Grundarfjörður City in Iceland

Grundarfjörður City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

The town of Grundarfjörður is located on the northern part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula along the western edge of Iceland. Grundarfjörður city in Iceland is located directly between the sea and the nearby Kirkjufell mountain.

Grundarfjörður has a fishing and tourism local culture. Many people visit it for the beautiful mountains and lava fields nearby. It has a temperate climate with a significant average number of rainy days.

What to do in Grundarfjörður?

Grundarfjörður city in Iceland is a popular destination for people who visit Iceland. So many people stop by Grundarfjörður while in Iceland because there are many unique and fun things to do. Some of these include:

  • Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall: A beautiful, scenic waterfall with a great view of Kirkjufell mountain.
  • Boat Tours: Grundarfjörður makes excellent use of its seaside location with boat tours that take visitors out fishing and exploring flora and fauna of Iceland.
  • Grundarfjordur Church: This church is one of the many historical and artistic landmarks that dot the landscape of Grundarfjörður. It is beautifully constructed and features an impressive sculpture by the Icelandic artist Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir.

Are Orcas Seen in Grundarfjörður?

Yes, if you decide to take a boat tour, you will find a variety of whales nearby, including orcas and sperm whales.

What are the Best Hotels in Grundarfjörður?

Grundarfjörður has many great hotels in the area to accommodate guests, including:

  • Kirkjufell Hotel: A cozy hotel close to Kirkjufell mountain that is highly rated for its beautiful rooms and built-in activities, including horseback riding, hiking, and a golf course.
  • Dis Cottages: A beachfront hotel with individual units that include a kitchen, dining area, living room, and private bathroom. Guests have their own terrace to look out over the sea and scenic Grundarfjörður harbor.

What are the Tours for Grundarfjörður?

The city of Grundarfjörður has connections to several popular tours, including:

  • Grundarfjörður Puffin Tour: A mix of hiking and hay cart tours that takes you on a hunt to find puffins, which are adorable birds also known as “sea parrots.”
  • Láki Tours: A bird and whale watching tour that takes guests on a 2-3 hour tour to experience all the sights of the Grundarfjörður bay.

Is there an Airport in Grundarfjörður?

Yes, there is an airport located in Grundarfjörður called the Grundarfjörður airport.

What is the total area of Grundarfjörður?

The town of Grundarfjörður encompasses an area of 91 square kilometers or 57 square miles.

What is the Population of Grundarfjörður?

The population of Grundarfjörður is 872.

How is the weather in Grundarfjörður?

Grundarfjörður has a mild climate where it doesn’t get too hot or cold most of the year. On average, you will experience 8-11 rainy days every month while getting sunny days about 20% of the time.

What is the Postal Code of Grundarfjörður?

Grundarfjörður City in Iceland uses the 350 postal code.

Who are the Notable People from Grundarfjörður?

Several notable people were originally born in Grundarfjörður, including:

  • Jón Pétursson: An Icelandic Olympic athlete who competed in the men’s high jump.
  • Björg Ágústdóttir: The mayor of Grundarfjörður.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to Grundarfjörður?

There are a few close towns you might want to visit while you are in Grundarfjörður, including:

  • Stykkisholmur: A town that is 45 km or 28 miles away by way of route 54.
  • Búðir: A small hamlet that is 37 km or 23 miles away from Grundarfjörður on route 54.

Are there any close Glaciers to Grundarfjörður?

Yes, the Snaefellsjokull glacier is close to Grundarfjörður.

Are there any close Mountains to Grundarfjörður?

Yes, the Kirkjufell mountain is close to Grundarfjörður.

Are there any nearby Volcanoes to Grundarfjörður?

Yes, the Snæfellsjökull volcano is close to Grundarfjörður.

What are the Unique Sides of Grundarfjörður in Iceland?

Grundarfjörður has a unique culture that has developed due to its fishing economy and tourism. Some of the unique sides to see in Grundarfjörður includes:


  • Liston Art Gallery: A gallery of local artists’ artwork collections. The local artist, Liston, is also responsible for many unique stone sculptures in Grundarfjörður.
  • Grundarfjordur Harbor: A bustling district that serves as one of the largest fisheries in the country. It has a great natural view of the mountains and sea.

Where is the Best Grundarfjörður Campground?

The best campground in Grundarfjörður is called the Grundarfjörður Campground. It is located just north of the town at the foothills of Kirkjufell mountain.

What Movies and TV Shows were Shot in Grundarfjörður?

Because of its beauty, there were several TV shows and movies shot in Grundarfjörður, including:

  • Game of Thrones: A famous fantasy series that used the Kirkjufell mountains in a few different scenes.
  • Fractures: A drama series set in Grundarfjörður.

Does Grundarfjörður have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Grundarfjörður has an active sports tourism culture. There are several sports and leisure clubs that offer opportunities for fans and athletes to compete in a variety of sports.

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