular scenic riding tour that takes you through some of Iceland’s most important historical and cultural sites. The nickname for this tour is ‘The land of volcanoes’ because of its focus on Iceland’s volcanoes and the surrounding areas.

On average, this tour costs $2810 per person and lasts for three days. The tour is available for four to eight participants during July or August. This tour starts in Selfoss and makes its way to Mount Hekla while exploring different attractions and natural landmarks in between. The tour package includes a bike rental, accommodations, and food for the three days that you are part of the tour group. It is an excellent tour for families because of the easy path. 

It should be noted that motorbike experience is required and recommended for you to get the most out of the tour. While this tour has a hotel pick-up option, there is no option for airport transfer. You will have access to unlimited snacks, coffee, and water for three days, and your accommodations will include two breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners. Travelers will need to bring their own riding gear and helmets and always be aware of changing weather conditions that could delay or cancel their traveling progress through the region.

What to know for Best Motorbiking Trip Tours in Iceland

There are several things you will want to know and consider when you sign up for the best motorbiking trip tours in Iceland. These considerations are listed below:

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Getting to and from the airport will be important in Iceland since that’s the main way travelers will arrive. Some motorbike tours have an airport transfer option, but many do not. You will want to research before you land in Iceland to ensure you can get where you need to go.

Accommodation Cost: You will also want to look into the accommodation costs during your motorbike adventure. Many motorbike-guided tours will include the cost of accommodations for your journey. However, many motorbike tours will leave out the days before and after the tour, meaning you will need to pay for those accommodations on your own.

Personal Travel Agent: It is highly recommended to employ a personal travel agent while taking a motorbiking tour. A personal travel agent will have the right connections to ensure your tour runs smoothly and will be your first contact if something goes wrong. They can also provide for your safety and make alternative arrangements if the weather cancels part of your trip.

Price Range: The price range for motorbiking tours in Iceland is usually between $2000 and $5000.

Price Factors: Several factors will influence the price of a motorbiking tour. You will need to consider what time of the year you are visiting, the duration of your tour, and whether you want a guided tour or not. Non-guided tours are a more considerable burden on you but can be much cheaper than guided tours.

Popularity: Motorbike tours are extremely popular with people who travel to Iceland. Because of this, you will want to book your tour far in advance. Some motorbike tours will sell out two or three seasons ahead of time. If you are thinking of going to Iceland with a group, research how many members each tour session can accommodate.

COVID-19 Precautions: Iceland has been gradually scaling down its COVID-19 restrictions, but there are still some precautions to be aware of. Many tours will require their guests to pass a COVID-19 test to be allowed to participate. Also, some areas still observe rules on social distancing and masking.

Which Regions of Iceland are Better for Motorbiking Trip Tours?

Some regions of Iceland are better for motorbiking trip tours than others. Some of the better regions for motorbiking trip tours include the following:

  • Southern Iceland: This area is excellent for motorbiking because there is so much to see and you will never get bored with the view. You will see glaciers, volcanoes, lava fields, waterfalls, black sand beaches, and forests of fir and birch trees.
  • West Fjords: A more remote region that makes for a more personal and private motorbiking tour. It also has many great mountains and rivers to explore.


The Best Motorbiking Tours in Iceland


What are the Most Famous Motorbiking Trip Tours of Iceland?

A great way to start researching tours is to find out which ones are more popular. The most famous motorbiking trip tours of Iceland are listed below:

  • Black Desert Guided Motorcycle Tour: This tour is famous among Iceland’s travelers because it takes full advantage of the midnight sun to explore the south coast and Iceland’s famous black desert.
  • Six days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour: A tour that is famous for how much ground it can cover in its duration. This is a popular tour for someone who likes to land in Reykjavík for their first time in Iceland.

What are the Best Motorbiking Trip Tours for Families?

Families looking to visit Iceland have a great selection of tours to choose from. Some of the best motorbiking trip tours for families include the tours listed below:

  • Six days Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour: This tour is great for families because it includes a backup vehicle for family members who don’t want to be riding passengers. It is a relatively easy tour to make through.
  • Thrilling 7-Day Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour in the Westfjords with Waterfalls & Glaciers: A great time for families because it has no minimum age and many options for younger guests.
  • Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour: This self-guided tour can be as good for families as you want it to be because it is so flexible. You will have to plan more of the tour yourself, but that flexibility allows you to account for any needs your family might have.
  • Black Desert Guided Motorcycle Tour: A fun tour that is one of the easiest tours you can book. You will also see many spectacular sights that can thrill family members of any age.

What are the Best Motorbiking Trip Tours for Couples?

If you are a part of a couple thinking of traveling to Iceland, you will most likely value privacy and romantic locations over other considerations. Some of the best motorbiking trip tours for couples include the following:

  • Black Desert Guided Motorcycle Tour: This tour has some of the most romantic locations on this list that take advantage of the midnight summer sun for maximum beauty.
  • Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour: A tour that is great for couples because it takes you to more private and secluded areas of Iceland that you won’t see on many other tours.

What are the Most Exciting Iceland Motorbiking Tours?

The most exciting motorbiking tours are the Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour and Extreme 6-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour because of how many adventurous trails and locations they manage to pack into the tour.

What are the Most Dangerous Iceland Motorbiking Tours?

The most dangerous motorbiking tours are the Extreme 6-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour and the Thrilling 7-Day Iceland Motorcycle Adventure Tour. These tours are dangerous because they take travelers to some of the trickiest trails that can be extremely physically demanding. When traveling, you must have someone on standby, like a personal travel agent who can help you out of a tough situation in case you get unlucky on Iceland’s trails.

What are the Most Luxury Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours?

The most luxurious motorbiking trip tour is the Guided Westfjord Adventure Motorbike Tour because it offers better accommodations than some of the other tours on the list.

What is the Price Range for Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours?

The price range for motorbiking trip tours in Iceland is between $2000 and $5000. Things that will influence the price are the time of year the tour takes place, the price, duration, and quality of accommodations. The most expensive month will generally be July because it is in the middle of the busy season. February is the cheapest month as not that many people travel to Iceland during that time.

What is the Cheapest Motorbiking Trip Tour in Iceland?

The cheapest motorbiking tours are the Around Iceland Adventure Route Tour and the West fjord Adventure tours because they are both self-guided tours. Self-guided tours are generally cheaper because they do not include meals, accommodations, or field costs.

What are the Rules for Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours?

All travelers of Iceland motorbiking trip tours must follow specific rules. These rules are vital to protecting the safety of Iceland’s guests and the people around them. Some of these rules including the following:

  • Bring your own safety gear: Whether you need to rent or buy safety gear, you will need to bring your own gear on most tours. This gear also has to meet safety standards for any guided tour you partake in.
  • Bring your motorbike license: Iceland is strict on who can drive a motorbike. Any motorbike driver must be at least 16 years old and have proof that they have passed a licensing exam. Don’t forget yours at home!
  • Always check the weather: Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable and cause massive problems for roads and wilderness trails. While in Iceland, you need to stay on top of the weather to be sure you won’t be caught in a storm while on your tour.

Is taking photographs allowed for Motorbiking Tours?

Yes, taking photographs is allowed on motorbiking tours. These tours offer you a unique opportunity to capture beautiful vistas, so taking your own pictures is highly recommended. 

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for Motorbiking Tours?

No, tour packages do not generally offer photography for motorbike tours. Few motorbike tours will offer rental cameras, so if you plan to capture your trip in photos or video, you will need to rely on your own camera.

Are Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, Iceland motorbiking trip tours are generally pretty safe from COVID-19. Tour guests are often required to pass a COVID-19 screening before joining the tour. Also, many areas of Iceland are still cautious about spreading COVID-19.

Are Motorbiking Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

Yes, there are several self-guided motorbike tours in Iceland where you are allowed to travel alone. It is recommended in the case of these tours that you hire a personal travel agent to eliminate the extra stress from planning the trip yourself.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food to Iceland motorbiking trip tours. Many of these tours will provide meals as a part of the tour package, but some do not. You will also want to bring food if you get hungry during your trip and need a quick snack.

What are the Best Sessions for Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours by Month?

When traveling to Iceland for motorbiking tours, the best sessions by month are listed below:

  • May-July: This is one of the best periods to visit Iceland for motorbiking because the weather is warmer, less likely to turn into precipitation, and the trails are generally clearer of hazards you need to worry about.
  • September-November: Many areas are less crowded during this period than during the busy summer season. September marks the start of the off-season, so it is a great time to go if you want a more private experience.


Motorbiking Tours in Iceland


What is the Average Duration of Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours?

Motorbiking Iceland tours last for an average duration of six to eight days. Typically you will be paying around $571 per day on average for the cost of renting the bike and food. If you want a better price on these tours, you will want to go during the off-season when demand isn’t as high.

Where do the Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours start?

Motorbiking trip tours will often start at a few places, including the following:

  • Reykjavík: The capital of Iceland is a central hub for coordinating many activities in Iceland, including motorbiking tours.
  • Selfoss: This town is a popular starting point for motorbiking because there are many opportunities for renting bikes there.

Are Iceland Motorbiking Trip Tours hard to Finish?

No, Iceland motorbiking trip tours are not hard to finish for the most part. Some tours are designed to be more challenging, but most tours can be entirely by a rider without too much extra experience.

What to know about Motorbiking in Iceland?

When motorbiking in Iceland, you will want to know all the best places to ride. To get the best experience on your motorbiking tour, you will want to hire an experienced tour guide that can deliver an experience that is good for your skill level.

What are the Inclusions in Motorbiking Tours in Iceland?

Motorbike tours usually offer similar inclusions in their tour packages. You will typically find that they will offer a bike rental, accommodations, meals, and fuel costs. Many motorbike tours will also have a support vehicle following behind riders so that people can take breaks or stay out of the way during rugged trails.

Can you rent a Motorbike in Iceland?

Yes, most people can rent a motorbike in Iceland. To rent a motorbike in Iceland, you must show proof of a motorbike license and be at least 16 years old.

How many Motorbiking Spots does Iceland have?

Depending on the region you visit, they will each have different motorbike spots which may include the following:

  • North Region: There are 5+ motorbiking spots in the north region, with there being several in Akureyri.
  • West Region: This region probably contains at least 20+ motorbiking spots, including Reykjavík.
  • East Region: A region that contains 10+ motorbiking spots, including the famous Lagarfljot lake.
  • South Region: The Golden Circle contains at least 20 motorbiking spots to visit and is one of the more popular regions for motorbiking.

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

While traveling in Iceland and traveling in a motorcycle tour group, there are many other activities that you can also do while on your tour. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Experiencing Authentic Cuisine: At the end of each day, you will rest in a new area of Iceland, meaning a new chance to experience more unique flavors.
  • Sightseeing: Many motorbike tours will take you through different wilderness areas, which is a perfect time to see the beautiful sights unique to Iceland.
  • Bird Watching: During your long rides on mountain trails, you will pass by the habitats of many of Iceland’s unique birds.
  • Photography: This is one of the best activities that cost you next to nothing that you can do in Iceland. The beauty of Iceland is all around you; all you need to do is point the camera and shoot.
  • Hot Springs: Many areas of Iceland have hot springs that are heated by geothermal energy. Because of this, there are many opportunities for you to put on a bathing suit and soak in the relaxing and steamy water.
  • Fishing: A good number of motorbike tours like to take travelers over rugged trails that pass through rivers and other bodies of water. If your group gets a chance to stop by one of these water sources, there are many tasty Icelandic fish that you can catch.
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