Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland

Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels and Activities

Ásbyrgi Forest is perhaps the best-known of the 26 forests in Iceland. Located less than 40 kilometers from Húsavík and on Diamond Circle Road, Ásbyrgi is a popular tourist destination. Ásbyrgi is part of the Vatnajokull National Park and is particularly rich in spruce, larch, and pine. Birch and willow specimens are also widespread. There are many Icelandic tales about the Ásbyrgi area.

Where is the Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland?

Ásbyrgi Forest in iceland is located in the country’s north, east of Húsavík. The geographic coordinates of the forest are 66.0178° N, 16.5055° W. Ásbyrgi is part of the country’s largest national park, the Vatnajokull national park. 

What are the features of the Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland?

The two main features of the Ásbyrgi Forest are the rich flora (or plant life) and the famous horseshoe-shaped and same-named canyon

What are the tours for Ásbyrgi Forest?

Tours in Iceland for the Ásbyrgi Forest are popular among tourists. The tours include hikes and walks in the forest as well as visiting the famous canyon with the same name. In terms of plant life, larch, pine, and spruce are the top three species. As for the canyon, Ásbyrgi is a unique entity that attracts many tourists.  

What are the best hotels for Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland?

Hotels in Iceland near the Ásbyrgi Forest are Nordic Natura, Skúlagarður Hotel, Garður guesthouse Norðurþing, and Dettifoss Guesthouse. 

How to Travel to the Ásbyrgi Forest in Iceland?

Traveling to Ásbyrgi Forest requires renting a car or getting on a guided tour. This is because there are no public transportation options to reach the forest. Most of the guided tours start at Akureyri. 

Is there a close Canyon to Ásbyrgi Forest?

Ásbyrgi is both a forest and a canyon. The Ásbyrgi Canyon is, in fact, a horseshoe depression with a mesmerizing landscape. The depression is 3.5 kilometers long and one kilometer wide. Based on Icelandic folklore, the canyon formed when Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir left a hoof imprint. 

Is there a related Lake to the Ásbyrgi Forest?

Yes, the lake related to the Ásbyrgi Forest is called Botnstjörn. Botnstjörn is one of the smaller lakes in Iceland. Despite its small size, Botnstjörn Lake is well known due to the fact that it houses several waterfowl species. 

What are the Rivers for Ásbyrgi Forest?

The river Jökulsá á Fjöllum is important for the Ásbyrgi Forest. Namely, rivers in Iceland have impacted the development of many landforms. It is postulated that glacial flooding by the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River is responsible for the formation of the Ásbyrgi Canyon.

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