Information on Importing a Pet into Iceland
(updated March 1998)

Applications for import of a pet must be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Reykjavík, Raudararstig 25, 4th floor, 150 Reykjavik, Iceland, fax: 354-552-1160.

The Ministry of Agriculture grants a permit to import a pet into Iceland. The Ministry will inform the importer when his application has been approved. The import permit will be annulled if the importer has not contacted the Ministry within 14 days after the day of issue.

The import license is obtained in the Ministry. The initial payment is Icelandic kronur 25.000,- for each animal and has to be paid when obtaining the import permit. Enclosed will be a Giro which can be paid in any bank or post office in Iceland. The importer must present the receipt when obtaining the permit.

After the importer has obtained the license he must contact the quarantine station in Hrísey, which will arrange when the pet can be received in the quarantine. The quarantine period is 6 weeks for pets from UK, Norway and Sweden, 8 weeks from other countries.

It is very urgent that the importer contacts Hrísey, as soon as he has obtained the license, so the quarantine staff can choose the exact time for arrival of the pet in the quarantine station.


1. The pet should be vaccinated against feline panleucopenia two or three months prior to entry into Iceland. Necessary certificates should be provided.

2. At the time of entry, the pet should be accompanied by a health certificate from a veterinarian, indicating that the pet was healthy when leaving the country of departure and that a laboratory test of an excrement sample provided that the pet is not infected with intestinal worms. This health certificate should not be issued more than 48 hours prior to the shipment of the pet.

3. Notification shall be made to the veterinarian in Hrísey at least 48 hours before the arrival of the pet. On arrival the pet will be examined by the Chief Veterinarian, and brought immediately into the quarantine in Hrísey.

4. The owner shall be held responsible for the pet during the quarantine period.

5. If the pet becomes sick with a disease that is unknown in Iceland, or if the instructions pertaining to the quarantine of the pet are violated, the owner is obliged to, at his own expense, immediately destroy the pet.

6. Injuries and/or damages caused by the pet during its stay in Iceland, including the quarantine period, shall be compensated for by the owner, who will be fully responsible.


Cost per January 1998 for importing a pet is as follows: (all normal costs in Iceland are included, such as transportation of the pet to Hrísey, injections and board and lodging!)

Dogs:	 6 weeks	approx. 70-120 thousand per animal	
	 8 weeks	approx. 95-140 thousand per animal
			(according to the dog's weight)

Cats:	 6 weeks	approx. 65-80 thousand per animal
	 8 weeks	approx. 75-90 thousand per animal

For more information on cost please contact Hrísey, tel: 354-466-1781.

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