Akurgerði Forest in Iceland

Akurgerði Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels and Activities

Akurgerði is one of the 26 forests in Iceland regulated and maintained by the Icelandic Forestry Association. The cultivation of Akurgerði started in 1950. Rich in flora and fauna, Akurgerði is classified as a recreational forest. Akurgerði has diverse birdlife, plants, insects, fungi, and berries. The size of Akurgerði Forest is 13 hectares. 

Where is the Akurgerði Forest in Iceland?

Akurgerði Forest in iceland is located in the north. The geographic coordinates of Akurgerði are 63.9757° N, 21.0958° W. 

What are the features of the Akurgerði Forest in Iceland?

The main feature of the Akurgerði Forest is the array of animal and plant species. Birdlife is particularly rich and prominent. In addition to contributing to the biodiversity of the forest, birds contribute to the country’s tourism as many visitors enjoy birdwatching activities. Nea Akurgerði, there are many family-owned farms transformed into cozy guesthouses for tourists. 

What are the tours for Akurgerði Forest?

Tours in Iceland for the Akurgerði Forest are diverse and available year-round. Akurgerði Forest Tours include different activities ranging from hiking to arboretum discoveries. Some tours are one day long while others include staying in nearby guesthouses and hotels. 

What are the best hotels for Akurgerði Forest in Iceland?

Hotels in Iceland around the Akurgerði Forest include the Strýta Guesthouse, Akurgerði 2, and Akurgerði. There are also accommodation options on farms with newly built guesthouses. 

How to Travel to the Akurgerði Forest in Iceland?

To travel to Akurgerði Forest, visitors need to take Route 1 and then transfer to Route 374. Depending on where they are traveling from, visitors can take a nice break in the Ingólfsskáli Viking Restaurant. 

Is there a close Canyon to Akurgerði Forest?

There is no canyon close to the Akurgerði Forest in Iceland. 

Is there a related Lake to the Akurgerði Forest?

There are no lakes in Iceland related to the Akurgerði Forest. 

What are the Rivers for Akurgerði Forest?

Rivers in Iceland are a common landform. As for the Akurgerði Forest, the Brunná River has huge prominence. Brunná is a char and trout river and a popular river in Iceland for fishermen. The number of rods allowed in Brunná is limited. The average catch per year is around 400 fish. 

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