Fremrinámur Volcano in Iceland

Fremrinámur Volcano in Iceland: Erruptions, Area, Caldera and Tours

Fremrinámur is one of the many volcanoes in Iceland. It is located in the northeast of the country. Fremrinámur is a volcanic system that lies atop and includes the Ketildyngja shield volcano. The shield volcano is well-known since its eruption is responsible for the formation of the wildly popular Myvatn Lake. In the past, the area around Fremrinámur was used for quarrying sulfur that was chipped to Denmark and used for gunpowder. Today, Fremrinámur and the nearby natural landforms are popular destinations for tourists. 

Where is the Location of Fremrinámur Volcano in Iceland?

Fremrinámur is located in the northeast of iceland. The Fremrinámur Volcano is positioned on the axial rift zone, or the junction point between the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Greenland–Iceland–Faroe Ridge. The geographic coordinates of Fremrinámur are 65.4297° N, 16.6500° W. 

When did Fremrinámur Volcano Erupt last time?

The Fremrinámur Volcano last erupted in 800 BC. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Fremrinámur is an inactive volcano. 

What are the Features of the Volcano of Fremrinámur?

Fremrinámur is a volcanic system that includes the 130-kilometers long Sveinar fissure and the shield volcano Ketildyngja. The system is surrounded by the Burfellshraun lava flow that covers an area of 75 square kilometers. 

What Type of Volcano is Fremrinámur?

Fremrinámur is a volcano and a volcanic system situated atop a basalt plateau. Simply put, it is a central volcano that sits on the basaltic shield volcano named Ketildyngja.  

What are the scientific expeditions for Fremrinámur Volcano?

Scientific expeditions to the Fremrinámur Volcano are about studying volcanic rock so that geologists can learn more about volcanism. There are also some popular volcano expeditions and study tours for tourists in which the guides are experts volcanologists. 

What are the Tours for Fremrinámur Volcano?

Tours for Iceland are quite popular. The Fremrinámur Volcano is a pleasant stop for hiking enthusiasts. However, the area is also suited for leisure walks and some once-in-a-lifetime attractions visiting. Photography workshops are also sought.

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