Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland

Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels and Activities

Álfholtsskógur is one of the popular recreational spots and forests in Iceland. The forest is an old groove, but intense planting with new and existing plant species began in 1940. Álfholtsskógur overs an area of 75 hectares and the land is owned by Hvalfjarðarsveit. In Álfholtsskógur, there are over 200.000 different plant species. 

Where is the Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland?

Álfholtsskógur Forest is located in the western part of iceland. The geographic coordinates of Álfholtsskógur are 64.3690° N, 21.8484° W. More specifically, it is located northeast of Akrafjall. 

What are the features of the Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland?

A prominent feature nearby the Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland is the Akrafjall Mountain. Within the forest itself, there are well-over 70 to 80 different plant species (trees and shrubs). The most common plants in the Álfholtsskógur Forest are birch, pine, poplar, spruce, larch, and reeds. 

What are the tours for Álfholtsskógur Forest?

Tours in Iceland for the Álfholtsskógur Forest are available and popular. The forest has many walking and hiking trails which visitors find relaxing. The total length of the trails is between seven and eight kilometers. 

What are the best hotels for Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland?

Hotels in Iceland for the Álfholtsskógur Forest are Moar Guesthouse, B59 Hotel, Hotel Glymur, Laxárbakki, etc. These accommodations are nearby Álfholtsskógur and are suitable for frequent visits to the forest. 

How to Travel to the Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland?

To travel to the Álfholtsskógur Forest in Iceland, visitors should turn from Road 1 to Road 51 at the point of Akrafjall. 

Is there a close Canyon to Álfholtsskógur Forest?

The closest canyon to the Glymur Canyon is the Glymur Canyon. This canyon is famous for housing Iceland’s second-tallest waterfall, Glymur Waterfall (198 meters). Hiking the Glymur Canyon is tricky and requires physical preparation as well as proper equipment. 

Is there a related Lake to the Álfholtsskógur Forest?

Of the lakes in Iceland, Eiðisvatn is the closest one to the Álfholtsskógur Forest. Lake Eiðisvatn is a small lake that sits southeast of Lambhagi. Although not directly related to Álfholtsskógur, it is still the closest one. 

What are the Rivers for Álfholtsskógur Forest?

Rivers in Iceland are a common landform. The closest Icelandic river for the Álfholtsskógur Forest is Berjadalsá. Berjadalsá River classifies as a small stream, southeast of Snæfjallabrún and northwest of Sandeyri. 

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