Gjáin Waterfall in Iceland

Gjáin Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

Gjáin is the name of a geographic location that includes a scenic valley with an extensive collection of small waterfalls. The valley is full of scenic views, ponds, and lava rocks. It is hidden at the edge of Þjórsárdalur valley close to the Highlands but still technically in southern Iceland. The name of the Gjáin Waterfall in Iceland translates to pearl, setting it apart as one of the pearls of Iceland. 

The waterfall within Gjáin valley is called Gjarfoss. It is a series of cascades that fall into the gorge at the bottom of the valley, framed by green verges and pools of water and lava rock. The Red River runs through the valley, feeding the waterfalls and the system of pools.

What are the Tourist Activities for Gjáin Waterfall?

Gjáin is a destination in itself. There are plenty of hikes and small climbs to do throughout the valley. You can also swim in some rocky pools, although they aren’t always very comfortable on your feet. 

The area has a sort of delicate beauty, which calls for the utmost respect for visiting tourists. There are also said to be spirits at the waterfall and ponds, protecting the natural area from human devastation.

What are the Hotels for Gjáin Waterfall?

The hotels in Iceland for the Gjáin Waterfall in Iceland are Cottage in Hella, Hótel Leirubakki, and Guesthouse Leirubakki. 

What are the Facts about Gjáin Waterfall?

Gjáin is a popular area in itself. Unfortunately, it takes a while to reach it from the Ring Road. However, it is well worth it to have time to walk around the Garden of Eden-esque location.

What Movies and TV Shows were Shot in Gjáin Waterfall?

Gjáin has recently grown much more popular because of the Game of Thrones filming in the area. Because of the beauty of this area, there wasn’t any need to touch it up with better color tones or add anything to the filming.

The producers used the area to film the Water Dance, one of many people’s favorite episodes and containing beloved scenes from the show. Since then, there has been a marked increase in visitors.

How to Get Gjáin Waterfall

Gjáin is approximately two hours away from Reykjavik by car. You will leave Reykjavik starting on Route 1, breaking off from it once you reach Road Nr. 30, then turning to the right onto Road Nr. 32 until you reach the rough area. After that, you will only have to turn once more, this time to the left onto 327, before you reach the valley.

Once you are there, you can take a relatively easy hike from an old Viking Settlement starting at the Stong manor. You will quickly see the valley open below you like a fairyland. In it are waterfalls, basalt columns, and lush green vegetation.

Is there a National Park for Gjáin Waterfall?

Gjáin is far from a national park in Iceland. It is in a bit of an awkward location for those that want to see the most well-known sites in the country. However, if you are doing a Game of Thrones tour or want to get off the beaten path, this is your place.

Which Valleys are Connected to the Gjáin Waterfall?

Gjáin is a valley itself, with the Gjarfoss waterfall running through it.

Which Rivers are connected to the Gjáin Waterfall?

The Rauda River, or Red River, is the body of water that flows through the valley and feeds the waterfalls that bring Gjáin to its stunning beauty.

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