Norðurá River in Iceland

Norðurá River in Iceland: Lenght, Width, Fishes, Location and Environment

Norðurá River (The Most Beautiful of Rivers) is located in the west of the country, or more specifically in the Borgarfjörður region. The geographic coordinates of Norðurá River are 64.6806° N, 21.6369° W. The Norðurá River flows from the Holtavörðuvatn Lake and, with its 65 kilometers length, is one of the prominent tributaries of Hvítá river. Norðurá is among the top 10 salmon rivers in Iceland

What to do in Norðurá River of Iceland?

The most important and famous of the things to do in iceland on Norðurá River is Atlantic salmon fly fishing. Listed among the top salmon hunting rivers in the country, Norðurá is a popular destination for professional and amateur fishermen. Visiting the Glanni waterfall (in which, according to Icelandic myths, elves live) is another thing to do. 

Is it dangerous to swim in Norðurá River?

No, it is not dangerous to swim in the Norðurá River in Iceland. The Norðurá River is a popular destination for fly fishing, but swimming is an option for tourists that do not mind the cold climate

Is it possible to use a boat in Norðurá River?

Yes, it is possible to use a boat in the Norðurá River. Anglers are the primary type of boats found in the river. common This is because angling is a fishing sport that is possible on Norðurá. 

Which fishes can be hunted in Norðurá River of Iceland?

The fish that can be caught in the Norðurá River in Iceland is salmon. Norðurá is one of the top ten rivers in the country for salmon fly fishing. The river has 150 pools fished by between 8 and 12 rods. 

How is the Environment of Norðurá River?

Norðurá River flows through the Icelandic Borgaefjordur region and is the most important salmon fishing area in the western parts of the country and west from the capital Reykjavik. The upper portion of the river splits into two, and the river itself features fast-flowing sections, especially when running through the volcanic rock.   

What are the Hotels and Roads for Norðurá River?

Of the many hotels in Iceland, Hotel Varmaland in Norðtunga is the closest to Norðurá River. The Norðurá River is easily accessible and conveniently placed only one and half hours away from Reykjavik. 

Is there a Fishing Lodge around Norðurá River?

Yes, there is a fishing lodge to Norðurá River. The closest one is the Rjupnahaed fishing lodge. The Rjupnahaed fishing lodge is considered one of the most beautiful fishing lodges in Iceland. 

Is there a Bridge for Norðurá River in Iceland?

Yes, there is a bridge crossing over the Norðurá River in Iceland. The bridge over the river is, in fact, a road used to connect the two banks, making transportation easier.  

What are the closest cities to the Norðurá River of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to the Norðurá River are Haugar and Hjarðarholt. These are small localities but offer accommodation, and there are many nearby diners and restaurants. 

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