Krossá River in Iceland

Krossá River in Iceland: Length, Width, Fishes, Location and Environment

Krossá is one of the smaller yet most unpredictable of the Rivers in Iceland. Located in the south of the country, the coordinates for the Krossá River in Iceland are 63.6833° N, 19.0742° W. Krossá is 12.4 kilometers and features 44 marked pools. Based on the amount of rain, Krossá changes its size, and fording the river is not always a possibility.

To cross the Krossá River in Iceland, visitors need 4×4 vehicles, good weather, and finding more accessible fording passages. 

What to do in Krossá River of Iceland?

One of the most popular things to do in Iceland in Krossá River is fish for salmon. The small and rapid river is well-known for its salmon population and attracts many professional and amateur fishermen. 

Is it dangerous to swim in Krossá River?

Yes, the Krossá River is unpredictable for swimming. Besides its small size, the river is very violent and can shift in size in a matter of hours depending on the rainfall. 

Is it possible to use a boat in Krossá River?

No, it is not possible to use a boat in the Krossá River in Iceland. However, Krossá River can be crossed with high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles with special off-road tires. 

Which fish can be hunted in Krossá River of Iceland?

The most prominent fish that can be hunted in the Krossá River of Iceland is salmon. The average catch per 5 years is 245 salmon and the quota is limited to 4 salmon per day per rod. The hunting season on Krossá River in Iceland starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 25th of May. 

How is the Environment of Krossá River?

Krossá River in Iceland is situated in the Villingardal Valley and features a truly remarkable surrounding. The most prominent plant in the environment of Krossá River is small berry bushes and shrubs. The Krossá river has 40 shallow and deep pools that are clearly marked. The Breidafjord Fjord is easily visible from the Krossá River. 

What are the Hotels and Roads for Krossá River?

The popular Hotels in Iceland for the Krossá River are Húsadalur, Skagfjörðsskáli (Þórsmörk Hut), and Básar. These hotels are not open year-round and usually work from mid-spring to mid-autumn. 

Is there a Fishing Lodge around Krossá River?

Yes, there is a fishing lodge around the Krossá River in Iceland. The fishing lodge is fairly small and new with the capacity to accommodate five adults. The lodge offers pillows and duvets but the guests need to bring their own sheets. 

Is there a Bridge for Krossá River in Iceland?

No, there is no bridge for the Krossá River in Iceland. Classified as a nasty and often unpredictable river, Krossá can be forded with a 4×4 vehicle but only on a good day and when the water levels are not too high.

Is There any Place to Park Car near Krossá River?

Yes, you can park at the Volcano Huts near Húsadalur Valley in the popular Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. This parking spot is around 30 kilometers up a mountain road named F249.

What are the closest cities to the Krossá River of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to the Krossá River in Iceland are Grafarkirkja, Skeiðflötur, and Evindarhólar. The Krossá River is not close to the capital Reykjavik. The distance between Krossá and the capital is 218 kilometers. 

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