Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland

Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels, and Activities

Daníelslundur Forest is in the West region of Iceland. It is an easy area to miss on your travels around Iceland. However, it is well worth visiting as it is one of the smaller but beautiful forests in Iceland. The forest was originally declared an Open Forest in 2002. There are many good walking paths through the forest and even tables for a barbecue.

This forest was initially named for Daníel Kristjánsson. He was a forester and a long-time pioneer for the Forestry Association. From this forest, you can see the impressive geography of iceland, although the area is more level than much of the rest of Iceland.

Where is the Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland?

Danielslundur Forest is in the West region of Iceland. It is just of the main route 1 in Iceland. Its GPS coordinates are 64.66496, -21.70458.

What are the features of the Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland?

The landscape in Daníelslundur Forest is characterized by forested land with some cliffs with moor channels running between them. It has been a site of interest and maintenance for the Borgarfjörður Forestry Association since 1961. It makes the vegetation and ecosystem quite important for the area, especially because the conditions for forestry turned out to be much better than previously expected.

What are the tours for Daníelslundur Forest?

There are not many tours through Daníelslundur Forest. However, if you are going around Iceland for a Northern Lights tour, sometimes you will stop in or close to the forest for some photo opportunities looking across the Icelandic landscape.

What are the best hotels for Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland?

There are not many places to stay right next to the forest. Instead, you will likely have to stop in Borgarnes. There are a variety of hotels there, ranging from 1-star to 4-star. Some of them include the Icelandair Hotel Hamar and Hotel Varmaland.

There are also campsites close to the forest. For example, Borgarnes Camping is right off route 1 in Borgarnes, whereas Varmaland Campsite is further north and more private.

How to Travel to the Daníelslundur Forest in Iceland?

Danielslundur is a little more than an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. You only need to follow Route 1 north from Reykjavik until you see signs that will direct you into Danielslundur. However, it is pretty easy to miss, so it is best to have your GPS ready to direct you off the main road after you pass Borgarnes but before you reach Haugar.

Is there a close Canyon to Daníelslundur Forest?

There are no distinct canyons closer than an hour from Daníelslundur Forest. The closest canyon to the forest is Husafell Canyon, with geothermal baths available for public use.

Is there a related Lake to the Daníelslundur Forest?

There are no particular lakes in Iceland that are directly related to the Daníelslundur Forest.

What are the Rivers for Daníelslundur Forest?

Close to the forest, three rivers flow together from three different glaciers set back into the Icelandic countryside. These include the Nordura River, Thvera, and the Grimsa River. These three rivers in Iceland flow together just before flowing into the ocean.

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