Ófærufoss Waterfall in Iceland

Ófærufoss Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

Ófærufoss waterfall is a beautiful, multi-drop waterfall in the South Region of Iceland. Its GPS coordinates are 63°57′55.8″N 18°37′07.5″W. The Ófærufoss Waterfall in Iceland is 40 meters (130 feet) tall with two primary drops. The watercourse it runs on is called Norðari-Ófærá in Icelandic.

This waterfall’s name translates to ‘the impassable waterfall.’ It is one of the few waterfalls located in the Icelandic Highlands. You don’t want to miss this waterfall when you plan a trip to Iceland. Visually, it is pretty impressive, even from a distance, as it falls into the canyon Eldgjá or the Canyon of Fire. 

What are the Tourist Activities for Ófærufoss Waterfall?

Seeing the waterfall and its walk is the principal tourist activity in this area. It is located away from the Ring Road in the Highlands of Iceland. Because of this, there are not too many more tourist attractions in the area.

What are the Hotels for Ófærufoss Waterfall?

There are no hotels very close to this waterfall. Instead, you will need to make your way back towards the main road to find a place to stay. The closest are those near Grafarkirkja. There is Giljaland Accommodation, the Riverside Lodge, Hrifunes Park Cabins, and several guesthouses in this area.

What are the Facts about Ófærufoss Waterfall?

Ófærufoss waterfall has changed over the years. It was arguably even prettier before 1993. The waterfall featured a double arch that crossed over the second drop, framing it very picturesquely. However, in 1993, the arch over the lower cascade collapsed after an intensive spring thaw. 

Now the waterfall is entirely visually open as it falls into the fissure. The name for the impassable waterfall comes from the geology around it and the strength of the waters themselves. The river leading up to the waterfall is fast-moving. 

As the water makes its two drops, the area becomes too wet and rough for any easy crossing. Then, the waterfalls into the chasm that stretches for many miles, limiting anyone from making an easy crossing unless they take a wide berth around both waterfall and canyon.

What are the Trails in Ófærufoss Waterfall?

There is some hiking required to reach the waterfall. Unfortunately, the roads are only open in this more remote portion of Iceland from July through September. From that point, you will have to hike even further to see the beautiful spectacle. Either way, a 4×4 car is required, and generally a pretty heavy-duty one.

Is there a National Park for Ófærufoss Waterfall?

Ófærufoss Waterfall is somewhat close to Vatnajokull National Park. However, it is outside its borders, making it less accessible for most of the year.

Which Canyons are Connected to the Ófærufoss Waterfall?

Eldgjá Canyon is the one that this waterfall falls into. The canyon is one of many top attractions in Iceland. It is a geological phenomenon, the largest, longest fissure in Iceland at 40 kilometers (25 miles). It was formed during an eruption close to when Iceland was settled in the year 930 AD.

Which Rivers are connected to the Ófærufoss Waterfall?

The river that feeds this waterfall is the Nyrðri-Ófæra river. One of two rivers, the northernmost one, flows into the canyon and eventually joins with the Skafta River.

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