Eldfell Volcano in Iceland

Eldfell Volcano in Iceland: Eruptions, Area, Caldera and Tours

Eldfell Volcano (Hill of Fire) is located on the Heimaey island, off the south coast of Iceland. The cone of the volcano was formed a few decades ago during an unexpected and massive eruption. The peak of Eldfell Volcano  stands only 200 meters tall, which is not very high compared to the peaks of other volcanoes in Iceland. Because of the unique landform and the rich puffin colony on the island, Eldfell Volcano in Iceland is a popular tourist attraction. 

Where is the Location of Eldfell Volcano in Iceland?

Eldfell sits on the easter side of Heimaey island. Heimaey is part of the Westman Islands, which are off the south coast of iceland. The geographic coordinates of Eldfell are 63.4321° N, 20.2494° W. 

When did Eldfell Volcano Erupt last time?

Eldfell last erupted on January 23, 1973. The eruption was catastrophic in both air travel disruption and land destruction. The Eldfell eruption lasted for five months and resulted in adding as much as 20% of land to the Heimaey island’s surface. Eldfell is still active and carefully monitored.  

What are the Tours for Eldfell Iceland?

Tours for Iceland are versatile and for those with adventurous spirits even offer visits to the Eldfell volcano, the culprit for Iceland’s largest natural disaster. The Heimaey island is also popular for its puffin colonies meaning visitors can enjoy different activities on their tours. 

Is Hiking Possible to Eldfell?

Yes, hiking to Eldfell is possible. The hike requires a moderate level of physical preparation and adequate hiking equipment. However, the view from the top of the volcano makes the efforts worthy. 

What is the Volcano Museum near Eldfell?

The museum near Eldfell is the Eldheimar Volcano Museum. It is dedicated to the country’s most catastrophic natural disaster. The museum features interactive exhibits that enable visitors to explore the site through excavation. In the center of the museum, is the home of Mrs. Gerður Sigurðardóttir and her close family.