Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland

Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

Háifoss is a waterfall located very close to the volcano called Hekla in southern Iceland. It is 400 feet (122 meters) tall with a single significant drop off the cliff into the canyon below. In English, the Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland, is also called “Tall Falls.” It is fed by the Fossá River, a spring water tributary that flows away from the glacial river called Þjórsá, which is also Iceland’s longest river.

When you approach this waterfall, you are also greeted with a stunning view of the volcano in the distance. Hekla also is one of Iceland’s most notorious volcanoes, having exploded over 20 times since the country’s settlement. This activity has earned it the nickname ‘the Gateway to Hell.’

What are the Tourist Activities for Háifoss Waterfall?

Háifoss isn’t the only waterfall in the area. There is also a waterfall called Granni close by, appropriately translating to ‘neighbor’ in English. However, Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland stands out because of its height, which makes it the fourth tallest waterfall on the island of Iceland. 

What are the Hotels for Háifoss Waterfall?

Háifoss is not as accessible an area as some of the more scenic regions. However, there are still some areas to stay overnight if you decide to visit. These include hotels in Iceland like The Highland Center Hrauneyjar and the Landhotel. However, you have to go back towards Gullfoss if you want a wider breadth of options.

How to Get Háifoss Waterfall

You can reach Háifoss using a mixture of driving and hiking. You can drive to a site of a historical farmstead called Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng. This farm was built during the settlement era of Iceland, destroyed in the Middle Ages, and then rebuilt by the Vikings and maintained to be what it is today. 

You can hike into the countryside from here, taking five or six hours to get to the waterfall and then another five or six hours back. There is also a serviceable road that takes you straight to a parking lot above the waterfall during the summer months.

Is 4×4 Required to Go to Háifoss Waterfall?

A rough road can get you most of the way to Háifoss. However, it isn’t serviceable in the winter. That takes you directly to the waterfall. If you wanted to drive straight there, you would need a special 4×4 or overland vehicle capable of handling a wide range of terrain. Instead, it is suggested to hike to the waterfall.

What are the Facts about Háifoss Waterfall?

Háifoss is in an area steeped in folklore. The canyon the waterfall tumbles into was once said to be the home of an ogress. She would threaten and kill anyone near since she was the only one allowed to fish trout from the river. Many have been believed to have fallen prey to the ogress, having been killed and eaten. 

This is an interesting tale for Iceland has ogres, and ogresses are not overly common parts of the country’s folklore.

How is Háifoss Waterfall in Winter?

The Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland is almost entirely inaccessible during the winter. Unless you are willing to hire both a guide and a super jeep, this waterfall isn’t accessible by even a smaller 4WD vehicle in the winter.

Is there a National Park for Háifoss Waterfall?

Thingvellir National Park is pretty close to Háifoss, but the waterfall doesn’t fall within its boundaries. It is about a two-hour drive away from this specific one of the national parks in Iceland on roads north of the Ring Road.

Which Canyons are Connected to the Háifoss Waterfall?

Háifoss falls into one of the canyons in Iceland, but the terrain steadily evens out as the river continues away from the waterfall. 

Which Rivers are connected to the Háifoss Waterfall?

The Fossá River is the one that feeds the Háifoss Waterfall in Iceland. 

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