Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland

Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland: Area, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels and Activities

Ásabrekka Forest is among the 26 Forests in Iceland. It was founded in 1954, and today it is a famous recreational forest. The forest is gauzed, and the prominent tree and plant species are marked. Birch, aspen, pine, and larch are some of the predominant plants in Ásabrekka. Same as in other forests in Iceland, there are benches and nice hiking trails. The Ásabrekka forest covers an area of 2.2 hectares.    

Where is the Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland?

Ásabrekka Forest in iceland is located in the southwest of the country. The forest sits on the land of Áshól in Ásahreppur. The exact geographic coordinates of Ásabrekka are 63.8900° N, 20.5518° W. 

What are the features of the Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland?

The main feature of the Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland is the rich plant life resulting from a continuous and planned planting process. Today, it is estimated that there are between 16.000 and 17.000 trees planted in total. The main plant species in the Ásabrekka Forest are birch, sitka, aspen. larch, and pine.

What are the tours for Ásabrekka Forest?

Tours in Iceland for the Ásabrekka Forest are popular. The forest offers walks and hikes as recreational activities as well as seeing unusual plants. Because of its location and relative proximity to the capital, Ásabrekka is a popular tourist destination. 

What are the best hotels for Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland?

Hotels in Iceland for the Ásabrekka Forest are the Hestheimar (a small, cozy farm guesthouse with a view of nearby volcanoes), the Alfasteinn Country Home, and the Hekla Cabin. 

How to Travel to the Ásabrekka Forest in Iceland?

To travel to the Ásabrekka Forest, visitors need to follow Road 1. The Ásabrekka Forest is easily accessible, and there are signs on the road for more straightforward navigation. 

Is there a close Canyon to Ásabrekka Forest?

Yes, there is a close canyon to the Ásabrekka Forest. The closest canyon is Nauthusagil. The Nauthusagil Canyon is a unique landform. Namely, the canyon is covered with moss and represents a hiking challenge for adventurous and physically prepared hikers. 

Is there a related Lake to the Ásabrekka Forest?

Lakes in Iceland close to the Ásabrekka Forest are Vestra Gíslholtsvatn and Eystra Gíslholtsvatn. The two lakes are relatively small, but their surroundings are scenic, and there are many nearby guesthouses and accommodation facilities. 

What are the Rivers for Ásabrekka Forest?

The closes river to the Ásabrekka Forest is Þjórsá, Iceland’s longest river (230 kilometers). Same as many other rivers in Iceland, Þjórsá forms a waterfall. The waterfall’s name is Urriðafoss. 

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