Rangá River in Iceland

Rangá River in Iceland: Length, Width, Fishes, Location, and Environment

Rangá is divided into the primary western river, and a popular eastern tributary called East Rangá. It flows throughout part of southern Iceland about 90 kilometers (56 miles) from Reykjavik. West Rangá is a more significant portion of the river but has vied for the top fishing spot in the country with East Rangá.

This river is 55 km (34 miles) long and is known for being one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the country. The river is primarily fed by run-off from glacial and ice cap melt and spring waters. It ranges in width but averages around 50 meters (164 feet) wide.

What to do in the Rangá River of Iceland?

The most popular thing to do in the Rangá River in Iceland is fishing. East and West Rangá have vied for number one and two top spots for productive salmon rivers over the past 20 years. Most of the time, the western river is number one. On average, it yields an incredible average catch of 6,490 salmon per year over the past 14 years.

Is it dangerous to swim in the Rangá River?

You can swim in certain parts of the Rangá River, although it is much more popular for its fishing pools than its swimming pools. If you want to swim, find protected areas in which people don’t fish so that you stay away from any sharp lures or tangled lines from the frequent visits by fishermen.

Is it possible to use a boat in the Rangá River?

It is uncommon to use a boat on either of these rivers since fishing is the most popular activity on the river. Fishing for salmon and sea trout is usually done on land. Using a boat to get down the river will also be problematic in certain spots because of rapids and shallow areas.

Which fishes can be hunted in the Rangá River of Iceland?

West Rangá is well-known for its excellent salmon fishing. The average size of the fish rests at 7 pounds. You can also catch sea trout in this river, the largest of which weighed in at 18 pounds.

How is the Environment of the Rangá River?

The environment around the Rangá River is quite lush. It is a steady river that carries a small amount of sediment and minerals. These get deposited along its shoreline. As a result, it makes for a rich soil profile across some of the river’s valleys.

What are the Hotels and Roads for the Rangá River?

Since the village of Hella is very close to the West Rangá river, you can often find good hotels in the area. These include Hotel Hella, Stracta Hotel, and the West Rangá fishing lodge.

Is there a Fishing Lodge around the Rangá River?

There is a fishing lodge that serves West Rangá. The West Ranga River Lodge offers 22 comfortable rooms and dining rooms with a kitchen and reception. From here, you can take salmon river day tours. 

Is there a Bridge for the Rangá River in Iceland?

The Ring road crosses West Rangá once right by the village of Hella. Since the river is relatively steady and doesn’t overflow as often as some of the other southern rivers, less intention and design were put into the bridge.

What are the closest cities to the Rangá River of Iceland?

The Rangá River is relatively close to Reykjavik. The closest villages include Hvolvsvollur, Hella, and Selfoss.

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