Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland

Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland: Peak, Height, History, Geography

Herðubreið is a specific type of flat-top or table volcano called tuya. The name Herðubreið translates from Icelandic to “broad-shouldered”. Due to its unusual form, it is popularly called “The Queen of the Icelandic Mountains.” The Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland features highly unstable and steep sides, and it was not climbed until 1908. Today, it is a popular tourist destination and an important landform in the Vatnajokull National Park. In 2002, Icelanders voted Herðubreið as the “national mountain” of their country. 

What is the Location of Herðubreið Mountain?

Herðubreið is located in the central-eastern parts of iceland. The geographic coordinates of the Herðubreið Mountain are 65.1726° N, 16.3167° W. To be more accurate, Herðubreið is at the northern end of the Vatnajokull National Park, east of Ódáðahraun. 

What is the height of the Herðubreið Mountain?

The Herðubreið Mountain stands 1.682 meters (5518’) tall. These numbers make Herðubreið the sixth tallest peak in Iceland. 

Is there an access to Herðubreið Mountain?

Yes, Herðubreið can be accessed via two routes, Road F88 and Road 901. The first route leads through lava fields and rivers and requires a strong 4×4 vehicle. The second route is a bit longer but the terrain is not as rough. 

Is Herðubreið Mountain Dangerous?

Yes, Herðubreið can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced visitors. This is because hiking the steep sides requires a certain level of hiking skills and proper gear. Plus, the sides are unstable which adds to the potential hazards. 

Is Herðubreið Mountain an Active Volcano?

No, the Herðubreið Mountain is no longer an active volcano. It is estimated that its activity seized sometimes during the late Pleistocene. 

What are the similar mountains to Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland?

Mountains in Iceland similar to the Herðubreið Mountain are:

  • Hagafell Mountain
  • Búrfell Mountain 
  • Kistufell Mountain 
  • Strútur Mountain
  • Loðmundur Mountain 
  • Hlöðufell Mountain 
  • Gaesafjöll Mountain.  

Are there any National Park in Herðubreið Mountain?

Yes, Herðubreið is part of the Vatnajokull, the largest national park in the country, which covers 13% of its surface. Other National Parks in Iceland are Þingvellir and Snæfellsjökull. 

Are there Volcanoes around Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland?

Yes, Herðubreið is a volcanic mountain itself. However, it is not active now. There are other Volcanoes in Iceland near Herðubreið, but the most prominent one is Askja. Askja is still active and its last eruption occurred in 1961.  

Are there Glaciers around Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland?

Glaciers in Iceland are a prevalent landform. Vatnajokull, Iceland’s largest and most voluminous glacier, is close to the Herðubreið Mountain. Both geographic landmarks are part of the Vatnajokull National Park. 

Which city is closest to Herðubreið Mountain in Iceland?

There are not many cities in Iceland close to the Herðubreið Mountain. Localities like Eiriksstadhir and Möðrudalur are the closest but not particularly close. Simply put, Herðubreið’s location is remote. 

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