Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall in Iceland

Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

The Faxi waterfall is also called Vatnsleysufoss and Fossin Faxi in Icelandic. It is described as a smaller version of the well-known Gullfoss waterfall. The waterfall is ‌at GPS coordinates 64.22547 and -20.33725. The waterfall flows with the river Tungufljot, mostly fed by the Langjokull glacier far upstream. 

Faxi is a broad, short waterfall. It isn’t as tall as Gulfoss, which gives it more of a natural serenity that tourists often enjoy.

What are the Tourist Activities for Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

Faxi falls are quite close to several other very popular tourist attractions located just off the Golden Circle. These include the Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir. The falls are only about 7 miles (12 km) away from these two attractions, making for a good day out along the Golden Circle.

The typical tourist activities around this waterfall include hiking to the falls themselves. It is only a couple of kilometers from the nearby parking lot and on mostly flat terrain. Keep an eye out for Icelandic horses in the area. Although the river isn’t very fast, kayaking and rafting are still banned on it.

The other popular activity around this waterfall is fishing. The river surges with salmon during certain times of the year, and the falls are equipped with a fishing ladder on the side. There is also a restaurant close to the river for guests to enjoy the view with a side of delicious food.

What are the Hotels for Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

If you want a place to stay very close to Faxi, you can stay in Eyjasol Cottages or the Heidi Guesthouse. Just down the road, you have quite a collection of other options, including the Blue Hotel Fagrilunur, Litli Geysir Hotel, and Minniborgir Cottages.

What are the Facts about Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

Faxi Waterfall is one of the tourist attractions along the Ring Road that has year-round access. You can reach it from Reykjavik in an hour and a half. You will need to take Road Nr. 1 until you reach the edge of Mosfellsbaer, where you will turn North onto Road Nr. 361. From there, you will largely be able to follow signage for Faxi waterfall. 

Is there a National Park for Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

Faxi Waterfall is close to Thingvellir National Park but is not a part of it. Instead, you can visit Thingvellir before stopping to see Gullfoss, Geysir, and Faxi Waterfall.

Which Glacial is Connected to the Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

Faxi Waterfall features the river Tungufljot. It isn’t a very large or fast river, but it is one of those fed by the Langjokull glacier that lies in the Highlands of Iceland. This glacier affects the waterfall but isn’t geographically close by.

Which Lakes are connected to the Faxi (Vatnsleysufoss) Waterfall?

There are no close-by lakes that influence or are easily accessed from Faxi Waterfall.

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