Dalvík City in Iceland

Dalvík City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

Dalvík is a small village of 1,400 people in northern Iceland. Its name means “valley bay” and accurately describes its location. Dalvík City in Iceland is only about a century old. Before officially becoming a village, it was a collection of farmsteads and a few fish farmers.

Dalvík has a substantial agricultural and fishing culture. It has other interests, such as alpine skiing, culture festivals, and whale watching.

What to do in Dalvík?

Even though Dalvík, Iceland, is a small town compared to some cities, it has many exciting things to do. Some activities to do in Dalvík include:

  • Whale Watching: Many tours take visitors from the bay into the arctic circle to discover adventurous sea wildlife.
  • Skiing: Dalvík has world-famous slopes that are perfect for skiing. Several Dalvik residents have gone on to represent Iceland in the Olympics.
  • Beer Spa: Bjorbodin Spa is a beer spa and restaurant where guests bathe in a beer bath after a hearty meal in the restaurant area.

Are there Camping Places in Dalvík?

Yes, there are several camping places in Dalvíkfor visitors and residents to camp out and experience the natural terrain of Iceland. Some of these camping spots include:

  • Dalvík Camping: A huge campground on the northern side of Dalvík with showers and a kitchen and dining area.
  • Húsabakki Guesthouse: A hotel next to a campsite provides outdoor explorers with hot showers.

What are the Best Hotels in Dalvík?

Dalvík boasts a huge tourism industry and some of the best hotels in northern Iceland. The best hotels in Dalvík include:

  • Hótel Dalvík: A 2-star hotel that is in the heart of Dalvík. It is located near a gym, a campground, and several great restaurants.
  • Dalvík Vegamót Cottages: a 3-star hotel that gives each set of guests their cozy cottage, complete with a swimming pool.

What are the Tours for Dalvík?

Dalvík is located close to many exciting sights and attractions. Because of this, there are many tours for visitors in the area. Some tours for Dalvík include:

  • Shared Arctic Whale Watching: A 4-hour tour on the water where visitors are invited to soak in the picturesque landscape and meet novel sea wildlife.
  • The Peaks Of Siglufjörður: A skiing tour of local mountains in Dalvík and Siglufjördur.

What is the total area of Dalvík?

Dalvík has a total area of 1.5 square km or 0.9 square miles.

How is the weather in Dalvík Town?

The town of Dalvík has a tundra climate, and the weather in Dalvík Town is cold all year round. It also has high precipitation that falls annually as rain and snow. You will only see sunny days a few days out of every month.

What is the Postal Code of Dalvík?

Dalvík uses the postal code 620.

Who are the Notable People from Dalvík?

Several notable people are originally from Dalvík. Some Notable People from Dalvík include:

  • Björgvin Björgvinsson: An olympic alpine skier that was selected as Icleand’s flag bearer.
  • Daníel Hilmarsson: An alpine skier that made it to the Olympics and competed in three different events in 1988.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to Dalvík?

Dalvík is surrounded by a few close towns that are accessible by road. Some other close towns from Iceland to Dalvík include:

  • Árskógssandur: This small port town is 12 km or 7 miles east of Dalvik on route 82.
  • Hauganes: a village near a harbor 14 km or 8 miles east of Dalvik. You will take route 82 past Árskógssandur and then take route 809.

Are there any close Glaciers to Dalvík?

Yes, the Gljúfurárjökull glacier is located south of Dalvík.

Are there any close Mountains to Dalvík?

Yes, there are a few close mountains to Dalvík, including:

  • Dýjafjallshnjúkur Mountain
  • Rimar Mountain
  • Gloppuhnjúkur Mountain

Are there any close Volcanoes to Dalvík?

No, there aren’t any close volcanoes to Dalvík. The majority of Iceland’s volcanoes are in the western, central, or southern parts of Iceland.

What are the Unique Sides of Dalvík in Iceland?

The Dalvík area is rich in local culture and flavor. These cultures give rise to some unique sides to explore in Dalvík. Some of these unique sides are listed below.

  • Skiing: Dalvík is located in a valley surrounded by many high peaks and mountains. Combine this with their cold temperatures, and you get a skiing culture unlike any other in Iceland.
  • Farmsteads: Unlike many fishing villages, Dalvík was formed from a group of farmsteads and agricultural farmers. This creates a unique harmony between land, sea, and mountains, giving Dalvík its unique culture and flavors.

What are the Festivals of Dalvík?

Dalvík has a four-day festival every August called Fiskidagurinn Mikli or the “Great Fish Festival.” Being one of the best festivals in Dalvík, this festival features a giant seafood buffet that is free to everyone in attendance. 

Are Northern Lights Visible in Dalvík?

Yes, the northern lights are visible in Dalvík. Since Dalvík is near the north edge of Iceland at the shore, they can be seen exceptionally well.

Does Dalvík have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Dalvík is famous for its sports tourism culture, especially alpine skiing. Dalvík has produced several Olympic athletes, and the residents promote a positive culture around Icelandic sports.

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