Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland

Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels, and Activities

Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest is located in East Iceland. It is one of many national forests in Iceland, although not one of the most prominent forests. Nevertheless, the forest has one of the most extensive collections of birch trees in Iceland, making it quite a pretty place to visit even in the winter since the trees have winter interest. 

The closest village to the forest is Vallanes. It is quite a small village, but it offers quite a bit of accommodation for those visiting the forest and nearby hiking trails and points of interest.

Where is the Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest is close to the western boundary line of the East region in iceland. Its latitude is 65°10’50.22,” and longitude is -14°27’57.38″. It is not a very large forest, and its average terrain elevation is approximately 338 meters above sea level.

What are the features of the Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

The primary feature of Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest is the beautiful collection of birches and other deciduous trees in the area. There are quite a few hiking trails primarily used by local people on quiet days. There is also access to the lake Lagarfljot and several larger beaches nearby.

What are the tours for Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest?

There are no official tours that take you through this forest. However, if you did want a tour through it, you could likely ask a local or the owner of your accommodation to give you recommendations on the best trails that take you through the forest.

What are the best hotels for Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

This calm area in Iceland is not overly popular for foreign tourists, making it a peaceful getaway to visit. There are quite a few holiday cottages in the area for people to enjoy. These include the Sormur Cottages, Einarsstadir, and Ormurinn Cottages. 

Because of the proximity of the forest to the lake, there are also hotels available that include restaurants for both dine-in and takeout so that you won’t have to stock up before visiting the area. These hotels include the Gistihúsið Lake Hótel Egilsstaðir and Icelandair Hotel Hérað.

How to Travel to the Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

From Reykjavik, the fastest route involves using the portion of the Ring Road that goes through the northern portion of Iceland. The main road you will use is called Þjóðvegur, which you will stay on for a total of 8 hours until you reach the forest. From this point, you can pull off on the road to your accommodation or to the trailhead you will take.

Is there a close Canyon to Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest?

The closest canyon to Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest is Canyon Moira. It’s filled with a stream whose waters are a bright blue because of the reflective minerals from the glaciers scattered across the island. There are also beautiful color changes in the rock wall of the canyon.

Is there a related Lake to the Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest?

There is a lake very close to the forest. It is called Lagarfljót. It is one of the glacial lakes in Iceland that is rumored to house a lake monster similar to the serpentine monster in Loch Ness in Scotland. It has a large hydroelectric dam at one end that partially dictates some of the water flows in the surrounding area.

What are the Rivers for Eyjólfsstaðaskógur Forest?

Some small streams and rivulets come out from a lower delta area from Lagarfljot that flow through the forest. Many of these are unnamed but add a haunting beauty to the walks in the forest. However, there are no rivers in Iceland linked with this forest.

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