Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland

Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland: Location, Nature, Environment, History

Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland is located in the northern parts of the country with geographic coordinates 66.0745° N, 17.8756° W. The 33-kilometers long valley has a north to south direction and lies on the Flateyjarskagi peninsula by the Skjálfandi bay, across the beautiful Flatey Island. Like many valleys in Iceland, the Flateyjardalur Valley is inhabited but only during the summer months when visitors stay in one of the three houses in the area. 

What is the size of the Flateyjardalur Valley of Iceland?

The Flateyjardalur Valley is about 33 kilometers long. However, in addition to being long, the valley is also unique in its position as it features an almost perfect north to south direction. It is only bent at the end, near the sea. 

Which Bays are Connected to the Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland?

The deserted Flateyjardalur Valley is connected to the Skjálfandi bay, which in geological terms can also be classified as a fjord. The name of the bay translates to “trembling,” which probably refers to the frequent earthquakes in the area. 

Which Cities are Closest to the Flateyjardalur Valley of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to the Flateyjardalur Valley are Akureyri, Fossholl, and Húsavík. These localities are easily accessible and offer cozy accommodations for visitors heading to the Flateyjardalur Valley. 

What is the History of the Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland?

One of the hallmarks of the Flateyjardalur Valley is its almost perfect north to south direction of spreading. The valley got its name from the beautiful Flatey Iceland that lies just across the valley. Interestingly, over the years, Flateyjardalur was uninhabited. However, today, the Flateyjardalur Valley is a popular spot with three concrete houses that accommodate guests during the summer months. 

What to do in Flateyjardalur Valley in Iceland?

Iceland Activities in the Flateyjardalur Valley include hiking, watching animals in the nearby bay, and sightseeing. These activities are popular and attract many tourists. However, due to weather conditions, the valley is accessible exclusively in summer and via 4WD.  

Is there a Waterfall in Flateyjardalur Valley?

There are not any Waterfalls in Iceland in the Flateyjardalur Valley. The nearest waterfall is a Æðarfossar on the river Laxá. Classified as a small waterfall, Æðarfossar is only 9 kilometers away from Húsavík. 

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