Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland

Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland: Location, Nature, Environment, History

The Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland is located in the eastern parts with geographic coordinates 64.8277° N, 15.5022° W. Out of the many valleys in Iceland, the Fljótsdalur Valley is probably the richest one in waterfalls. Namely, the valley is marked by three particularly popular and spectacular waterfalls (Hengifoss, Strútsfoss, and Kirkjufoss). Other features of the Fljótsdalur Valley are the Skriðuklaustur farmstead and the old Valþjófsstaður church doors. 

What is the size of the Fljótsdalur Valley of Iceland?

The Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland is medium-sized and spreads in an irregular shape and direction. 

What plants are grown in Fljótsdalur Valley?

The Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland is rich in vegetation and has sizeable green areas. There are several different plant species in the valley, but they are primarily low-rising.  

Which Rivers are Connected to the Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland?

The river connected to the Fljótsdalur Valley is the Lagarfljót River. The Lagarfljót River played a significant role in the formation of the Fljótsdalur Valley. The Lagarfljót River flows through the 112-meters deep Lagarfljót Lake, which is also known by the name Fljótið. 

Which Cities are Closest to the Fljótsdalur Valley of Iceland?

Situated in a relatively remote part of Iceland, there are not many cities and settlements close to the Fljótsdalur Valley. Egilsstaðir city is perhaps the most critical nearby settlement. Other nearest settlements are miles away and include localities such as Djúpivogur, Hoffell, Starmýri, Hofn, and Brunnholl. 

How is the History of the Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland?

The history of the Fljótsdalur Valley is closely related to the one of the Lagarfljót River, as the river was critical for the formation of the valley. The waterfalls and the lake in the Fljótsdalur Valley are vital landforms that mark the unique geological features of the valley. 

What to do in Fljótsdalur Valley in Iceland?

One of the most popular Iceland activities for the Fljótsdalur Valley is hiking to the Hengifoss waterfall. The view from the top of the waterfall is a not-to-be-missed experience. 

Is there a Waterfall in Fljótsdalur Valley?

Yes, there are Waterfalls in Iceland in the Fljótsdalur Valley. In fact, there are three beautiful waterfalls, the Hengifoss Waterfall, the Strútsfoss Waterfall, and the Kirkjufoss waterfall. These waterfalls are extremely popular among tourists, and there are many tours, including visits and hikes to them. 

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