Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland

Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels, and Activities

Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest is a forest mainly consisting of birch and rowan trees. It sits in the Morsardalur valley just west of the significant Svinafellsjokull glacier, famed for its beauty and size in Iceland. The forest was protected in 1935. It is about 22 hectares, transformed from an old farm to a beautiful birch forest.

The forest has been fenced off and protected from grazing animals for long enough to support one of the best birch forests in Iceland. There are plenty of walks through the forest, most of which start from the Visitor Centre.

Where is the Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest is on the other side of the line, located in the East region of iceland instead of the South. It hugs part of the base around Svinafellsjokull Forest on the other side from Skaftafell, a much more extensive nature preserve close to the glacier

What are the features of the Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

The most significant aspect of this forest is the collection of tall birch trees that have happily grown within the valley. The hike from the Visitor Centre takes you through the forest, supplying you with stunning views of Morsardalur the entire walk. The proximity to the glacier is another excellent feature of the forest.

What are the tours for Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest?

Since there are so many more significant attractions in the area around Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest, tours might take you through the forest’s boundaries. However, it is doubtful you will find any particular tour that will take you through the forest unless you find a local. The small size of the forest makes it easy to navigate even without a tour guide.

What are the best hotels for Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

Because of its proximity to several significant landscapes, there are hotels within 30 minutes drive of the forest. These include the Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon, the Adventure Hotel Hof, and several others along Route 1. There are also two nearby campsites, including Skaftafell Camping and Svinafell Campground.

How to Travel to the Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest in Iceland?

From Reykjavik, follow Route 1 or the Ring Road to the east. It will take almost 5 hours to go directly there if you start from the city. However, Route 1 takes you right by the forest, making it easy to access and stop at along your way.

Is there a close Canyon to Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest?

Because of the radical landscape created by glacial and volcanic activity in the area, there are quite a few smaller canyons. One of the larger ones closest to the forest is the Múlagljúfur Canyon

Is there a related Lake to the Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest?

There are no lakes in Iceland within or related explicitly to Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest.

What are the Rivers for Bæjarstaðaskógur Forest?

Some small streams and gulleys run through the forest because of its proximity to the glacier. However, none of these are substantial and will only have names or even be significant to the area’s locals and foresters. So, there are no rivers in Iceland connected to this forest.

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