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Are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon? Look no further than Iceland. Whether it’s accommodation, activities, food and drink, transportation options or shopping experiences – there is something here that will make an unforgettable memory. With its stunning landscapes and unique culture, a honeymoon in Iceland promises to be one of a kind. From luxury resorts with picturesque views to adventurous excursions exploring glaciers and volcanoes – we have everything you need to plan the ultimate iceland honeymoon getaway. Start planning today so that when the time comes you can start enjoying all this beautiful country has to offer.

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When planning your honeymoon in Iceland, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect place to stay. From luxurious hotels to cozy Airbnb rentals and camping sites, there are plenty of options for couples looking for a romantic getaway.


For those who prefer the comfort and convenience of staying at a hotel, there is no shortage of choices in Iceland. Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or an upscale experience with all the amenities, you’ll find it here. Popular hotel chains like Hilton and Radisson Blu offer great deals on rooms throughout the country while smaller boutique hotels provide more unique experiences that will help make your honeymoon even more special.

Airbnb Rentals:

If you’re looking for something more private and intimate than a traditional hotel room, then consider booking an Airbnb rental instead. There are many charming cottages located throughout Iceland’s countryside that provide breathtaking views of nature as well as modern comforts like hot tubs and fireplaces – perfect for snuggling up with your loved one after a long day exploring.


For those who love being outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice their creature comforts, camping is another great option when visiting Iceland during your honeymoon. With so much natural beauty surrounding them – from majestic mountains to stunning waterfalls – couples can enjoy some quality time together while also taking advantage of all that this incredible country has to offer. Campsites range from basic tent spots near popular attractions such as Geysir Hot Springs or Skogafoss Waterfall to fully equipped cabins complete with kitchens and bathrooms located further away from civilization.

No matter what type of accommodation suits your needs best, rest assured that there is something available in Iceland that will fit within any budget or lifestyle preference – making it easy for couples everywhere to create unforgettable memories during their dreamy Icelandic honeymoon.

Whether you choose to stay in a hotel, rent an Airbnb or go camping, Iceland has accommodations for every type of traveler. Now that you have your home away from home sorted out, let’s explore some of the amazing activities that await you on your honeymoon in Iceland.

Key Takeaway: No matter your budget or lifestyle, there are plenty of accommodation options in Iceland to make your honeymoon a truly unforgettable experience – from luxurious hotels to cozy Airbnb rentals and camping sites.


Hiking and Trekking:

Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, making it a perfect destination for those looking to explore on foot. From easy day hikes to multi-day treks, there are plenty of options available for all levels of hikers. Popular trails include the Laugavegur trail, which takes you through stunning valleys and glaciers, as well as Landmannalaugar, an area known for its colorful rhyolite mountains. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or an intense challenge, there’s something here that will suit your needs.

Whale Watching:

If you’re looking for a unique experience during your honeymoon in Iceland then whale watching should be at the top of your list. With over 20 species of whales living off the coast of Iceland, this is one activity that shouldn’t be missed. You can join boat tours from Reykjavik or Husavik where experienced guides will take you out into open waters and show you these majestic creatures up close. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.

Northern Lights Viewing:

One thing that makes Iceland so special is its location near the Arctic Circle – making it one of few places in Europe where visitors can witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The best time to see them is between September and April when nights are long enough but not too cold yet – although they can still be seen during summer months if conditions are right. There are many tour companies offering guided trips out into nature away from city lights so make sure to book ahead if this is something you want to do while visiting.

Relaxation after days spent exploring outdoors? Look no further than geothermal pools and spas found throughout Iceland. These natural hot springs offer a great way to unwind after long hikes or just spend some quality time together with your partner soaking up their healing properties. Some popular spots include Blue Lagoon located near Reykjavík or Mývatn Nature Baths located by Lake Mývatn in North East Iceland – both offer breathtaking views along with luxurious amenities such as saunas and steam rooms, so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit.

From the adventure of hiking and trekking to relaxing in geothermal pools and spas, Iceland offers a wide variety of activities that are perfect for a romantic honeymoon. And after all that exploring, you can indulge in some delicious traditional Icelandic cuisine or local craft beer – just two more reasons why Iceland is an ideal destination for your honeymoon.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink in Iceland is an experience that you won’t soon forget. From traditional Icelandic cuisine to seafood dishes, there are plenty of delicious options for visitors to explore. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or just want to sample some local flavors, here are some great food and drink experiences in Iceland.

Traditional Icelandic Cuisine:

Traditional Icelandic cuisine has been around since the Viking era and still remains popular today. Dishes like skyr (a type of yogurt), hangikjöt (smoked lamb) and kleinur (twisted doughnuts) can be found on menus throughout the country. For a truly unique experience, try hákarl – fermented shark meat – which is considered a delicacy by many locals.

Seafood Dishes:

With its abundance of fresh fish, it should come as no surprise that seafood plays an important role in Icelandic cuisine. Popular dishes include plokkfiskur (fish stew), harðfiskur (dried fish) and sviðasulta (sheep head jelly). If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try some minke whale steak?

Craft beer has become increasingly popular in recent years, with several microbreweries popping up across the country offering their own unique takes on classic styles such as pale ales, stouts and IPAs. For something stronger, check out one of Iceland’s distilleries where they produce vodka made from potatoes or even birch sap.

From savoring the fresh seafood to sampling local brews, Iceland has plenty of food and drink options to satisfy any palate. Now let’s take a look at transportation options that can help you explore this amazing country even further.

Transportation Options

When visiting Iceland, there are a variety of transportation options available to get you around the country. Car rental services offer visitors the freedom and flexibility to explore at their own pace. With car rental companies located throughout Iceland, travelers can pick up their vehicle in one city and drop it off in another for an additional fee. For those who prefer public transportation, buses run regularly between major cities with stops along popular tourist routes. Tours and excursions are also available for those looking for a more guided experience while exploring Iceland’s stunning landscapes.

Car Rental Services:

Car rentals provide visitors with the freedom to explore Iceland on their own terms without having to worry about timetables or schedules. Companies like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget and Sixt have locations throughout the country where travelers can rent cars ranging from small economy vehicles all the way up to luxury SUVs depending on your needs and budget. It is important to note that most car rental companies require drivers be over 25 years old with valid driver’s license from their home country as well as a credit card in order to rent a vehicle in Iceland.

Public Transportation:

Public transportation is another great option for getting around when visiting Iceland as buses connect many of its major cities including Reykjavik, Akureyri and Egilsstadir among others The bus system runs frequently during peak season (May-September) but may be less frequent during winter months so it is important check schedules before planning your trip if traveling outside of summer months . Tickets must be purchased online prior to boarding any bus within the network however tickets are relatively inexpensive compared other forms of transport making this an attractive option for budget conscious travelers looking save money while exploring Iceland’s incredible sights.

If you want someone else to do all the driving, then tours and excursions might just be what you need. Tour operators offer day trips or multi-day adventures taking guests through some of Iceland’s most beautiful places such as glaciers, volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, lava fields, waterfalls etc. Most tour packages include meals/snacks, accommodation (if applicable), entrance fees into national parks/attractions etc. Prices vary depending on the length and type of tour chosen but these tours often represent good value considering everything that is included.

From exploring the countryside in a car rental to taking public transportation and guided tours, Iceland offers an array of transportation options that make it easy for honeymooners to get around. Now let’s move on to shopping experiences – from markets and fairs to souvenir shops and designer boutiques – there is something for everyone.

Key Takeaway: Visiting Iceland offers a variety of transportation options from car rentals to public buses and tours, so visitors can choose the best option for their needs and budget.

Shopping Experiences

Shopping in Iceland is an experience like no other. From bustling markets and fairs to unique souvenir shops, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to find the perfect item or gift.

Markets and Fairs:

One of the best ways to get a taste of Icelandic culture is by visiting one of its many markets or fairs. These vibrant events feature local vendors selling everything from traditional handicrafts and artwork to handmade jewelry and clothing. Visitors can also sample delicious Icelandic cuisine such as skyr (yogurt-like dairy product) or kleinur (fried doughnuts). The Kolaportið flea market in Reykjavík is especially popular among tourists, offering a wide selection of antiques, vintage items, books, music, and more.

Souvenir shopping is a great way to take home a piece of Iceland with you. There are numerous shops throughout the country that offer an array of Icelandic memorabilia, such as t-shirts featuring iconic images like the Northern Lights or puffins; keychains made out of lava rock; handcrafted woolen sweaters; mugs decorated with Viking designs; shot glasses emblazoned with flags; magnets depicting famous landmarks and postcards featuring breathtaking landscapes. All these items make for excellent souvenirs and memories from your trip to this amazing country.

Designer Boutiques:

For those looking for something a bit more high-end, there are several designer boutiques located around Reykjavík that offer luxury fashion pieces from some of Europe’s top designers. Whether it’s Gucci sunglasses or Prada shoes you’re after – these stores have it all. Shopping at these boutiques isn’t just about buying something special – it’s also about getting an up close look at some truly exquisite craftsmanship.

No matter what kind of shopping experience you’re looking for during your trip to Iceland – whether it’s browsing through local markets for unique souvenirs or splurging on designer labels – this beautiful country has something for everyone. From bustling markets and fairs to luxurious designer boutiques, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect item or gift. With so many opportunities available, you are sure to have an unforgettable shopping experience in Iceland.

Key Takeaway: Shopping in Iceland offers something for everyone, from local markets and fairs to designer boutiques – making it the perfect place to find unique souvenirs or luxury fashion items.

FAQs in Relation to Iceland Honeymoon

Is Iceland good for a honeymoon?

Yes, Iceland is an excellent choice for a honeymoon. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and abundance of romantic activities, it’s no wonder that couples flock to this Nordic nation. From soaking in natural hot springs under the stars to exploring glaciers on snowmobiles or taking a boat tour around majestic fjords – there are plenty of ways to make your honeymoon special. Plus, with its unique cuisine and cozy accommodations you can be sure that your stay will be nothing short of magical. So why not take the plunge and experience all that Iceland has to offer?

How much does it cost to honeymoon in Iceland?

Honeymooning in Iceland can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. Depending on your budget and preferences, you could spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Accommodations range from camping and hostels to luxury hotels and villas, while activities vary from free hikes to guided tours of the country’s stunning natural wonders. There are also plenty of romantic restaurants offering delicious local cuisine, plus plenty of spas for couples looking for some relaxation time together. No matter what your budget is, there’s something special waiting for you in Iceland.

What month is best to go to Iceland?

The best time to visit Iceland depends on what you’re looking for. For those who want to experience the midnight sun, June and July are ideal months as the days are long and bright. If you’re looking for a more temperate climate with mild temperatures, May or September would be your best bet. For winter activities such as skiing and snowmobiling, December through March is when Iceland really comes alive. No matter which month you choose, there’s something special about experiencing this unique country in all its seasons.

Is Iceland good for couples?

From its stunning landscapes to its vibrant culture and friendly locals, there’s something special about this country that makes it perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Iceland has something to offer every couple. Enjoy breathtaking views of glaciers and volcanoes from the comfort of your own car or take part in exciting activities like whale watching and snowmobiling. With plenty of cozy restaurants, bars, and cafes to explore together, you’ll find no shortage of ways to make lasting memories with your significant other in Iceland.


If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, Iceland should be at the top of your list. With its breathtaking scenery, diverse activities, delicious food and drink options, convenient transportation options and unique shopping experiences, it’s no wonder why so many couples choose to spend their special time in this incredible country. From cozy accommodations to romantic getaways in nature – there is something for everyone on an Icelandic honeymoon. So start planning your dream iceland honeymoon today.

Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Look no further than Iceland! With its stunning landscapes, unique culture and wealth of activities to explore, it’s sure to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visit Iceland.org today for all the information you need about planning your trip: from tips on where to stay and what to do, plus insider knowledge that will help make your journey even more special. Let us be part of making your dream honeymoon come true – visit Iceland now!

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