Fagridalur Valley in Iceland

Fagridalur Valley in Iceland: Location, Nature, Environment, History

Fagridalur Valley (Fair Dale or Beautiful Valley) in Iceland is located in the eastern parts of the country. The geographic coordinates of the Fagridalur Valley are 64.7625°N, 14.2454°W. The area of the Fagridalur Valley is surrounded by the Fossadalur valley in the south and the Skúta peak in the west. Many Valleys in Iceland feature nearby routes, and Fagridalur is no exception. Namely, alongside Fagridalur lies the main road connecting Reyðarfjörður with Egils­staðir. 

What is the size of the Fagridalur Valley of Iceland?

Fagridalur Valley in Iceland is a medium-sized valley set at an elevation of 179 meters above sea level. 

What plants are grown in Fagridalur Valley?

There are many plants grown in the Fagridalur Valley in Iceland. The valley is rich in naturally growing plant species and represents a large green area. 

Which Rivers are Connected to the Fagridalur Valley in Iceland?

Rivers in Iceland connected to the Fagridalur Valley are the Lagarfljót river and the Eyvindara river. Both rivers are rich in fish and offer great opportunities for professional and amateur fishermen. 

Which Cities are Closest to the Fagridalur Valley of Iceland?

The city in Iceland close to the Fagridalur Valley is Egilsstaðir. Egilsstaðir is a town and the largest settlement in these parts of Iceland. Egilsstaðir has 2522 inhabitants and offers cozy accommodations for tourists and nice places to eat and drink.  

How is the History of the Fagridalur Valley in Iceland?

The Fagridalur Valley portrays the wild Icelandic landscape in a vivid manner. In geological terms, the Fagridalur Valley is an elongated depression that is usually traversed by a stream. Mountains surrounding the valley are Búr, Seldalsfjall, and Ups. The region of the Fagridalur Valley is marked by a tundra-like climate

What to do in Fagridalur Valley in Iceland?

Activities in Iceland for the Fagridalur Valley include hikes, visits to the nearby waterfalls, photography projects, and tasting local recipes and freshly caught fish. The Fagridalur Valley is relatively far from the capital but easily accessible. 

Is there a Waterfall in Fagridalur Valley?

Waterfalls in Iceland close to the Fagridalur Valley are the Gljúfursárfoss Waterfall, the Fardagafoss Waterfall, and the Gufu waterfall. These waterfalls are popular tourist attractions, and there are many tours and tour guides for visiting them. 

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