Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland

Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland: Height, Flow, Location, and Tours

Dynjandi is a waterfall located in the Westfjords of Iceland. This area is one of the most remote parts of Iceland and is difficult to gain access due to barring during certain months of the year. The name of the Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland translates to ‘Thunderous’ in English because of its sheer size and volume. 

This waterfall might not be one of the easiest to get to, but travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and aspiring photographers all agree that it is well worth the trip to visit this waterfall. The waterfall is the largest in the Westfjords at a total height of 100 meters (330 feet) and seven drops. There are another five waterfalls below it, making the entire area a beautiful series of cascades.

What are the Tourist Activities for Dynjandi Waterfall?

If you decide to make the trip to Dynjandi waterfall, then you might as well enjoy the time you have in the Westfjords. This area isn’t the most accessible in Iceland so we recommend taking advantage of the time it took to reach the falls. The Westfjords provide tourists with some of the most surreal landscapes in all of Iceland

Other than the waterfall, you can visit the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve where you stand a chance of seeing the only mammal native to Iceland, the Arctic Fox. Close by, there are also the Latrabjarg bird watching cliffs. This is the best place in the country to see puffins on land since they nest in the cliffs. Remember, both ‌areas are protected, and be very careful while you visit them.

What are the Tours for Dynjandi Waterfall?

Almost any tour that takes you into the Westfjords will also take you to visit Dynjandi waterfall. That includes the tours from Wild Westfjords, Arctic Adventures, and Viator.

What are the Hotels for Dynjandi Waterfall?

Since this area is more sparsely populated, hotels are fewer and farther between than in other parts of Iceland. There are no hotels very close to the waterfall but some are short drives away such as Hotel Horn, Heydalur Hotel Egilsen, and Heydalur. 

What are the Facts about Dynjandi Waterfall?

Dynjandi has been set apart as a National Monument of Iceland since 1981. That means you are strongly encouraged to respect the area and not to stray from the designated walking paths up to and around the waterfall. Iceland’s vegetation and ecosystem are incredibly fragile and can take decades to repair themselves once damaged. The idea is to take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

How to Hike Dynjandi Waterfall

You can drive quite close to the river and the waterfall when it is open during the late spring and summer months. However, it is almost impossible to reach during periods of heavy snow in the winter as it is tucked between two heaths. You can hike around the waterfall, but be sure to stay on the paths.

Is there a National Park for Dynjandi Waterfall?

There isn’t a national park near Dynjandi waterfall. However, there is the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, which is well worth a visit while you are in the area.

Which Canyons are Connected to the Dynjandi Waterfall?

There are no canyons associated with this waterfall as it pours over cliff after cliff towards the ocean.

Which Rivers are connected to the Dynjandi Waterfall?

The river that feeds this waterfall is the Dynjandisa river. It is a direct runoff river from glaciers in the area and is also fed by seasonal flooding. That means that the power of the waterfall exponentially increases during the flooding season in springtime and winter each year. The volume of the river can increase up to ten times during these periods.

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