Best Rafting Tours in Iceland

The Best Rafting Tours in Iceland

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Rafting Tours in Iceland are one of the wettest and most fun ways to explore the Iceland countryside. The Best Rafting Tours in Iceland provide a healthy balance of high-octane adventure and mystical nature experience. Visitors to Iceland love signing up for rafting tours because of how accessible they are, how fun they are, and how close to nature the experience brings you.

The average price range of an Iceland rafting trip tour is between $100 and $350. These tours tend to last around an average of three hours, though some tours can be significantly longer and stay the whole day. Some rafting tours are combination tours, which means you will be partaking in many activities around the rafting site to get a more profound experience of the surrounding area. These activities may include hiking, sailing, or visiting nearby hot springs. Although these tours are fast-paced and over intense rivers, they are relatively safe. Some dangers of these tours include getting caught underwater or suffering from severe cold. Luckily the safety precautions of tour guides and the abundance of waterproof clothing will help you stay warm and avoid getting swept away. On average, there are around 30 or more rafting tours in Iceland during most seasons.

Iceland rafting tours start at various tour stations located near major Iceland cities. Some of these tour sites include Hafgrímsstaðir rafting base, Varmahlíð village, Reykjavík, and Hafgrímsstaðir farm.

If all these rating tour features sound appealing, you will want to check out more information about how fun these tours can be. Keep reading to find out which rafting tours are the best in Iceland!

1. Family-Friendly 3-Hour Whitewater River Rafting Tour (North Iceland, May-September)

The Family-Friendly 3-Hour Whitewater River Rafting Tour is a fun and exciting journey that is excellent fun for casual and competitive rafters. People who sign up for this tour enjoy the beautiful route through Icelandic nature and the stunning canyon you get to explore.

This rafting tour costs $123 per person and lasts for 3.5 hours. Travelers can book this tour between May and September when the weather is favorable for river rafting. The white water Iceland tour has a minimum age of six years old for travelers to be allowed to participate. This restriction stops families with smaller children from signing up but leaves many ages of children who can go rafting.

The tour difficulty is considered easy to finish and not very dangerous. During the tour, you will wear safety gear like a dry suit and helmet, and you will have a tour guide who will ensure your group members stay safe. Your tour package includes an English-speaking guide, rafting gloves, boots, a helmet, a dry suit, and hot cocoa after the tour. You will also receive transportation between the base camp and the river. This white water tour is excellent for families and children. It is family-friendly and a good fit for a family Iceland tour.

There are a few things you should consider while going on this tour. This Iceland rafting tour has no airport transfer or hotel pickup options, so you will need to coordinate your arrival at the base camp on your own. Travelers will want to pack thermal underwear, warm tops, fleet pants, thick socks, and an extra change of clothes for after the adventure. Do not wear jeans and a hoodie; you will want to bring something made from fleece, wool, or synthetic material that can handle getting wet. You will also want to ensure that you have a waterproof bag to store things like necessary medications and snacks. It is a good idea to bring along a waterproof camera to take pictures as well since this tour does not offer any photography add-ons. 

Your tour begins once you arrive at Hafgrímsstaðir rafting base camp that is north of Akureyri. Here you will meet your expert tour guide and be transported to the river. Before boarding, you will get a rundown of safety instructions and equip your rafting gear. After preparations, your river adventure will begin. A fun part of the tour is that you will be in a friendly competition with other riverboats during the tour. Travelers will experience green valleys and a beautiful view of the nearby canyon before setting foot back on dry land for hot cocoa.

2. River Rafting Tour in North Iceland (North Iceland, May-September)

The River Rafting Tour in North Iceland is a great winding and twisting river-rafting adventure through the great glacial river of Vestari-Jökulsá. This is an excellent tour for families who like smaller tour groups and don’t mind an extra challenge.

This tour lasts for around three hours and costs $110 per person. The Iceland rafting tour is available for booking between May and September and has a minimum age requirement of twelve years old. This higher minimum age is owing to its slightly more difficult path but is still considered relatively easy for a casual audience to compete in and complete. The river tour is very safe because it offers a daredevil path for individuals who like to pump adrenaline that is optional, so anyone that wants to stay safe can ride the safer path.

Travelers on this river tour can depart at 9:30 or 14:00, giving extra flexibility when scheduling your Iceland trip. This tour includes a wetsuit rental that protects your body from the cold, a waterproof jacket, a helmet, and a life jacket. You will also receive an expert tour guide to ensure your safety and free entry into a relaxing hot tub and shower after your rafting experience.

Before going on this tour, you will want to bring a few items that are not included. You will need to bring your own towel to keep yourself dry after the trip and a swimsuit that can get wet. Travelers should also bring warm, comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. This rafting tour is highly weather dependent and may get changed or canceled, so travelers should keep updated on the current weather. Guests of this tour will also need to pay for their own accommodations while in Iceland and find their own transportation. This rafting tour does not offer hotel pickup or airport transfer.

Your tour starts in the village of Varmahlíð, where you will meet your friendly tour guide who will take you to the river. Once at your raft, your tour guide will give you a safety briefing and get a short time to practice maneuvering the craft. During this time, you will also equip your wetsuit and safety gear. After the preliminary activities are out of the way, your group will head towards one of the many river outlets full of deep ravines and narrow valleys.

Both experts and beginners will find things to like in the river landscape. After making it through the river rafting tour, you will be given hot chocolate and some time to explore the scenery. Your group will then board the bus and head back to Varmahlíð, where a geothermal bath awaits you.

3. Extreme 5-Hour Rafting Tour on the East Glacial River (North Iceland, March-September)

The Extreme 5-Hour Rafting Tour on the East Glacial River is a demanding experience recommended for adventure-seekers that are ready to take a top rafting river in all of Europe. People who go on this tour are looking for a rafting experience that requires struggle, teamwork, and stamina to navigate the waters.

This tour costs $184 per person and lasts 4-5 hours, depending on the route taken. The Iceland tour has a maximum tour size of 15 travelers and a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Although no rafting experience is needed, a good level of physical fitness is required. This means that certain travelers may have difficulty completing this tour. Because of the length of the glacial river tour, it only has one departure time.

Although the tour is strenuous and difficult, it is still relatively safe because the river rapids are predictable. These river rapids can be pretty powerful, which is why this tour provides safety equipment, wetsuits, rafting boots, and life jackets to its travelers. Also included in this tour is an experienced and English-speaking white rafting guide and a hot soup meal to revitalize travelers after their excursion.

When going on this tour, you must handle some things independently. You will need to bring your own change of clothes after the tour, a water bottle, a swimsuit, and warm, comfortable clothes. Even during the summer months, Iceland has a high chance of precipitation, so you must arrange plans if the tour gets canceled or rescheduled. You will also need to pay for any airplane travel, accommodations, and transportation costs while in Iceland. This tour does not include airport transfer or hotel pickup.

This adventurous tour starts in a small fishing village before heading out to Austari-Jökulsá, otherwise known as the ‘beast of the east.’ Here, you will meet your tour guide and get a tutorial on using your equipment and raft. After that, you will travel 16 km or 10 miles through the river that features challenging rapids with exciting names like ‘Screaming Lady.’

This area is consistently considered one of Europe’s top rafting destinations. It earns a score of 4+, which means that guests of the tour will need to paddle for most of the tour and overcome many steep drops. After many pulse-pounding opportunities, you will be given a chance to jump from a steep cliff in a show of courage before being treated to hot soup and a geothermal soak.

4. Small-Group 10-Hour Golden Circle and River Rafting Tour (Reykjavík, June-September)

The Small-Group 10-Hour Golden Circle and River Rafting Tour is a moderately difficult extending rafting experience for a small touring group to enjoy. This river rafting tour provides exciting opportunities and a chance for inexperienced rafters to get a crash course from rafting professionals.

The Iceland rafting tour costs $199 per person and lasts 10 hours. This rafting tour is available for four to 10 people between June and September. Travelers must be at least 11 years old to participate in this river rafting opportunity and have a moderate level of physical fitness. Although the route is not challenging, this Iceland tour can be difficult to finish for people who do not have the stamina to endure a 10-hour rafting journey.

This is a tour that is great for families or couples who are looking for a smaller group rafting experience during the day. Your tour includes an English-speaking guide who is also a professional rafter, so that you will gain valuable rafting insights during your tour. The tour also includes a minibus pick up and drop off at most accommodations in Reykjavík. This bus has free WI-Fi and USB chargers to keep your electronic devices topped up during the journey. The tour also features a tour of popular golden circle attractions after the rafting and access to a sauna and shower facility. You will also be entitled to all the necessary rafting safety equipment during the tour.

This rafting tour also has several things that it does not include. The tour has no airport transfer option, so you must get to Reykjavík from the airport. The tour leaves at 8:30, so you will need to be ready for pickup before then, or you will have to make your own way to the meeting point. Swimming may be required during the tour, so all travelers should be comfortable swimming or floating in the water. Travelers should bring their own camera, swimsuit, hiking shoes, and warm clothing for this tour.

The tour begins bright and early with an 8:30 pickup in Reykjavík, where you will meet your tour guide. Your tour will then head towards the Golden circle and experience geysers, stunning landscapes, rivers, and waterfalls. After the short tour of south Iceland’s attractions, you will head to Bruarhlodur canyon for an exciting rafting experience. After the river ride, you will return to Reykjavík by minibus and soak your tired muscles in a sauna.

5. Breathtaking 10-Hour Whale Watching and River Rafting Tour (South Iceland, April-September)

The Breathtaking 10-Hour Whale Watching and River Rafting Tour is a combination tour of two of the best water-based ways to explore Iceland: whale watching and river rafting. People on this tour will want to bring their cameras and luck to capture some rare shots of whales that are hard to find anywhere else.

This combination tour costs $348 per person and lasts 10 hours. The tour is available between April and September; all travelers must be at least 11 years old. People who went on this tour found it to have an easy difficulty, making it a good fit for families who have members without much rafting experience. A strength of this rafting tour is that it switches gears to a whale-watching tour, so there is something for everyone.

Your combination tour includes a pickup from your hotel, a three-hour whale-watching segment, Free-Wifi on your transport bus, blankets, and an expert English-speaking guide. You will also get a 60-90 minute Hbita rafting tour with a certified rafting guide and safety equipment. The rafting tour also includes transportation to and from the rafting base camp in Drumboddsstadir.

Travelers on this tour will want to make a few considerations before signing up. You will want to consider that airport transfer is not included in the ticket price, so you must arrange to travel yourself. In these situations, it is recommended that you look into a personal travel guide that can handle the minor details of your trip to save yourself the extra headache. This way, you spend less time worrying about your trip and more time enjoying it.

Travelers will be responsible for bringing their own waterproof clothing and swimwear. The cost of food is not included in this tour, so you must budget and plan your meals while visiting Iceland. Also, whale sightings are not guaranteed, so you may end up disappointed if you want to see a specific animal while on this tour. If you do not get a chance to see whales, the tour offers a free ticket for another trip.

The tour starts with a pickup from your accommodation in Reykjavík. By 9:00, you will have met your tour guide and arrived at Reykjavík’s Old Harbor for your whaling tour. This whaling portion has a large deck and amazing viewing areas for taking up close-up views of wildlife. After the whale tour, your rafting tour bus will pick you up and drop you off at the rafting base camp. On the rafting portion, you will explore the Hvita River and Gulfoss canyon, one of the prettiest views in South Iceland. Guests can jump off cliffs or leap off the raft if they want to take their thrill to the next level. Your tour ends with a shuttle bus back to Reykjavík.


The Best Rafting Tours in Iceland


6. Gullfoss Canyon Rafting Tour (Hvítá River, May-September)

The Gullfoss Canyon Rafting Tour offers an excellent new angle to explore the popular Gulfoss waterfall. This is a splendid way to spend the day that is great for most ages and recommended for families visiting Iceland.

This tour costs $109 and lasts for four hours. Children 11-15 have a slightly cheaper ticket price at $86 per person. The Iceland tour is available between May and September and has a minimum required age of 11 for its guests. The tour includes an English-speaking tour guide and a 1:12 traveler-to-guide ratio. This popular tour has a high capacity for maximum passengers, which may require there to be additional tour guides to keep travelers safe.

Guests report that this tour is easy to finish for most people in fair physical conditions, but people who are not in good health may struggle. Since the tour lasts four hours, travelers will spend a significant amount of time paddling, which can be extremely strenuous. However, the course is relatively simple to navigate, and there are periods of rest that do not require paddling. This tour also includes a wetsuit, helmet, life-vest, and other critical safety equipment. The river tour is rated safe thanks to its certified tour guide status. Your tour will also give you free entry into a hot spring sauna and showering facilities.

While on this tour, you will be tasked with bringing certain things. You will want to get warm undergarments like thermal underwear, pants, and a wool sweater. Travelers will also enjoy thick warm socks and a waterproof jacket if it rains. You will also be responsible for bringing your own change of clothing and a bathing suit for when you soak in the sauna. This rafting tour does not pay for accommodations or transportation in Iceland, including airport transfer. You will also be responsible for paying for your own meals, as this tour does not provide snacks.

This river adventure begins with a Reykjavík pickup and meeting with your tour guide. Your tour bus will then head down to the Drumboddsstadir rafting area, where you will get a safety tutorial and start equipping your wet suit. Your tour group will be exploring the Hvítá river and get a chance to ride through the Gulfoss Waterfall, one of the most visited and beautiful attractions in Iceland. After your ride, you can relax in a sauna and enjoy a lamb barbeque dinner in a nearby restaurant or stop in for a drink at a local bar. All food and drink expenses are extra.

7. Wonderful West Family Rafting Tour (Hafgrímsstaðir, May-September)

The Wonderful West Family Rafting Tour is a family-oriented tour that features gentle rapids and short bursts of intense speed. This tour is excellent for all allowed ages and rafting skill levels.

This west glacial rafting tour costs $122 per person and lasts for four hours. The tour is available between May and September and has a lower minimum age requirement of six years. This lower age requirement is thanks to it being a more casual and relaxed experience that makes it great for families. This tour is easy to finish for most physically sound travelers, though travelers with health conditions may find some of the paddling difficult. Travelers on this tour are entitled to a full suite of rafting equipment, including their own wetsuit, helmet, and rafting boots. They also get riverside refreshments in the form of water and hot cocoa after the tour and transportation between the base camp and river ride. Your river tour also includes an experienced English-speaking tour guide.  The rafting tour has a guide-to-rider ratio of 1:7.

Participants of this river tour should bring their own warm and lightweight clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions. During the months of booking for the tour, you will find more favorable conditions in Iceland, but you should still expect a lot of precipitation. You will want to dress in layers of fleece, wool, or synthetic materials that can insulate you from the cold when wet. Travelers will also want to pack thick warm socks to protect their feet from the icy river water and bring a change of dry clothes for after the rafting tour.

This tour does not include meals, accommodations, or airport transfer, so you must schedule and budget for those things yourself. It is recommended that you plan everything out before entering Iceland, so you don’t have to worry about competing for these things. During the popular tourist months in Iceland, items can quickly sell out if you aren’t careful. Your tour also doesn’t offer pickup, so you will need to drive to the meeting point or arrange a ride.

This tour starts at the meeting point in Hafgrímsstaðir, where you will meet your guide and group and take a transport to the west glacial river canyon. Here your small group will experience marvelous scenery and a splash adventure through the river canyon. It is encouraged that you bring your camera on the raft to take pictures of your experience. This river tour offers a GoPro rental for those interested, or you can buy a disposable waterproof camera if that is your preference.

8. Golden Circle & Rafting Tour (South Coast, May-September)

The Golden Circle & Rafting Tour is a fun south Iceland adventure available from May to September. People on this tour will enjoy many sights like the Geysir Hot Springs, Gulfoss waterfall, and the Þingvellir National Park.

This rating tour costs $197 per person and lasts for nine hours. You will start the tour being picked up at your accommodation in Reykjavík, where you will journey to the tour meeting site. Here you will explore the Gullfoss canyon and make multiple stops at the geothermal geyser area. People on this tour must be at least 11 years old and have enough physical fitness to tour for nine hours. The rafting tour is easy to finish for most people and has easy difficulties, so it is not too dangerous. It is suitable for couples, families, and any tour groups who don’t mind sharing their raft with other travelers.

Going on this tour will appreciate the small group experience and the amenities like hotel pickup and expert tour guides. These tour guides are certified rafting guides that know their way around the water. This rafting tour does not include an airport transfer option, so you must find your way from the airport. The Iceland tour also does not cover the expenses of any meals during the tour’s duration.

9. Beast Of The East River Rafting Tour (Akureyri, May-September)

The Beast Of The East River Rafting Tour is an extreme rafting experience designed for veteran rafters in mind. People who choose this tour will traverse a Grade 4 river with world-class white water challenges.

This tour costs $186 per person and lasts seven hours. People can sign up to go rafting with this tour between May and September. Because this is an expert tour, it requires that all participants be 18 years or old and have previous rafting experience. This rafting tour is excellent for solo travelers or couples who know their way around a raft. Travelers who have went on this tour report that it is dangerous, and safety should be taken to ensure you enjoy the tour without getting swept away. This traveling raft tour will be challenging to finish for anyone not in excellent physical health.

The Iceland rafting tour does not include any airport transfer or hotel pickup options. People will find a smaller tour ratio of 1 guide for every six people, allowing more people to do the work of navigating their raft. When going on this tour, you should bring warm socks, dry clothes for after the trip, and layered clothing that can insult your body heat for when you get wet. The tour will provide safety equipment, transportation between the base and the river, and a professional and certified rafting guide.

10. Action-Packed 11-Hour Golden Circle and Rafting Combo Tour (Reykjavík, April to September)

The Action-Packed 11-Hour Golden Circle and Rafting Combo Tour is an intense adventure that takes guests through the breathtaking natural attractions of the Golden Circle and combines it with a river rafting experience. This rafting tour is excellent for solo travelers, couples, or families with children over the minimum 11 years old age restriction.

The Iceland rafting tour costs $198 per person and lasts 11 hours. The tour is available between April and September and starts with a hotel pickup in the Iceland capital city of Reykjavík. This rafting tour does not include an airport transfer option, so you must arrange transportation to Reykjavík. You will meet a friendly tour guide that will show you the sights of the Golden Circle. After seeing iconic waterfalls and glaciers, you will be taken to the rafting base camp and start heading downstream. The rafting course alternates between calm sections and choppy sections but is a lot of fun for all skill levels of rafters. Overall, it is a safe tour and easy to finish for people with a minimum amount of physical fitness. 

What to know for Best Rafting Tours in Iceland

If you are interested in signing up for a rafting tour in Iceland, you should make a few considerations. The most important things to know about rafting tours in Iceland are listed below.

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: If you are traveling to Iceland, chances are is that you will be flying in and using an airport. Many rafting tours in Iceland do not include the price of airport shuttles and transfers in the price of their event. Make sure you plan for your transportation in Iceland before landing, or you may have trouble finding an effective way to travel. Also, you will want to prepare for these travel costs in your budget so that you don’t accidentally end up over budget when planning your trip.

Accommodation Cost: Many Iceland rafting tours do not include accommodation costs in the ticket price of your tour package. This is because most rafting tours only take place for a few hours during the daytime, so you will have to make your own plans of where you will stay. Camping outside Iceland is illegal outside of designated campground areas, so finding accommodation is essential to an Iceland adventure’s success.

Personal Travel Agent: People traveling to Iceland would greatly benefit from employing a personal travel agent. A personal travel agent has connections in Iceland and has experience on which tours will help you accomplish your Iceland trip goals. Travelers also rely on travel agents to take care of the minor things involved in a trip so they can focus more on having fun and less on stressing out over details. It is highly recommended that if this is your first Iceland tour, you use a personal travel agent to make your life easier.

Price Range: The price range for Iceland rafting trip tours is between $100-$350. This price can sometimes vary depending on the add-ons you choose for your tour.

Price Factors: A few factors will influence the price you pay for a rafting trip tour. People who go during the busy tourist season of Iceland will often pay more for the same tour because of the higher demand. Summer tours tend to sell out quickly, so tour groups can afford to charge more for them. Also, the duration of a rafting tour will increase the price of a rafting experience. Generally, this increase is only minor, so paying more for a longer tour can be worth it because you are getting a better hourly rate for your money. Another thing that can affect the price of rafting tours is the tour group’s amenities. Some tours offer food, refreshments, hiking, pickup services, or additional activities that can inflate the cost of your rafting tour.

Popularity: Rafting tours are a popular activity among people who visit Iceland. This popularity is due to the extreme fun that people can have while being close to nature. Rafting tours are easily accessible to most people, even without prior rafting experience. The rafting activity can also be competitive, and some tours cater to rafting experts who want a challenge or to flaunt their rafting aptitude. Because rafting tours are popular, they tend to sell out quickly. If you are planning a rafting tour in Iceland, you must make sure you book the tour as early as possible, so you don’t risk it selling out and messing up your trip’s activity timeslot.

COVID-19 Precautions: COVID-19 precautions are still common in Iceland tours. These precautions prevent the spread of the virus and keep tour guests and staff members safe. Many tour groups will require you to pass a COVID-19 screening to be allowed to participate in a rafting tour. Also, some tour groups strictly enforce social distancing and sanitize equipment after use. If you are worried about catching COVID-19 while in Iceland, you can rest assured that it takes COVID-19 seriously. With all the precautions in place and the openness of rafting tours in ICeland, it will be difficult to contract COVID-19.


Best Rafting Tours for Iceland


Which regions of Iceland are better for Rafting Tours?

Traveling to Iceland presents several different options for regions to choose from. The regions that are better for rafting tours are listed below:

  • South Region: This Iceland region is excellent for rafting tours because it is close to the Golden Circle and other popular Iceland attractions. Because this is the area where many tourists will visit, you will have many rafting tour options.
  • North Region: A region that is flush with great opportunities for rafting. Many rafting rivers in this region were created over time from the mouths of glaciers expanding, retreating, and carving up the land over the years. Some of the most exciting rafting routes have their home in Iceland.

What are the Most Famous Rafting Tours of Iceland?

When researching which rafting tours to go on is good to look at popular ones because you know people have already confirmed their quality. The most famous rafting tours of Iceland include:

  • Family-Friendly 3-Hour Whitewater River Rafting Tour: This rafting tour is famous for the competition it creates between rafting tour groups. Many people enjoy this contained experience that offers a plethora of different tour planning options.
  • Small-Group 10-Hour Golden Circle and River Rafting Tour: A tour that is famous for its luxury features like the Wifi minibus. It is also popular for how comprehensive it is and the extra activities it provides in addition to river rafting.

What are the Best Rafting Tours for Families?

It can be a struggle to plan a family trip. Each family member often has different likes and dislikes and finding an activity that satisfies everyone in a limited trip time can be difficult. The best rafting tours for families include:

  • Family-Friendly 3-Hour Whitewater River Rafting Tour: This rafting tour was designed with families in mind. Different family members are encouraged to cooperate or compete in river rafting, which delivers high excitement and fun that many ages can enjoy.
  • River Rafting Tour in North Iceland: A great rafting tour with one path for experienced rafters and one for more casual rafters. This means that no matter your family members’ experience, there is a path that everyone can feel comfortable taking. Thrill seekers and river relaxers both have a place on this tour.
  • Gullfoss Canyon Rafting Tour: This Iceland tour is a fun adventure through the Gullfoss waterfall. It is excellent for families because it has a high seating capacity, allowing families with many members to share a raft.
  • Breathtaking 10-Hour Whale Watching and River Rafting Tour: An excellent choice for family members with different interests. This combination rafting tour packs many activities in its 10 hours, so there is a good chance each family member will find some activity they like.

What are the Best Rafting Tours for Couples?

Couples who want to take a trip to Iceland are often looking for specific things. Couples often enjoy romantic views, luxury options, and privacy. Some of the best rafting tours for couples include:

  • River Rafting Tour in North Iceland: A tour that gives many great options that couples will like. They get luxury transport that allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed while on tour. Couples also get a chance to experience a range of different activities that can give them more opportunities to interact with the romantic countryside of Iceland.
  • Breathtaking 10-Hour Whale Watching and River Rafting Tour: This Iceland rafting tour is a great way to get out of the crowds and explore Iceland in a more intimate way. You can have a romantic and relaxing whale expedition followed by a river rafting tour that can boost your excitement levels.

What are the Most Luxurious Iceland Rafting Trip Tours?

The Breathtaking 10-Hour Whale Watching and River Rafting Tour is the most luxurious river rafting tour because it provides extra activities in addition to river rafting, and you will be traveling in style through upgraded transport vehicles.

What is the Price Range for Iceland Rafting Tours?

The price range for Iceland rafting tours ranges from $100 to $350. This price difference is due to several factors. One thing that influences price is the duration of a rafting tour. Typically longer tours that stretch out into the whole day will cost more because you will use more of a tour guide’s time.

Some tours cost more because the season they are run is more expensive. July is the most costly month for rafting tours, while February is the least expensive month. Because tourist demand fluctuates throughout the year, you will often see different prices even from the same exact tour. Another thing that influences the price range for rafting tours is the extra features. Some rafting tours include other activities that can cost extra money that they build into the price.

What are the Cheapest Rafting Tours in Iceland?

The Gullfoss Canyon Rafting Tour and the River Rafting Tour in North Iceland are the two cheapest rafting tours on this list. These tours are more affordable than the others because they offer fewer inclusions and optional add-ons that add convenience to their tours like some other tours. Another reason they are cheaper than other tours is that they have a larger group size capacity, meaning each person on the raft can pay less because there are more people per raft.

What are the Rules for Iceland Rafting Trip Tours?

There are a few rules that people should follow while going on an Iceland trip tour. It is crucial that everyone follows these rules to ensure they are on the same page and will react predictably when dangers occur. If you do not follow safety instructions or other common rafting rules, you may put yourself or someone else in danger while on the water. The essential rules to follow for Iceland rafting trip tours include the following:

  • Wear Warm Clothes: This may seem like a simple rule to follow in principle, but new travelers to Iceland can underestimate how cold it can get. You will want to wear multiple layers of thermal clothing made from material that repels water. You do not want to wear a hoodie and jeans to a water rafting trip. Iceland’s weather can be unpredictable, so the more waterproof clothing you wear, the better.
  • Properly Equip Safety Equipment: Your rafting trip tour will provide safety harnesses and life jackets for you to wear while out on the water. It is vital to ensure these devices are securely fastened to you and in working order. Be sure to be on the lookout for not only your own safety devices but other people in your group. If everyone works together to stay safe, then people can focus on having fun.
  • Stick to your Skill Level: When doing your tour research, be sure to pay attention to the skill level required and the difficulty of the rafting tour. Many tours will offer a variety of skill levels and courses so everyone can find a way to have fun. While on tour, don’t volunteer for a path beyond your skill level. You might possibly run into danger and put you or someone else at risk of succumbing to the rapids.

Is taking photographs allowed for Rafting Tours?

Yes, travelers are allowed to take photos on rafting tours. If you want to take pictures while on the water, you must be careful because the currents could cause you to drop your camera. 

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for Rafting Tours?

Yes, Some rafting tours offer options to take photos of your trip that you can purchase. These tour packages offer photography for rafting tours that take the hassle out of snapping that perfect shot while riding down the river at high speeds.

Is it allowed to use a Snowmobile for Iceland Rafting Tours?

No, snowmobiles can not be used on rafting tours. All of your transportation to a rafting base camp will involve a vehicle that primarily drives on the road like a bus or car.

Are Iceland Rafting Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, Iceland rafting trip tours are safe from COVID-19 because many tour groups follow safety protocols. During your tour, all equipment will be sanitized in between use to stop the spread of germs. Also, some tour companies require their guests to take a COVID-19 screening before being allowed to participate in the tour. If you are worried about COVID-19, then you will be happy to hear that rafting tours provide hand sanitizer for all guests and practice safe social distancing.

Are Rafting Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

No, typically, rafting tours will not allow solo participants. This is done because rowing a raft can be hard work that multiple people need to share. You will need teammates to help you navigate the rapids, and a tour guide is usually present to protect the safety of those in the group. Traveling through the Iceland countryside alone can be dangerous, so you should only travel independently if you are familiar with the area.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland Rafting Trip Tours?

Yes, travelers of Iceland rafting trip tours are allowed to bring food. Some rafting tours do not provide food to guests on their rafting adventures, so it will be up to you to budget for food expenses and pack snacks while in Iceland. Some rafting tours give guests food at the end of the tour, so this may not be necessary for everyone.


Rafting Tours in Iceland


What are the Best Sessions for Iceland Rafting Trip Tours by Month?

When traveling to Iceland, some sessions are better for rafting trip tours. The best sessions for rafting trip tours are listed below:

  • March-June: This session of rafting tours is known as the early season. People booking tours during this time want to enjoy the better Iceland weather that it provides while avoiding the larger crowds of the summer months.
  • July-September: A great session to come to Iceland and go on a rafting tour. Many other people come during this time to enjoy the midnight sun and have more time during the day for fun activities. Because so many more people come to Iceland during this time, there are a lot more tour options open and available than during other months.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland Rafting Tours?

The average duration of Iceland rafting tours is around three hours. The length of an Iceland rafting tour will depend on the tour group, region, and availability. Sometimes weather conditions can cause a tour to be cut short. Typically a longer duration tour will be a better average cost per day because as you tour for more hours, the price per hour goes down.

Where does the Iceland Rafting Trip Tours start?

Iceland rafting trip tours typically start at popular base camps or starting stations. Some places rafting trip tours start include the places listed below:

  • Hvítá River
  • Reykjavík
  • Akureyri
  • Varmahlíð
  • Hafgrímsstaðir Rafting Base

Are Iceland Rafting Tours Hard to Finish?

No, Iceland rafting tours are generally not hard to finish. Novice rafters can complete most rafting tours with a basic level of physical fitness. If you are someone who has a low fitness level, the strenuous activity of having to paddle constantly can be tiring for you if you are not used to exercising. 

What to know about Rafting Tours in Iceland

The more essential thing you should know about rafting tours in Iceland is that they are highly dependent on the weather conditions. Anything more than a light drizzle will see the trip canceled because being out in the water and soaked is one of the most dangerous states you can be in. You should always have a backup plan in case one of your tours gets canceled or delayed while on your Iceland trip.

What are the Different Types of Rafting in Iceland?

There are a few different types of river rafting in Iceland. These different types are broken down into categories called rapids categories. The categories are numbered 1-6 and denote the river speed intensity and the river rapids’ difficulty.

How many Rafting Spots does Iceland have?

Iceland has many different rafting locations because of its unique history and geology. Glaciers in Iceland have carved the land up, and when these glaciers melt, they create many other river systems. The number of rafting spots in Iceland are listed below:

  • North Region: 10-20 spots
  • South Region: 20-30 spots
  • West Region: 5-10 spots
  • East Region: 5-10 spots

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

While going on an Iceland rafting tour, you will have the opportunity to fit in some other fun activities as well. Some of the different activities you can participate in while on an Iceland rafting tour include the following:

  • Competition: Some Iceland river rafting tours allow you to compete with other rafts for dominance out on the water. If you enjoy rafting but want to turn it into a high-stakes game of avoiding getting wet, then a rafting competition tour can be a fun way to get what you want.
  • Hiking: Many rafting tours will require a small amount of hiking before or after the tour to get where you need to go. On these hikes, you get to experience the mystical Iceland countryside and view these unique natural wonders that few people ever get to see.
  • Photography: Rafting tours are a great way to get high-impact and exciting shots from the inside of your raft. You will often be too busy rafting, but having a river view of the landscape around you also provides many great photo opportunities.
  • Hot Springs: A few river rafting tours allow their guests to soak in nearby hot springs after their adventure is over. You will want to take them up on that offer because hot springs are a great way to relax and soothe your tired muscles. Iceland has many natural hot springs because of its geological history of volcanic eruptions. The combination of cold weather above the surface and hot temperatures below it is called the ‘land of fire and ice.’
  • Cliff Jumping: A few river rafting tour locations feature large drops of waterfalls or cliffs. Some of these places are local tests of courage that you will have the opportunity to jump off of and land in the crystal clear Iceland river basin.
  • Swimming: While the goal of most river rafting tours is to stay out of the water as much as possible to avoid the rapids. Some tours feature calmer rivers that you can get out and swim alongside your raft while opportunity allows.
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