Bolungarvík City in Iceland

Bolungarvík City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

Bolungarvík City in Iceland is a town located in the Westfjords in northwest Iceland. This town has been a fishing outpost since the 17th century and has a population of 955 people.

The town of Bolungarvík is known for the nearby Bolafjall Mountain, which has a beautiful and unique look even compared to the natural beauty in other areas of Iceland.

What to do in Bolungarvík?

Visitors to Bolungarvík will find many fun activities for any age group. Some of the most fun things to do in Bolungarvík include the following:

  • Osvor Maritime Museum: A replica of an 18th-century fishing area built on top of historical fishing huts.
  • Hornstrandir Nature Reserve: A 580 square km or 220 square mile nature reserve that gives visitors an exhilarating look at the unique beauty of Iceland’s untouched wilderness.
  • Bolafjall Mountain: Several incredible views that are just a short hike away up the mountain. You can also see all the way across the sea to Greenland on a clear day.

What are the Best Hotels in Bolungarvík?

People staying in Bolungarvík will find plenty of cozy places to relax and spend the night. Some of the best hotels in Bolungarvík are listed below:

  • Einarshusid: A historic guesthouse located right on the water. Each room has a view of the mountains surrounding Bolungarvík or a view of the sea.
  • Dúfan Apartments: Each unit has a sofa, private bathroom, and washing machine. There is also a balcony with a view of the mountains.

What are the Tours for Bolungarvík?

Bolungarvík has a culture built around experiencing the nature around them. This culture naturally started to include tours as the tourism industry started growing. Some of the tours for Bolungarvík are tje following:

  • Diving Tours: Bolungarvík offers diving tours and lessons for those who want to learn and explore. 
  • Hiking Tours: The area around Bolungarvík has many hiking trails, including ones that lead up to Bolafjall Mountain.

What are the Best Swimming Pools in Bolungarvík?

Like many Icelandic towns, Bolungarvík has swimming pools for when visitors or residents want to compete or just cool off. Some of the best swimming pools in Bolungarvík include the following:

  • Sundlaug Bolungarvíkur: One of the best swimming pools in Western Iceland. Locals call it the “temple of water and wellbeing” because it is relaxing. It has a sauna and three hot tubs.
  • Ísafjörður Swimming Pool: A friendly but small local pool with a sauna and a hot tub. Staff attendants speak English and can explain the protocols.

Is there an Airport in Bolungarvík?

No, but the closest airport is the Ísafjörður Airport, which is 18 km or 11 miles away from Bolungarvík on route 51.

What is the total area of Bolungarvík?

Bolungarvík has a total area of 78 square kilometers or 42 square miles.

How is the weather in Bolungarvík Town?

Bolungarvík has a cold climate with a significant amount of rainfall and snow. Even in the warmest months, you’ll experience jacket-wearing weather. There is usually an average of 11 days each month when the rain will fall.

The warmest month in Bolungarvík is July, when the average temperature is about 9.5°C or 49.1°F.

What is the Postal Code of Bolungarvík?

The town of Bolungarvík uses the 415 postal code.

Who are the Notable People from Bolungarvík?

Some of the notable people from Bolungarvík you might know include the following:

  • Andri Rúnar Bjarnason: A professional Icelandic football player born in 1990.
  • Guðmunda Elíasdóttir: An Opera singer and film actress who performed for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. She was born in 1920.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to Bolungarvík?

Because Bolungarvík is located in the northwest corner of Iceland without an airport, you will probably need to pass through a nearby town to get there. Some of the close towns from Iceland to Bolungarvík are listed here:

  • Ísafjörður: An old maritime town located 15 km or 8 miles away from Bolungarvík on route 51.
  • Hnífsdalur: A small village whose name means “Knife’s valley.” It is located 9 km or 5.5 miles east of Bolungarvík on route 51.

Are there any close Glaciers to Bolungarvík?

No, there aren’t any glaciers close to Bolungarvík. Drangajökull glacier is the closest glacier to Bolungarvik and is located 225 km or 139 miles away on Route 51.

Are there any close Mountains to Bolungarvík?

Yes, Bolungarvík is close to Bolafjall Mountain. A short hiking trail to the northwest of Bolungarvík leads to this mountain.

Are there any close Volcanoes to Bolungarvík?

No, there aren’t any volcanoes close to Bolungarvík. Ljósufjöll is the closest volcano to Bolungarvik and is the only one that has erupted in recorded history.

What are the Unique Sides of Bolungarvík in Iceland?

Bolungarvík has a unique culture originating from the broader western Iceland culture. Some of the unique sides of Bolungarvík in Iceland include those listed here:

  • Tours: Bolungarvík has a great variety of tours thanks to how close it is to nature. There are snorkeling, safari, hiking, and ferry tours available.
  • Local Cuisine: Bolungarvík has fresh produce and seafood that contributes to its local food flavors. The town is famous for its lamb and ocean dish combinations.

Where to Camp in Bolungarvík?

Bolungarvík has many natural attractions best experienced by camping close to it. Some of the best places to camp in Bolungarvík include:

  • Tjaldsvæði Bolungarvíkur: A cozy camping spot sheltered by trees. It has showers, a swimming pool, and a small cooking area.
  • Tunguskogur Campground: A gorgeous campground located right off Vestfjarðavegur road and Simsongarður garden.

Does Bolungarvík have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Bolungarvík has a sport tourism culture originating from their sports club, UMFB, which has multiple sports teams, including swimming and football. Residents of Bolungarvík also have a golf club and course called Golfklúbbur Bolungarvíkur.

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