Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland

Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels, and Activities

Brynjudalsskógur Forest is one of the national forests in Iceland. It was initially bought in pieces by the Land Reclamation Fund starting in the summer of 1975. The fund currently owns ¾ of the land for the forest. The forest provides some economy to the locals because of the large number of blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries that grow inside the forest boundary and the wood used for construction and firewood.

The forest is an excellent place to hike, with plenty of footpaths laid out through the forest. In addition, two shelters can host hikers and other visitors to the forest for short stays. 

Where is the Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland?

The forest is located right on the border between the Western region and the Capital region of iceland. It is only an hour Northeast of Reykjavik. Its GPS coordinates are 64.36413 and -21.30263. 

What are the features of the Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland?

Small glacial streams flow through this forest to reach the nearby coastal bay from Sandvatn Lake. This creates some small waterfalls. There are also quite a few beautiful hiking trails throughout the forest and nearby mountains. That includes the famed Botnsdalur that is right across the border from the forest. 

What are the tours for Brynjudalsskógur Forest?

There are no specific tours that take you through Brynjudalsskógur Forest. However, some tours take you up the Botnsdalur hike at the edge of the forest. In addition, companies like Fjallhalla Adventures lead hiking tours throughout the country.

What are the best hotels for Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland?

There are not many hotels very close to the forest. However, since it is so close to Reykjavik, we recommend staying in the accommodation there before traveling to the forest during the day. The closest campsites to the forest include Mosskogar Camping, Camping Þorisstaðir, and campsites close to Thingvellir National Park

How to Travel to the Brynjudalsskógur Forest in Iceland?

Since it is so close to Reykjavik, it is easily accessible by car from the capital. Start on Route 49 and then drive along the Þjóðvegur 1 until you reach Vesturland, the start of the Western Region.

Is there a close Canyon to Brynjudalsskógur Forest?

The canyons and waterfalls close to the forest include Glymur Waterfall and Þórufoss waterfall. Glymur is minutes away from the forest edge by car, and Þórufoss is about half an hour away along the coastline for the most part. Þórufoss is a famous site as it is a filming area for the Game of Thrones show.

Is there a related Lake to the Brynjudalsskógur Forest?

An ocean bay is close to the forest, but there are no closely related lakes in Iceland.

What are the Rivers for Brynjudalsskógur Forest?

There are no rivers in Iceland that run in or through this forest. 

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