Brúarjökull Glacier: Size, Ice Caves, Cap and Volcanoes

The Brúarjökull is well known as the glacier tongue, extending from Iceland’s largest icecap in Vatnajökull. It is an ice river in Iceland, located in the Austurland region. The land around Brúarjökull is flat to the southwest, but it is hill-like to the northeast. 

Using GPS coordinates for Brúarjökull glaciers, which are 64.68159 N and 16.15659 W. The distance of Brúarjökull to Reykjavík is 280 kilometers. Tours and tour guides are quite popular because it is the largest Vatna glacier outlet. Brúarjökull glacier covers an area of 1600 square kilometers or 617 square miles in Iceland. It has a height of 2,297 above sea level and extends 34 miles down into the Central Highlands. 

Tourists can explore the area on a self-drive tour in Iceland. In recent years, Brúarjökull glacier has been retreating about 100 miles per year. During the 1964 surge, it advanced to 8 to 10 kilometers. Brúarjökull glacier is capable of extending and retreating, depending on the circumstances. 

Brúarjökull is located in Eastern or Austurland region. The nature of the Austurland region is breathtaking scenery. Austurland offers outstanding outdoor experiences all year round. Additionally, it offers exciting highlands along with some of the best hiking trails in Europe. There are no cities near Brúarjökull. However, people in Austurland are entrepreneurs and they are creative because the region has a lot of museums and art galleries which tourists can enjoy. 

What is the Size of Brúarjökull Glacier?

The size of Brúarjökull Glacier during the 1964 surge advanced to 8 to 10 kilometers. The edge of Brúarjökull Glacier measures 55 kilometers, and it creeps down onto the Bruar Central Highlands. Its snowfield is close to 700 meters above sea level compared to the 1100 meters snowfield to the south of the icecap. Brúarjökull glacier is 1600 square kilometers or 617 square miles. Brúarjökull glacier is smaller than Breiðamerkurjökull. The Breiðamerkurjökull glacier area is 17 square kilometers. 

What are the Volcanoes in Brúarjökull Glacier?

Most of the volcano is hidden beneath the Vatnajökull. There are 3 famous volcanoes near Brúarjökull glacier, which are Grímsvötn, Öraefajökull and Bardarbunga. Among the 3 volcanoes, the least active volcano is the Öraefajökull. The eruption was reported last in 1728. 


In addition, Bardarbunga runs on the west side of Vatnajökull; it is part of a long fissure. It extends 100 kilometers to the south and 50 kilometers to the north. It lies close to the Mid-Atlantic ridge in Iceland. Bardarbunga last erupted in 1910. Grímsvötn is Iceland’s most frequently active volcano, mainly because it is located in the center of the active northeast rift zone of Iceland. 

What is the prominence of Brúarjökull Glacier in Icelandic Culture?

The cultural prominence of Brúarjökull is connected to the region of Austurland. In Iceland culture, it is important to have strong family bonds. They treasure social gatherings and shared meals. Coffee breaks are highly important throughout the day in Austurland because of the cold weather. In addition, creatives and entrepreneurs bloom in the region. It is good to visit the vibrant town of Austurland where tourists can enjoy the art galleries, outdoor sculptures and get creative energy from the mountains. 

What are the Similar Glaciers in Iceland to Brúarjökull Glacier?

Similar glaciers in Iceland to Brúarjökull Glacier are listed below:

  • Svínafellsjökull Glacier: The Svínafellsjökull also known as “pig mountain glacier” is the most popular glacier in Iceland. Svínafellsjökull has an estimated age of around 1,000 years. It is ranked as one of the top destinations due to its bright blue ice, structures and immense size by hikers and anyone interested in ice caves. 
  • Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier: The Breiðamerkurjökull, has been monitored in the last several decades mainly because of its constant breaking, melting and retreating. It has been monitored in the last several decades. Its tongue is the major attraction for tourists. Snowmobiles and jeep tours, which are conducted by tour operators, are available when visiting Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. 
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