Best ATV Tours in Iceland

The Best ATV Tours in Iceland

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ATV tours are a great way to get up close to Iceland’s natural wonders at blistering speeds. On an ATV bike, you ride through rough and wet terrain and get as dirty as you want. The best ATV tours in Iceland let you get close to nature while keeping you safe.

The average price range of an ATV trip tour in Iceland is between $100 and $400. These tours will last an average of two hours. Each year, between 20 and 50 ATV tours open across Iceland in different regions. Most tours will provide an expert guide you will meet at an ATV base camp. You will be outfitted with safety gear and given instructions on how to stay safe during the tour. Many tours have a set destination in mind when setting out but are more relaxed and just exist for people to wander around. The rough terrain of some ATV tours can be dangerous for someone who is an inexperienced driver. 

All ATV tours in Iceland require a driver to be 17 years old and an international driver’s license. Many ATV trip tours in Iceland will start from base camps near Reykjavík or the southern part of Iceland. However, there are ATV trip tour start stations in every region in Iceland.

If you are interested in ATV tours, keep reading to find out why some of them are the best ATV tours in Iceland!

1. ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour (Mýrdalsjökull, Year-Round)

The ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour is an exciting ATV adventure where you can explore the beautiful nature of Iceland and a historic plane wreck. People who took this tour liked how knowledgeable the guides were and the combination of unique sights that makes this tour perfect for adventurous types.

This tour costs $160 per person and lasts for two hours. Children aged 8-17 cost slightly less at $117 per person. The tour has a minimum age requirement of eight years old, so some families might be unable to include all their members on the tour. This tour is not recommended for couples who want private time alone because it has a maximum of eight members per session. There are only two departure times available: 12:30 and 15:00, so make sure you account for this when planning your trip to Iceland. 

This ATV tour is open all year round, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on it. The tour includes an experienced and qualified ATV tour guide, ATV riding gear, bike, helmets, balaclava, and insulated overalls. The tour guide is only available in English. This tour is considered easy to finish and not very dangerous. It might cover some rough terrain, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, so care should be taken to follow safety instructions.

Your tour begins once you meet at the base camp near Mýrdalsjökull glacier at Arcanum Adventure Tours. You should arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of your departure time, so you and your group have time to equip your riding gear and listen to the safety briefing. Once all preparations have been completed, you and your guide will start your journey through this glacial area of southern Iceland. You will trek across many landscapes and encounter many sights in the distance, including the following:

  • Dyrhólaey peninsula: The southernmost tip of Iceland. It originated as a volcanic island before it drifted to become part of the Icelandic mainland. Its name means door hill island, and in ancient times sailors used it as a gateway to Iceland’s mainland.
  • Mýrdalsjökull glacier: An ice cap that covers an active volcano. This volcano is called Katia, and erupts every 40-80 years. The last eruption occurred in 1918, and scientists have been monitoring it closely as it exceeded its normal eruption cycle.
  • Black Sand Beaches: These beautiful beaches result from Iceland’s volcanic activity. They are beautiful to look at and are formed when boiling hot lava mixes with the sediment and icy water of Iceland’s shores.
  • DC3 Plane Wreck: The highlight of the tour, this exposed plane wreck offers some beautiful photo opportunities. This plane originally crashed in 1973 for unknown reasons and has since become a local attraction and tourism site.

After traveling out of the plane wreck, your group will make their way back to base camp. You should bring warm clothes and sweaters regardless of the time of year. You will also want to bring your driver’s license if you intend to drive one of the ATVs. The minimum age to drive an ATV is 17 years old in Iceland. Airport transfer is not included in the tour package. This tour will still run in the event of rain or snow, but thunderstorms and hurricanes will cause the trip to be canceled. In the event the tour is canceled, you will be entitled to reimbursement or rescheduling. This tour requires that you pass a COVID-19 test upon entry to Iceland.


The Best ATV Tours in Iceland


2. ATV Tour in the Mountains (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The ATV Tour in the Mountains is an all-year open tour that takes adventures on a private mountain ATV tour with many wonderful attractions and photo opportunities. Guests who have taken this tour complimented it for its privacy and how off the beaten path it goes.

This tour costs $145 per person and lasts for three hours. Children aged six to 16 only cost $66 per person. The tour has a minimum age requirement of six and a maximum capacity of four travelers. Because of these limits, this tour is excellent for couples who enjoy privacy or smaller families of four or less that can satisfy the age restrictions. It is available year-round, so it is easy to fit into a tour itinerary. The tour only has the departure time of 12:30 offered, so you will miss out on the midnight sun if you go during the summer. This tour is considered moderately difficult because of the rougher trails you will go on. Some travelers may find finishing difficult if they are not in the best physical shape. 

The tour includes an expert mountain guide in English, Icelandic, or Swedish. This guide is very knowledgeable about the area and will be able to provide commentary during the tour. Also included in the tour on rental ATV bikes, helmets, gloves, and riding overalls. You will want to bring a driver’s license if you intend to ride a bike and good hiking shoes for some parts of the tour. Also bring a camera to capture the breathtaking vistas along the way.

The tour begins at a designated pick-up point in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavík. Airport transfer to this point is offered as part of the package via a shuttle from Reykjavík airport. After you are picked up, you will take a short trip to the base camp outside Reykjavík. Here you will meet your tour guides and be given a rundown of how to use your safety equipment and drive your ATV. After the short introduction, your group will explore the surrounding Iceland wilderness. You will be able to experience several unique locations, including the following:

  • Hafravatn Lake: A small lake filled with water from the nearby Seljadalsá river. It is a known launching site for paragliders and its fishing opportunities in the form of arctic char. This fish is a delicacy in Iceland.
  • Hafrafell Mountain: A mountain with an unparalleled view of Reykjanes and Snӕfellsnes. Once you ascend its peaks, you also get a clear view of Reykjavík, Mount Esjan, and the blue mountains.
  • Úlfarsfell Mountain: A beautiful mountain surrounded by a sprawling landscape of forests and lakes. Its peak offers one of the most private and clear views of western Iceland.
  • Mosfellsbær: A town of 12,000 people that is located above sea level. It is a historic town that is famous for its writers and poets. Egil Skallagrimsson is a renowned Viking warrior poet buried here along with a stash of his conquered treasure.

A great thing about this tour is that it is one of the few places in western Iceland with no significant attractions or crowds. You will be able to enjoy these locations in relative privacy no matter what time of year you are visiting. After your tour, you will return to base camp and conclude your thrilling adventure. This tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test upon landing in Iceland. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will have to reschedule your tour or be reimbursed if that isn’t possible.

3. Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour (South Iceland, Year-Round)

The Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour is an exciting ride on an ATV bike through Iceland’s south coast. It is a tour popular among its guests for its wet and wild trails, zippy buggy ATVs, and safety features.

This tour costs $196 per person and lasts two hours. The tour has a maximum capacity of 15 people to be included in a group at this price. If you prefer a private group, you can pay $436 per person with a tour group minimum of three people. The minimum age to go on the tour is five years old. Extra booking options combined with a low minimum age make this a great trip for families who enjoy traveling in a group or who want a private countryside tour. This tour is available during all months of the year, so you can enjoy the highs of the summer sun and the dark hunt for the northern lights without missing out. Travelers who book this tour will find that it includes an insulated overall, helmet, balaclava mask, expert area guide, and anything else you need for a safe ride.

The tour starts once you arrive at the Southcoast Adventure camp at Brú, located on Route 249. This ATV tour offers an extra fee for pickup and dropoff packages, including airport transport. For $19, you can get a Hella drop-off or pickup, and for $37, you can get a Selfoss pickup or drop-off. After you arrive at the meeting point, your expert guide will take you through all the safety procedures and instruct you on how to put on your safety gear. After the quick orientation, you will be set to start driving or riding your buggy ATV. 

These buggy ATVs are safer than the standard ATV bikes. They include a safety roll cage and a canopy that blocks out the elements and weather. On your ride, you will encounter waterfalls and undergo some intense gravel road driving. After two hours, your group will hold back to the starting point, where you are free to leave or catch a ride to a drop-off point.

You should bring warm outdoor clothing and a waterproof jacket on this tour. Large parts of the tour will have guests riding through splashing water and other wet trails that expose you to nature. You will also need to provide your own food or snack if you get hungry while on tour. Since this is an outdoor tour, you must bring adequate shoes for the terrain, like hiking boots. You will also want to bring a camera to capture the one-of-a-kind landscapes you will be experiencing.

Another consideration for this tour is that you must pass a COVID-19 test when entering Iceland. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be restricted from participating and have to reschedule the tour for another day. This tour company does cover reimbursement in the case of a cancellation due to COVID-19 or weather.

4. ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon (Reykjanes Peninsula, March-December)

The ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon is a day tour that takes you on an exciting journey through some of the more exhilarating sites of southern Iceland. Guests who have taken this tour have described it as a mixture of a relaxing and thrill-seeking tour.

This tour costs $117 per person and lasts for one hour. Children 6-12 can book for a slightly cheaper $59 per person. The minimum age to participate in this tour is six years. This tour has a maximum size of 50 people, but the average number of people on this tour will usually be much lower. Travelers on this tour will find there aren’t that many physical demands and will have an easy time completing this tour. There are two available departure times for this tour: 10:30 and 14:30. This ATVC tour for Iceland is excellent for any kind of group. Families will enjoy the flexibility of people and slow pace, while couples will like the Blue Lagoon treatment spa you get dropped off at. People who book this tour will have access to a bus transfer to the blue lagoon and ATV overalls, masks, helmets, and boots. This tour is also unique because it provides free pickup from accommodation in Reykjavík or Keflavik.

The tour begins at the meeting point in Grindavík. You will be briefed by your expert guide on all the functions of your safety equipment and how to mount your ATV. Once everyone is up to speed, then it’s full speed ahead. Along the way, you will get to experience some of Iceland’s unique sights, including the following:

  • Hagafell mountain: The goal of the tour is to reach the top of Hagafell mountain to get a good look at the surrounding landscape.
  • Lava fields: These are characteristically lumpy fields unique to the nature of Iceland. Thanks to its status as an active volcano area, you will see breathtaking green landscapes that occasionally have steam rising from them. They make for a great photo shoot.
  • Blue Lagoon: This lagoon was an artificial creation thanks to the excess water from a geothermal power plant. A process which led to a spa forming from the steam and hot water that is created from the plant. Since then, the Blue Lagoon has become a bathing spa that is one of Iceland’s most relaxing attractions.
  • Eldey Island: An island made out of sheer rock visible from Hagafell mountain. It is home to the largest Gannet colony in Iceland. Gannets are a type of seabird with colorful beaks and white plumage.

After experiencing all the sights within the distance and experiencing a thrilling rush on your ATV, the tour group will head back after the hour is up. Next, you will be taken to the Blue Lagoon spa and get a chance to soak and dispel your adrenaline. After relaxing for a bit, the tour will then return you to Reykjavík or offer complimentary airport transport back to Keflavik Airport if you are catching a flight home.

Before arriving on this tour, you will want to pack proper hiking shoes and warm clothes. You’ll also want to bring a camera to capture the scenery. The tour offers a GoPro camera for rent if you don’t mind paying a little extra. This tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test before you are allowed to go to the meeting place. If you plan to drive an ATV, you must also bring your driver’s license.


ATV Tours for Iceland


5. Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour is a great way to get an extended look at the famous Golden Circle area in the south of Iceland. Travelers who have taken this tour have complimented it for its thoroughness and unforgettable experiences that give tourists the whole story of this area of Iceland.

This tour costs $206 per person and has a duration of 10 hours. Kids need to be a minimum of six years old to participate in this tour. Kids between six and 12 years old only cost $155 per person. Whether child or adult, this tour has a maximum capacity of 35 travelers and only allows a 9:00 departure time. The 9:00 departure time makes sense since the trip lasts 10 hours; there can only be a single time slot per day. This tour is offered only in English, so for anyone who wants to hear the tour in another language, this ATV trip might not be the best fit. 

The tour is available all year, which makes booking it easier. Since it has a large trip capacity, this also aids in booking it since it will be unlikely that the spots will fill up too quickly. This ATV tour also offers free pickup from most accommodations in Reykjavík. They do not provide a transfer from the nearby international airport, so you will need to either find your way to Reykjavík or head to the meeting place of the tour yourself. The tour will provide all the equipment necessary for your ATV, including helmets, gloves, and waterproof overalls.

Your ten-hour combination tour experience begins at the ATV base camp meeting point in Reykjavík. This base camp is only 20 minutes away from the center of Reykjavík. After getting a safety briefing from a knowledgeable instructor, you will mount your ATVs and follow your experts onto the trail. On your way through Iceland’s raw natural trails, you will encounter some iconic scenes, including the following:

  • Gullfoss waterfall: Known in Iceland as the ‘Golden Falls’ because the sun’s reflection on the water gives it a golden shine during the summer days. This color change is due to the sediment deposits that the Langjökull glacier is constantly carving out of the land.
  • Geysir geothermal area: A still active hot spring with over 1,000 years of history. The earthquakes in south Iceland periodically cause the formation of several new hot springs and hot water holes in the area.
  • Þingvellir National Park: A historical national park that many consider to be the most important area in Iceland. It was the sight where Iceland established its parliament over 1,000 years ago. This area is also the place where two major tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart.

You will spend much time out in nature compared to the other tours. There will be lots of time for relaxation and photo taking, but there will also be intense moments on rugged terrains if you are an ATV driver. Be sure to bring a camera, so you don’t miss out on a single moment. Like many others in Iceland, this tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test before you are allowed to go out onto the trails.

6. 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes is a combination tour with great accommodation features. People who have taken this tour consider it an excellent combination of land and water exploration that leaves you feeling awe-inspired.

This tour costs $234 per person and lasts for eight hours. The departure time is at 9:00, and this tour supports a maximum of 35 members. This ATV tour for Iceland has an age restriction as travelers need to be at least seven years old. Any kid between seven and 16 years old will receive a discount on their ticket. A kid only costs $176 per person to participate in the trip. 

The buggy tour is available all year round and is offered only in English. People with families will enjoy this tour the most since there are plenty of exciting animals for the kids combined with the relaxation of a relaxing drive through nature with the adults. The tour includes tour guides for every step of the way, a free transfer to and from your hotel, all the necessary ATV equipment, and one set of overalls that can be used both on the boat trip and the ATV tour.

The tour begins with a shuttle bus picking you up from Reykjavík and taking you to a base camp in Úlfarsárdalur. From there, your group will be suited up in your ATV equipment and receive a brief safety orientation from the expert instructor there. You will meet your tour guide, who will take you and your group on your approximately one-hour ATV ride across the Reykjanes Peninsula. On the ATV portion, you will encounter geothermal hot springs, sandy beaches, lava fields, and steaming volcanoes.

After the ATV portion, you will be driven to Reykjavík’s Old Harbor to board your whale-watching vessel. While seeing a whale is not guaranteed, you will have a very high chance of seeing one. You will be able to encounter white-beaked dolphins, humpback whales, minke whales, and if you get lucky, the rare blue whale. Each step of the way, your guide will be keeping out for rare and majestic animals and telling you interesting facts about each one. The boat portion of the tour comes with a guarantee; if you cannot encounter a whale on your first trip, you are offered a free tour at another time until you finally get your whale encounter.

When booking this tour, bring a valid driver’s license; otherwise, you will not be allowed to drive an ATV. You will also want sturdy shoes that are good for walking or hiking, and you will need warm and waterproof clothing items to keep yourself warm from the wind and possible rain. Every passenger on this tour will have to take a COVID-19 test to be eligible for this tour. In the event that weather or COVID-19 forces the tour to be canceled, your tour will be rescheduled or reimbursed.

7. 2 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside (Reykjavík, Year-Round)

The 1 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside is a short but spectacular romp through the secluded trails surrounding Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík. Tourists visiting Iceland liked this tour for its convenience, brevity, and great shoreline view.

This tour costs $101 per person and lasts for two hours. The tour has a minimum age requirement of six years old and only charges kids aged six to 16 a price of $51 per person. Many travelers consider it a leisurely tour to finish, and if you are traveling with physical limitations, you shouldn’t find the tour too tricky. This tour breaks the mold and it is offered in several languages including English, Icelandic, and Swedish. For those early birds and evening enjoyers, the tour offers a 9:30 departure time and a 16:30 departure time. Included in the ticket price, this tour provides an ATV ride, a personal guide, helmet, gloves, balaclava, and protective overalls. 

The tour is highly recommended for families that want to stay local and enjoy the city culture but still want to experience a bit of the natural beauty of Iceland. This is one of the more populated hiking trails in Iceland, so it is not recommended for couples who are honeymooning or want privacy. The tour offers a transfer from your accommodations in Reykjavík but doesn’t offer any airport transfers. You can choose to get picked up from a bus stop or other public transport stop area.

Your tour begins at the meeting site just outside of Reykjavík. There you will meet your upbeat and friendly ATV guide, who knows the area’s terrain and can answer any questions about the sights you will be seeing. After a short safety demonstration, your group will get suited up in ATV equipment, hop on your bikes, and set out onto the trails. 

The goal of your journey is to reach Hafrafell mountain and look out over the horizon at the magnificent view. On the way, you will encounter a nearby lake and get a sense of the Icelandic countryside. As your trip time wraps up, you will head back to a local farmstead to enjoy complimentary coffee and an encounter with local farm animals. Your journey will officially end with a ride back to Reykjavik, where you will be free to go.

Before going on this tour, bring warm clothes appropriate for the weather and a camera to take pictures of the unique and scenic landscape. You will also need to bring solid hiking boots to walk over any rough terrain and a driver’s license to drive any of the ATVs. This driver’s license must be in Latin characters, so your tour guide can check it. Also, this tour follows a strict COVID-19 protocol. All guests must pass a COVID-19 test when entering Iceland, or the tour must be rescheduled. The tour will not get canceled for minor weather events, but pay attention to the forecast, as extreme weather events will cause the tour to be canceled due to safety concerns.

8. Midnight Sun ATV Tour (Reykjavík, June-July)

The Midnight Sun ATV Tour is an adventurous ride through some of Iceland’s most incredible landscapes, all beneath the glow of the midnight sun. Many travelers during the summer recommend the tour as a perfect way to end an exciting Iceland trip. It is often the highlight of the trip that many people recommend saving for last!

This tour costs $146 per person and lasts for three hours. Like many ATV tours, this tour has a minimum age of six. If a kid between the ages of six and 16 is brought on the tour, their ticket price is reduced to $66 per person. The maximum travel capacity of this tour is three travelers, making it perfect for small families or for couples who want to keep things quiet and private. This tour is offered in English and Swedish and is considered an easy tour to make through. If you are someone with a weak physical constitution, you should have no problem making it through this tour. 

The tour is only offered for limited dates during June and July because they try to catch the best hours of the Iceland midnight sun. It has a departure time of 21:00 and offers free pickup to many accommodations and public transportation stops in the city of Reykjavík. No airport transfer is offered, so you will first need to take a shuttle to Reykjavík if you want to make this the first thing you do after arriving in Iceland. Also included in this tour is a free snack to eat while you enjoy the mountain view.

The tour begins after you wait until 21:00 in the evening and get picked up and whisked to an area where your ATVs are waiting. Your ATV guides will start gearing you up and explaining the different safety procedures and tips for maneuvering your ATV. After everyone is comfortable and suited up, you waste no time and hit the trail. The tour consists of a winding trail around Mount Hafrafell. 

You will be enthralled by a scene of lava fields, forests, mountains, volcanoes, and icy peaks. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will also see the city of Reykjavík glowing under the orange midnight sun. The tour will pause at the top of the mountain for enough time for guests to snap pictures and soak-in the sounds of nature. This is also an excellent opportunity to swap sweats with your partner if you want to take a turn driving. When the time draws to a close, you will make your way back to the campsite and get driven back to your accommodation.

Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring a camera. The tour doesn’t offer any rental cameras, so you must bring your own. Also, ensure you have passed a COVID-19 test when arriving in Iceland; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for the tour. A driver’s license will also be required if you intend on driving an ATV. The minimum age to drive an ATV in Iceland is 17 years old.

9. Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland Hella, Year-Round)

The Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland is an extended ATV tour that lets travelers explore one of the more remote regions of Iceland. People who go on the tour appreciate how it will go off the beaten path to give the guests a unique experience.

This ATV tour for Iceland costs $474 per person and lasts for 3.5 hours. Children aged seven to 16 only cost $292 per person. It has a minimum age requirement of seven years old and is generally considered easy for most travelers to finish. The tour starts at the Buggy X-Treme campsite in Hella. You will meet your guided tour instructor and receive a safety briefing before heading off to the rugged terrain of the Iceland highlands. This tour has a max capacity of 8 people, making it great for families who want a more private tour. The tour is available during all months of the year.

To go on this tour, you must provide a driver’s license to prove you can drive an ATV. You and your group will also have to pass a COVID-19 screening to be allowed to participate in the tour. There are no airport transfer or pick-up options, so you will need to figure out a way to the meeting spot yourself.

10. 2 Hour ATV Buggy Ride across a Black Sand Beach (Hella, Year-Round)

The 2 Hour ATV Buggy Ride across a Black Sand Beach tour is an adrenaline-pumping adventure across Iceland’s south coast. People who go on this tour reported seeing beautiful landscapes and enjoying the smaller group size of five people.

This tour costs $292 per person and lasts for two hours. The price is the same for both kids and adults, but any kids under seven years old are restricted from participating. This tour begins at the Buggy X-Treme base camp in the city of Hella. It is an excellent tour for families because the maximum capacity is only five people. This leads to a more intimate and private ATV tour setting. 

The tour is available during all months of the year but is more popular in the summer, where you can explore the black sun beaches with the summer sun beating down on you. This ATV tour offers several customizable departure times, including 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 20:00.  You will not find this tour too difficult or dangerous. The beaches you will be riding on are not too rough of terrain, and you will be instructed about and given proper safety equipment.

Something you should consider for this tour is that there are no airport transfer or pick-up options. People wanting to participate in this tour must arrange their own transportation. Another important consideration is that every traveler is required to pass a COVID-19 PCR test upon landing in Iceland. Failure to do so will disqualify you from the tour. Also, if you plan to drive an ATV, you must be at least 17 years old and provide proof of your driver’s license.

What to know for Best ATV Trip Tours in Iceland

When you are looking into ATV trip tours in Iceland, there are a few important considerations you should research. Some of these essential points are listed below:

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Since ATV trip tours often only last a few hours, not all offer airport transfer options. If you are signed up for an ATV tour, you should check with the tour company and see what pick-up services they offer. Some tours provide free pickup from the airport or any accommodation, while others charge a fee for that service.

Accommodation Cost: ATV tours will most likely not cover any accommodation costs during your stay in Iceland. If you are visiting Iceland, it is recommended that you pick a package that covers accommodation because Iceland hotels regularly run out of space, especially during the busy season.

Personal Travel Agent: When taking an Iceland trip, it is highly recommended that you consider employing a personal travel agent. A personal travel agent will know all the ins and outs of planning a great trip and eliminating the stress of making everything work. Also, if something comes up during your stay, a personal travel agent will have the connections to get it fixed.

Price Range: The price range of an average ATV tour will be $100-$400. Most of the tours on this list will fall into this range.

Price Factors: A few factors can change the price of an ATV tour. The biggest one is how long it lasts. Some tours only last a few hours, while others last the whole day. The longer a tour is, the more it is going to cost. Also, summer tours tend to outprice tours from other seasons because there is more demand. The type of vehicle in an ATV tour can also affect the price. A higher-end buggy with extra safety features costs more to rent than a standard ATV.

Popularity: ATV tours are popular among visitors to Iceland. One reason is that you get to speed along trails that would take you hours to walk across to see a special sight deep into Iceland’s wilderness. Another reason why these tours are popular is that you can drive the tour vehicle itself. You get a feeling of control on an ATV tour that you won’t find on a boat tour or airplane tour.

COVID-19 Precautions: Many ATV tours will follow proper COVID-19 precautions to reduce the change of their guests and staff to exposure. Most tours will require guests to pass a COVID-19 screening upon landing in Iceland to be allowed to participate in a tour. They will also need their staff to maintain a safe social distance, wear masks, and regularly use hand sanitizer.

Which regions of Iceland are better for ATV Trip Tours?

When booking ATV tours, it can be hard to know where to start. Some regions of Iceland are better than others for ATV trip tours. Some of the better regions include the following:

  • South Region: This region contains some very attractive landmarks like glacier lagoons and volcanoes that benefit from an ATV tour. You will find that most ATV tours will take place in this region. 
  • West Region: The western region is excellent for ATV trip tours because it has the capital of Iceland in it. Since it is more densely populated, you will find more activities of all kinds to participate in, including ATV trip tours.


ATV Tours for Iceland


What are the Most Famous ATV Trip Tours of Iceland?

All ATV trip tours of Iceland are popular, but some are more famous than others. The most famous ATV trip tours of Iceland include the following:

  • ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour: This tour is popular because it has an end goal that people enjoy traveling to. People view it as a rite of passage for tourists in the area.
  • ATV Tour in the Mountains: This tour is famous because of its proximity to Reykjavík and how private it is. You get a private stroll up to the mountains, and they even feed you afterward. Many people sign up for this tour because of how close it is to where they are staying during the beginning or end of their Iceland trip.

What are the Best ATV Tours for Families?

Families may have difficulty finding a good tour if they have young kids. The best ATV tours for families are listed below:

  • Buggy Adventure through the Countryside Tour: This tour boasts extra safety features that make traveling safer and easier for families.
  • ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon: A tour that is a popular choice with families because the adults get to rest at the blue lagoon spa afterward while their children play in the water.
  • 2-Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside: This tour makes for a great family tour because the cost per person is so low. Kids get an even better significant discount, which makes it more affordable for larger families.
  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour: A great tour for families because of how private it is. Tours like these are better for families because it better allows them to enjoy each other’s company.

What are the Best ATV Trip Tours for Couples?

A good couples tour is one that offers a romantic adventure and is relatively private. The best ATV trip tours for couples include the following:

  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour: This is an excellent tour for couples because of the low capacity and amount of privacy. The midnight sun is also a great romantic backdrop for an ATV adventure.
  • ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon: A great tour for couples with a built-in romantic spa experience for adults.

What are the longest Iceland ATV Tours?

The longest Iceland ATV tours include the following:

  • 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes: This tour is longer because it combines both land and sea tours. You get to drive around in an ATV and then go on a boat trip right afterward.
  • Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour: This tour lasts longer because it provides a more in-depth look at the Golden Circle area.

What are the Most luxury Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The Guided 3.5 Hour ATV Buggy Tour in the Highlands of South Iceland is the most luxurious tour on this list for ATV trip tours. It is more luxurious than other tours because you get vehicles, better vehicles and better guides than some of the other tours. Also, the tour lasts longer than your average ATV trip tour, so it costs extra to compensate.

What is the Price Range for Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The price range for an Iceland ATV trip tour is between $100 and $400. Many factors influence this price. The amount of time spent on an ATV will increase the cost as the time increases. Also, the increased demand will cost ATV tours more than other ATV trips in the summer. The most expensive month is July and the least expensive month is February. Another factor influencing the price is the type of vehicle the tour uses. The more expensive and fancy the vehicle is, the higher the cost to rent it will be.

What is the Cheapest ATV Trip Tour in Iceland?

The two cheapest ATV trip tours in Iceland are the ATV Tour of Reykjanes Peninsula & the Blue Lagoon and 2 Hour ATV Tour of the Icelandic Countryside. These tours are cheaper than other tours because they have less ATV time than other tours.

What are the Rules for Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

You must follow several important rules when going on an ATV trip tour. These rules include the following:

  • Wear Safety Equipment: Nearly every ATV trip tour will provide you with safety equipment, including a helmet, overalls, and gloves. This equipment is essential to keep you safe from the weather and to protect your body.
  • Follow Instructions: While it may be tempting to go out on your own because you have your own speedy vehicle to control, this isn’t a wise plan. While on an ATV trip tour, you must always follow the instructions from your guide. They are experienced in this area and know all the pitfalls and hazards the group needs to avoid.

Is taking photographs allowed for ATV Tours?

Yes, ATV tours welcome guests who want to take photographs. Some ATV tours even rent out cameras like GoPros for ATV riders who want extra footage.

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for ATV Tours?

Yes, some ATV tours offer photography tour packages. These packages usually involve renting a GoPro camera to capture video and images during your ride.

Is it allowed to use a Snowmobile for Iceland ATV Tours?

No, snowmobiles are not allowed to be used on Iceland ATV tours. The terrain that ATV bikes ride on is too rough for snowmobiles to use.

Are Iceland ATV Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, Iceland ATV trip tours are generally pretty safe from COVID-19. All guests must pass a COVID-19 screening before joining the tour, and the staff of tours follows proper COVID-19 protocols.

Are ATV Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

Yes, you can take an ATV trip alone in Iceland. However, most trips will at least offer a guide as part of the tour package.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on Iceland ATV trip tours. Many ATV trip tours will not provide food, so you must bring your own.

What are the Best Sessions for Iceland ATV Trip Tours by Month?

When booking an ATV trip tour, you want to pay attention to what times are better sessions. Some of the best months for sessions of ATV trips are listed below:

  • July-September: Many tours will have special tours during this time to take advantage of Iceland’s midnight sun.
  • May-June: this group of months makes a great session for ATV trip tours because it is just before the busy tourism session is in full swing. If you get there earlier, your tour will be more private.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland ATV Trip Tours?

The average duration of an Iceland ATV trip tour is around two hours. Trips that last longer will often have a better cost per day ratio because each hour costs less as the duration of the trip increases.

Where do the Iceland ATV Trip Tours start?

Iceland ATV trip tours often share starting locations. Some of the most common starting points include the following:

  • Reykjavík: This is the most common starting point for ATV trip tours because it is Iceland’s most populated area.
  • South Iceland: Another popular starting point is South Iceland. Many ATV trip tours have home bases here because of the wealth of natural attractions there are to explore.

Are Iceland ATV Trip Tours hard to Finish?

No, Iceland ATV trip tours are generally not too difficult to finish. All you need to do is follow your tour guide. There also is a very low amount of strenuous hiking involved in most tours.

What to know about ATVs in Iceland?

You will want to know a few things about ATVs in Iceland. Iceland requires that every ATV driver is at least 17 years old. Also, you will need to bring an international license to drive an ATV in Iceland.

How many ATV Tours does Iceland have?

Iceland has tens of ATV tours, if not hundreds of ATV tours. The approximate number of tours sorted by region is listed below:

North Region: 10-20 tours

South Region: 20-30 tours

West Region: 20-50 tours

East Region: 10-20 tours

What are the names of Iceland ATV Tours?

The names of some Iceland ATV tours are listed below:

  • Midnight Sun ATV Tour
  • Combination 10-Hour Golden Circle & ATV Sightseeing Tour
  • ATV Ride on South Coast to the DC Plane Wreck Tour
  • 8-Hour ATV and Boat Trip Tour of Reykjanes

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

ATV tours are linked to many other activities in Iceland. Some of the other activities for Iceland tours are listed below:

  • Photography: Many ATV tours offer you a chance to plan photo shoots and other related activities
  • Bird Watching: Some ATV tours will take you by bird habitats, making it a good bird watching activity.
  • Northern Lights Hunting: A few ATV tours can assist you in finding an excellent spot to find the Northern Lights.
  • Hiking: ATV trails and hiking trails are often located near each other, and some parts of ATV trip tours involve some level of hiking.
  • Hot Springs: Many ATV trip tours in the south of Iceland will take you past hot springs where you can stop and relax.
  • Cultural Learning: Most ATV tours will have an experienced guide who can teach you about the culture and history of the area you are riding through.
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