Best Biking Tours in Iceland 

The Best Biking Tours in Iceland 

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There is no feeling like flying down a trail on a bike in the gorgeous views of Iceland. Many great biking tours transport you to another world of fantastical heights and landscapes. The best biking trip tours in Iceland will maximize your thrill and give you a view worth the work you put in to get there.

The average price range for a biking tour in Iceland is $50-$1000. There are ten or more unique biking tours available each year that cater to Iceland’s many regions. Biking tours in Iceland last an average of three hours and traverse rough trails that often take you to high places. Many tours try to give you a unique landscape perspective from both high and low. These tours are not without danger. Travelers on these tours will wear safety equipment to protect them from falling on rough trails, and the weather in Iceland can change at a moments notice. Sometimes tours will be canceled or rerouted because of weather conditions on the ground. Iceland tours will start from various stations, including Siglufjordur, Reykjavik, and Patreksfjörður.

If a biking tour sounds like it interests you, keep reading to find out which ones are the best biking tours in Iceland!

1. Grand 6-Hour Cycling Tour in the Westfjords (Westfjords, May-October)

The Grand 6-Hour Cycling Tour in the Westfjords gives travelers an in-depth look into the many natural wonders of southwest Iceland. This cycling tour is excellent for people who are enthralled by Icelandic wildlife, who love the thrill of a long cycling adventure, and who love nature.

This grand cycling tour costs $177 per person and lasts six hours. Guests who sign up for this tour will find the exploration route easy, and many people can finish it quite easily. Because of this, the tour has no minimum age. Since you can bring people of any age on tour, this tour is excellent for families. The tour is available between May and October and is offered in English. This Iceland cycling tour includes a bicycle rental, a bicycle helmet, and an expert familiar with the area’s paths and rich culture. Aside from biking, this tour also offers guests opportunities for hot spring bathing, bird watching, and participating in local cultural activities.

A few things are not included in this tour, so you will be responsible for bringing those yourself. You will need to bring comfortable, warm clothing that is appropriate for the weather, as well as outdoor-ready shoes. Also, you will want to bring your own swimsuit and towel if you want to join in on the hot spring bathing portion of the tour. No food or drinks are provided in the tour price, so you will want to carry your own snacks and beverages. This cycling tour does not offer airport transport or hotel pickup, so you must arrange your own way to the meeting site. You should also be aware that the weather in this area can be unpredictable. The tour may be canceled, postponed, or rescheduled depending on how the weather is unfolding on the ground at the time of the tour. Also, if the forecast calls for a significant weather event, it will very likely be canceled ahead of time.

The tour begins once you reach the meeting point in Tálknafjörður, a small fishing village in the Westfjords. This small village only has a population of 300 people and is known for its charming local vistas. Once you are in town, you will meet your guide and pick out your rental bike. After a short introduction, your guide will lead your group on a six-hour bike ride, with the ultimate destination being the Sveinseyri beach. On your tour you will encounter many attractions, including the following:

  • Sellátrar Farm: A remote and abandoned farm that is famous for being the most western grove in Europe. It is now used as a rental summer cabin.
  • Arnarstapi Village: A small fishing village at the foot of a mountain. It has a history of being an important Icelandic trading post and used to boast one of the largest populations in the country. Now, it is a popular private fishing and recreational spot during the summer where travelers can encounter lava fields and beaches nearby.
  • Mt. Stapafell: This is a beautiful volcanic mountain with a height of 526 meters or 1725 feet. In ancient times, Icelanders believed the mountain contained holy powers and was the home of a hidden village of elves.

2. 3-Hour Electronic Bike Ride From Siglufjordur (Siglufjordur, June-August)

The 3-Hour Electronic Bike Ride From Siglufjordur is an easy three-hour tour through the North Iceland wilderness. Travelers will be able to enjoy fantastical landscapes around the Fjord of Siglufjordur and its nearby town.

This tour costs $148 per person and is available from June to August. This Icelandic tour has a minimum age requirement of 15 years old, meaning families with smaller children might be unable to participate. The trail that you will be traveling on is rated as easy difficulty, meaning travelers don’t need to be extremely fit to finish the tour. This biking tour includes a biking tour guide who speaks English and Icelandic. Your tour package also includes an electric mountain bike rental and bike helmet, so you will be ready to hit the trails. One advantage of this tour is that it is limited to only five members, so it will be more personal and private for your group. Another great thing about this biking tour is that it has both morning and evening departure times, allowing greater scheduling flexibility.

Travelers are responsible for bringing a few things that this tour does not provide to be able to participate. You should bring a light backpack with essential supplies like snacks, socks, a water bottle, and a first aid kit. Tour guests will also want to bring warm clothes and hiking boots fit for outdoor travel. You may also want to bring a hat and gloves if the temperatures get too cold. All tour participants should check the weather and be updated on any changes. This biking tour has a hiking route that is very condition-dependent and is subject to change. If severe weather events beyond light participation are present, the tour must be rescheduled.

The tour starts with your meeting point at Suðurgata 10 in the basecamp of Siglufjordur. Here is where you will meet your biking guides and get a safety briefing on the trip. You will learn safety tips on bike operation, and your guides will figure out which route you will take. One great thing about this tour is that the electric bikes you will use make riding extremely easy, and even tour members with limited fitness levels can easily go up and down hills. 

The routes available to the guides will change depending on the current weather conditions in the area. No matter which route your group takes, there is bound to be beautiful flora and fauna to see and explore. There are many excellent sights on your tour that you are likely to encounter, including the ones listed below:

  • Holsdalur Valley: A beautiful inland valley with a height of 739 meters or 2425 feet. It is a green valley filled with wilderness trees.
  • Hvanneyrarskál: One of the country’s most important places for ski jumping. It was here in 1939 that Stefán Þórarinsson set an Icelandic ski jumping record. There were several more records set here over the decades as well.
  • Wildlife: This region is popular among some of Iceland’s abundant wildlife. During your tour, you will have a chance to see many unique types of birds, as well as dolphins, seals, and even whales.
  • Forests: Lush green forests can be an uncommon sight for the more volcanic landscapes of Iceland, but your trip here in Northern Iceland will be very green.

3. Scenic 2-Hour Biking Tour in the Westfjords (Ísafjörður, July-September)

The Scenic 2-Hour Biking Tour in the Westfjords is a cycling adventure around Ísafjörður, also known as the capital of the Westfjords. This biking tour is popular with nature lovers and travelers who like to get some exercise during their travels.

The tour package for this Icelandic tour costs $102 per person, and the tour itself lasts for 2.5 hours. This Ísafjörður tour has a maximum capacity of eight travelers and a minimum age of 12. The minimum age of this tour is lower than many other biking tours, so this is an excellent tour for families. You will find that this tour only has a departure time of 13:00, so you should take care when planning your Iceland trip that you will need to plan around your other activities. This scenic tour has many dramatic slopes and elevation climbs, so it is considered moderately difficult. 

Travelers with physical limitations or limited fitness levels may have difficulty completing the tour. Because of this, this tour is suited for active families or couples that don’t mind a larger tour group size. The biking tour package includes a bilingual expert trail guide, a bicycle rental, and a helmet for head protection. Your guide is an expert on the colorful history and knows many fun cats about Ísafjörður and the surrounding area. Many reviews of the tour praise it as a great way to learn about the town and northern Iceland.

You will need to bring several things with you to be able to participate in this tour. Travelers should pack warm and waterproof clothes that are appropriate for the temperature and the weather. Also, all travelers will need a backpack to store their water bottles and energy bars to keep them energized during the journey. Every participant will need decent shoes with enough traction for walking on slippery outdoor surfaces. 

Keep in mind that extreme weather will put the tour on hold and possibly lead to it being rescheduled. This biking tour does not include a pickup option for hotels or an airport transfer. If you decide to go on this tour, you will need to arrange travel to the meeting point yourself. It is recommended that you speak with a personal Iceland travel guide that can help you arrange travel, so you don’t need to stress out over it.

Your biking adventure begins at a meeting point in Ísafjörður, where you will meet your guides and get acquainted with your bike rental. While you are here, the guide will lay out the route’s details, including mountains, waterfalls, and spectacular wildflowers. During your trip, you will encounter the famous Buná river, which has a gorgeous waterfall that many people who have never been to Iceland recognize. 

Many people come to Iceland just to get photographs of this iconic place, and the biking route has a great view of the grotto. The highlight of the trip is, of course, the Westfjords. You will ascend many challenging slopes to reach a magnificent view of the surrounding area and seascapes. Some people will come to this point just to whale watch, and you will likely encounter some whales on your tour.

4. Small-Group E-Mountain Bike Ride Tour (Snaefellsnes Peninsula, June-August)

The  E-Mountain Bike Ride Tour is a great way to get acquainted with the Snaefellsnes Peninsula on a personal electronic bike. It is an exciting day tour that gives participants an up-close view of some of Iceland’s most beautiful natural scenery.

This mountain biking tour costs $118 per person and lasts for 2.5 hours. The tour is slightly more intimate than most other tours, only allowing a maximum of four travelers per group. That makes this tour great for small families who enjoy each other’s company or couples who don’t mind sharing with two other people. This tour has a minimum age of 14 years old, and while this is not too restrictive, it may stop some families who might have otherwise participated. One reason this tour has an increased age restriction is that it has a moderate difficulty despite being an electronic bike ride. Despite being electric bikes, you will still need sufficient stamina to peddle during uphill segments, which this tour features several. 

This biking tour is a summer tour that is available from June to August. Because this is the busier travel season in Iceland, you will want to ensure you book your tour well ahead of time so you have an opportunity to get a spot for accommodations before they run out. The Iceland biking tour only has one departure time of 15:00, so care will need to be taken to include this tour in your itinerary. A departure time of 15:00 is hard to schedule and less flexible than some other biking tours. This electronic biking tour package includes an electronic mountain bike rental, helmet, and safety pads. You will also get an expert mountain bike tour guide who speaks English and Icelandic.

While this tour has many included options, there are a few things the tour leaves in your hands. You will need to bring your own waterproof clothing that is warm enough for an Icelandic bike ride. Travelers must also bring sturdy shoes and a backpack to hold their possessions. You must also bring sturdy shoes that are capable of hiking through dense vegetation and mountainous areas. Also, this biking tour does not provide any refreshments, so you will want to bring along food and water to keep you healthy during the tour. The tour does not include pickup or airport transfer options, so you must arrange travel to the meeting point yourself.

Mountain biking begins once you reach your tour group’s meeting point in Stykkishólmur. You will receive detailed meeting instructions on your bike voucher once you have signed up for the tour. Travelers will also receive their helmet and safety gear, including pads to protect their elbows and knees. Once everyone is on their bikes and comfortable with their operation, your group will set off on their adventure. The pace of the group and the route taken will depend on the fitness level of your group. You will explore so many sights on this tour that people call it the “Iceland in a nutshell” tour because it has so many attractions that Iceland is famous for. On your journey, you will encounter mountains, beaches, black sand, lava fields, rivers, and waterfalls.


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5. Dramatic Biking Tour of Reykjanes GeoPark from Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik, Year-Round)

The Dramatic Biking Tour of Reykjanes GeoPark from Blue Lagoon is a stunning look at the Reykjanes Geopark from the view of your mountain bike. Travelers of this tour will get to explore active volcanoes and experience the splendor of this area of geological activity.

This biking tour costs $184 per adult and $92 per child. You will spend 3.5 hours total on this tour. Travelers will bike through Reykjanes GeoPark for two hours before spending the remaining 1.5 hours relaxing at the famous Blue Lagoon spa. This biking tour is offered all year round to a maximum of 15 travelers per group. The tour has a minimum age requirement of six years old to go on this tour, which is significantly lower than many other tours. This lower age requirement is due to the ease of the tour, which is considered easy to finish no matter your fitness level. The Icelandic biking tour includes a trek bike rental, helmet, and a bilingual tour guide that is an expert at navigating the area. This scenic tour also includes a free pick-up option for any hotel accommodation in Reykjavík. You could also add an optional GoPro rental to take footage of your view of the tour for an additional $73. The GoPro rental includes a 16Gb memory card that you get to keep at the conclusion of the tour. The biking tour only has an evening departure option, so you will need to keep that in mind when planning your overall trip. Travelers find this tour great for families and couples because of the low minimum age requirement and large group size.

This biking tour does not include everything in the tour package price. The tour does not include an airport transfer, so you will need to arrange your own way to your accommodation. If you are not planning on staying in Reykjavík, you will need to find your way to the tour’s Blue Lagoon meeting point. You will also be responsible for bringing your own warm, waterproof clothing. Iceland gets a lot of precipitation during all times of the year, even during the summer, so you will need to pack appropriate clothes. Also, travelers will need to bring good hiking shoes that are sturdy enough to handle the elements. You may also want to bring a camera to snap pictures of the scenic route you will be taking.

Your tour begins once you arrive at the Blue Lagoon meeting point. You can use the free Reykjavík pickup option or find your own way there. Once you get there, a seasoned Icelandic tour guide will give you a rundown of safety protocols and biking tips. After securing your bike rental, your group starts to head off on a grand adventure that features many attractions. Some of the sights you can see along the way include the following:

  • Thorbjörn Volcano: This mountain volcano is the result of a fissure eruption. This is where a linear volcanic event opens up without any explosive activity like regular volcanoes. The result is that this volcano is just a pile of lava from over 800 years ago that radiates geothermal energy.
  • Reykjanes Geopark: A hotspot where geothermal energy and the Atlantic shoreline meet, this area is one of the major plate boundaries of the mid-Atlantic ridge. This is one of the only places on earth where this massive ocean ridge is visible from the surface.

6. Cycling Tour of the Westfjords to RauðasandurBeach (Patreksfjörður, May-October)

The Cycling Tour of the Westfjords to Raudasandur Beach is a biking adventure tour through the golden sands of Rauðasandur beach and the surrounding town of Patreksfjörður. Travelers who sign up for this tour will get a spectacular coastline view and a unique perspective on the nearby mountainscapes.

This tour costs $118 per person and lasts four hours. The cycling tour has a morning departure time of 9:00 and is available from May to October. Travelers will find that there is a minimum age requirement of 12, allowing families with more flexibility to bring their teenagers along with them. The mountain trail of this tour can be moderately difficult for guests who have fitness limits, as there is a good portion of the tour that is uphill cycling work. This tour challenges its guests by saying they should be ready for a workout while on tour. The cycling tour includes an English-speaking guide who is very knowledgeable about the trail and the surrounding area. During the tour, your guide will be able to tell you about the rich history and interesting facts of the region. This Westfjords cycling tour also includes a bike rental, helmet, safety equipment, and transportation back to town after you reach the destination point.

There are several things you will need to bring to the tour that this tour package does not provide. Travelers should bring warm clothes that are appropriate to the temperature and weather conditions. Also, it may be a good idea to bring waterproof clothes if your tour route encounters light precipitation. In the case of harsh weather events, your tour may be canceled or postponed. 

You will also want to bring hiking shoes that are sturdy and have good traction, as well as a camera to take pictures of your journey. This tour does not provide food or water, so bringing your own water bottle and snacks is a good idea to keep you satiated during your mountain ride. The cycling tour does not include hotel pickup or airport transfer, so be careful to make your own travel arrangements, so you have a way to get to the meeting site.

Your cycling adventure begins once you meet up with your local route expert in the town of Patreksfjörður. Here you will receive introductions, instructions on how to operate your bike on the trail safely, and a brief period to get acquainted with your bike rental. After meeting with your guide and the rest of your group, you will begin cycling through the area’s natural vistas and sights. Along the way, you will see many things, including like the sights listed below:

  • Garðar shipwreck: The remains of a wrecked steam trawler accessible to travelers during low tide on the beach. This is the oldest steel ship in Iceland and has been stuck on the beach for years. The ship has a reputation for being a ghost ship and has decades of history dating it back to 1912.
  • Látrabjarg: This is the name for the tip of the Westfjords and is famous for being the westernmost point in all of Europe. It is also the largest bird cliff in Europe, and you can see legions of migrating puffins and other local birds.

7. Exciting 1-Hour E-mountain Bike Ride on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour (Snaefellsnes Peninsula, June-August)

The Exciting 1-Hour E-mountain Bike Ride on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour is an electronic mountain exploration of one of Iceland’s most beautiful locations. Travelers who went on this trip remarked how unique the route for this bike ride was and how much of a good muscle workout they got while on tour.

This biking tour costs $73 per person and lasts for one hour. The Iceland tour is available from June to August and has a departure time in the morning at 9:00. Travelers will find that this tour has a minimum age of 14 years old and a maximum group size of ten people. This group size and age range are good for families with older children or couples who don’t mind sharing their time with a larger group. The cycling tour includes a bike rental, helmet, safety equipment, and a knowledgeable tour guide. This guide is adept at navigating the area and knows all of the personal histories of the area. During your tour, the guide is a fountain of information and will keep you engaged with the sights you are saying by connecting them to real history.

The bike ride tour does not include everything you will need for a successful adventure. Travelers on this tour will need to bring waterproof clothing that can stand up against the elements. They will also need to bring their own food and water because the tour package does not include any. Because this tour is only one hour long, you may not need to pack a snack, but you should at least pack water, so you don’t risk dehydration on this strenuous tour. You will want to pack sturdy shoes that can handle walking through the wilderness, and hiking boots are the most recommended shoes for this tour. Many travelers suggest bringing gloves to grip your bicycle better and control it during bumpy surfaces. 

You may also want to bring a camera if you plan on getting some photos to take home as souvenirs. This tour package does not include hotel pickup or airport transfer options, so travelers must get to the meeting point independently. It is recommended that you have a personal travel agent in Iceland that can help you with smaller details like this so you can focus on having fun while in Iceland.

The journey begins at your tour’s meeting site at the base camp just outside the small fishing town of Stykkisholmur. Here you will find a picturesque and idyllic Icelandic village full of local culture and folklore. You and your group members will take in the sights as you meet your tour guide and get acquainted with your bike rental. The expert guide will give you a brief safety lesson before getting your group onto the trail as soon as possible. This cycling tour is considered easy to finish, so you don’t need to be a professional cyclist to have a good time. It helps that this tour has an electronic bicycle, which will assist you with peddling up steep slopes. On the trail, you will encounter adrenaline-pumping hills and valleys and beautiful sights like mountains, rivers, lava fields, and beaches.

8. 3-Day Tectonic Biking Tour (Hveragerði Geothermal Trails, Year-Round)

The 3-Day Tectonic Biking Tour is a ride through challenging trails in the Hveragerði Geothermal Trails. This biking tour aims to explore Iceland’s areas close to geothermal hotspots. 

This tour costs $1690 per person and lasts three days. The biking tour is made for a traveler group size of four to eight people and a minimum age of sixteen years old. Your tour starts in Hveragerði, where you get an option for shuttle airport transfer or accommodation pickup. The tour is available year-round and includes two nights of accommodations, a local guide, and meals during the tour’s duration. It is a tour suitable for smaller groups but not recommended for couples or families because of the trail’s difficulty. This tour can be dangerous and hard to finish for inexperienced bikers, so you should be confident in your abilities before signing up. During the tour, you will explore lush green valleys, hidden waterfalls, and lava fields. Because this tour lasts multiple days, predicting the weather can be a struggle. The weather will determine if you can stop at a geothermal river for a bath, or how intense of a trail you can take that day. This biking tour remarks that the weather will be the boss, and you should hope for good favor with it.

9. E-bike Ullarfoss Tour (Ullarfoss, Year-Round)

The E-bike Ullarfoss Tour is a cruise through Fossselsskógur Forest on high-quality electronic bikes. Many travelers like the rustic feel of the landscape of this tour which has you stop by a farm and enjoy the view.

This tour costs $115 per person and lasts for 2.5 hours. The Iceland biking tour is available during all months of the year and is excellent for families and couples because of the ease of the trail and the fact it has no minimum age requirement. Travelers can choose how difficult or easy they want their path to be, and the electronic bikes make any path you take a little bit easier. The tour starts at a meeting point in Original North north, where you will head south and enjoy refreshments and snacks. This tour only has one departure time of 17:00, so you must plan your schedule accordingly. 

You will also need to arrange travel to the meeting point because the tour does not offer hotel pickup or airport transfer. After exploring the local sights, you will return back to where you started. The highlight of this tour is the Ullarfoss waterfall, which is an attraction that not many people see when they go to Iceland.

10. Electric Mountain Biking Tour in North Iceland (North Iceland, August)

The Electric Mountain Biking Tour in North Iceland is an intense trail adventure made easier by the use of electronic pedals. Guests of this tour get to take in the sights of a beautiful mountain and seascape.

This biking tour costs $157 per person and lasts three hours. You will find that this biking tour is only available for August tours with a limited number of spots. This tour has no minimum age requirement, making it ideal for families with smaller children. The tour begins in the town of Siglufjörður, where you will meet your guide and tour group. After a safety briefing, you will head out onto the rugged trails of north Iceland and see the north Atlantic ocean in all of its beauty. 

This is an excellent tour for families and couples who want a relaxing ride but don’t want to miss out on an adventure. No airport transfer or pickup is included in this tour, so travelers must arrange their own way to the meeting site. While it is not hard to finish the tour, it can be dangerous because of the slopes that you will be required to ascend.

What to know for Best Biking Trip Tours in Iceland

Before booking a biking trip tour in Iceland, there are a few considerations you must be aware of. Some of these considerations are listed below:

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Many bike trip tours will not offer airport transfer because they are not close to any airports. While traveling in Iceland, you must plan how to get to places ahead of time so you don’t get stuck somewhere. Some tours that are closer to an airport will offer an airport transfer service or at least a pickup service to get you to the tour meeting site.

Accommodation Cost: Biking trip tours will typically not cover the cost for you to stay at accommodations while traveling in Iceland. This is because many biking tours only last a few hours and do not span over multiple days. You will be responsible for finding a place to stay and covering the accommodation cost. You will want to factor this cost into your budget when planning a trip beyond the tour package ticket price.

Personal Travel Agent: It is hard to understate the importance of hiring a personal travel agent for biking tours in Iceland. A personal travel agent will have experience and connections to ensure every detail of your trip goes off without a hitch. They can take the stress out of planning a trip by arranging the itinerary of your dreams without you having to lift a finger. A personal travel agent can also be an essential lifeline if something unexpected happens while you are in Iceland. If it is your first time traveling in Iceland, it is highly recommended that you leave your trip planning in the hands of a professional. This will mean less time you spend worrying while on your trip and more time focusing on the flavor of Iceland.

Price Range: For a daytime biking adventure, Iceland bike trip tours range between $50 and $200. Tours that last multiple days can cost an average of $1000 or more.

Price Factors: A few things will affect this price range. The duration of a biking tour can dramatically increase the price you will pay for the overall tour. Biking tours can range from 1-8 hours. If you want the most bang for your buck, you will want to go with a longer tour. Not only will a longer tour give you a deeper experience, but they also generally cost less per hour overall. Another price factor to consider is the season you are visiting. The summer months of Iceland are a busy tourist season, which can inflate the price of all tours and accommodations. To save money, you will want to lock in your travel plans as early as possible to guarantee you get the best price on everything.

Popularity: Biking tours are a popular activity in Iceland and sell out quite frequently. If you find a biking tour that you like, try to book it as soon as possible. If you forget to reserve your tour spot, you may find it gone when you come back to look at it. Some biking tours sell out a year in advance or more, depending on their popularity. It will depend on when you plan to visit and how much flexibility you have in your traveling schedule.

COVID-19 Precautions: When traveling in Iceland, you must be aware of and follow several COVID-19 precautions. Many tours will require you to take a COVID-19 test before you are allowed to participate in the tour. This is done to protect the safety of the guests and staff and reduce the chances of exposure. Many biking tours also have COVID-19 rules about sanitizing equipment, social distancing, and constantly washing your hands.

Which regions of Iceland are better for Biking Trip Tours?

The region is important when looking for a good biking tour, especially if you are visiting Iceland for a limited time. Some of the regions that are better for Iceland biking trip tours are listed below:

  • West Region: This region has the most remote areas available for a biking tour. This makes for a private and relaxing ride through unique sights that not many people get to experience.
  • South Region: A region with some of the best attractions, all conveniently located next to one another. South Iceland also has some of the highest populations in Iceland, leading to more biking tour opportunities.

What are the Most Famous Biking Trip Tours of Iceland?

A great way to ensure you get a quality tour is to find a popular one. Some of the most famous biking trip tours of Iceland include the ones listed below:

  • Grand 6-Hour Cycling Tour in the Westfjords: This biking tour is famous because it combines excellent sightseeing with deep Icelandic cultural exploration. People who go on this tour get a sense of understanding of Iceland along with their neat photos of the landscape.
  • Dramatic Biking Tour of Reykjanes GeoPark from Blue Lagoon:  One of the most famous Iceland tours, this biking tour gives you a full Iceland experience. You get to relax in hot springs and have a memorable GoPro recording of your biking trip.

What are the Best Biking Trip Tours for Families?

It is not easy planning an Iceland trip for families, especially a biking one. Minimum age requirements and trail difficulty make it hard to find a biking tour that is a good fit for every family. The best biking trip tours for families include the following:

  • Grand 6-Hour Cycling Tour in the Westfjords: Families going on this biking tour will sigh relief because there is no minimum age required to participate in the ride. The Iceland tour is perfect for families who want a comprehensive look at western Iceland.
  • 3-Hour Electronic Bike Ride From Siglufjordur: This Iceland biking tour does have a minimum age requirement, but it makes up for it by being an effortless ride with low fitness demands. The shorter tour time also makes it more doable for kids with less of an attention span.
  • Dramatic Biking Tour of Reykjanes GeoPark from Blue Lagoon: An excellent choice for budgeting families since the cost of bringing children on tour is significantly lower than adults. It is also the tour with the most kid-friendly activities that can keep their attention for longer.
  • Small-Group E-Mountain Bike Ride Tour: This biking tour is a more intimate four-person experience, making it perfect for a small family unit. Using an electronic bike also helps less strong family members finish the tour easily.

What are the Best Biking Trip Tours for Couples?

Couples are often looking for a combination of privacy and romantic views. Some of the best biking trip tours for couples are listed below:

  • Small-Group E-Mountain Bike Ride Tour: This tour has one of the smallest group sizes, making it an excellent fit for romantic couples who want to explore areas of the beaten path with the fewest people possible.
  • Cycling Tour of the Westfjords to RauðasandurBeach: Couples will enjoy participating in this tour because it has a romantic view of the beach that is unmatched. This tour requires some extra effort to finish, making the experience worth it.


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What are the Most recommended biking tours for experienced bikers?

Some of the most recommended bike tours for expert adventurers include the following:

  • Cycling Tour of the Westfjords to RauðasandurBeach: This tour has many moments where you traverse rugged terrain and ascend steep slopes. Experienced bikers will find more adrenaline-pumping action here, while novice bikers might find the extra sweat required tedious.
  • Scenic 2-Hour Biking Tour in the Westfjords: A tour that is rated moderately difficult to finish if you do not have a good level of fitness. The elevation of the trails can also make it tricky for inexperienced bikers to navigate if they aren’t careful.

What are the Iceland Biking Tours recommended for new bikers?

 Less experienced bikers might want to take things a little easier with the bike tours listed below:

  • Small-Group E-Mountain Bike Ride Tour: This Iceland biking tour features a mountain bike with electronic assisted pedaling, so it’s excellent for new bikers who don’t have much stamina. It also keeps a small group, so you don’t have to worry about getting left behind.
  • 3-Hour Electronic Bike Ride From Siglufjordur: People going on this tour will be significantly aided by including an electronic bike that does half the pedaling for you. New bikers will be thrilled to have to focus less of their attention on pedaling and more attention on their beautiful surroundings.

What are the Most luxurious Iceland Biking Trip Tours?

The Dramatic Biking Tour of Reykjanes GeoPark from Blue Lagoon is one of the most luxurious Iceland biking tours because it includes a spa treatment admission in the ticket price. You get to relax and soak your tired muscles directly after your tour, making you feel like you are getting the royal treatment.

What is the Price Range for Iceland Biking Trip Tours?

The price range for Iceland biking tours is between $50 and $1000. A few things will influence the price of the tour. Some tours rent more expensive bikes, which will increase the price, and the time of year you go will also affect the price. Summer month tours in July cost more because it is the busy tourism season of Iceland, while winter bike tours in February are the cheapest month because it is a slower tourism season. Also, short biking tours won’t cost as much, while more extended tours will tend to have a higher tour package price.

What is the Cheapest Biking Trip Tour in Iceland?

The Exciting 1-Hour E-mountain Bike Ride on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula Tour and the Scenic 2-Hour Biking Tour in the Westfjords are the cheapest tours. These tours are cheaper than many other biking tours because they have a shorter duration of 1-2 hours compared to the others.

What are the Rules for Iceland Biking Trip Tours?

While on a biking trip, it is important to follow some critical rules that will keep you and your tour group safe. While Iceland looks pretty, it can be dangerous if you take it for granted. Some essential rules for Iceland biking trip tours are listed below:

  • Wear Safety Equipment: Many tours provide complimentary helmets and safety pads for a reason, so be smart and wear them correctly. Many Iceland biking tours are on rough terrain that is likely elevated, so that a careless fall could be deadly without proper protection.
  • Dress Warm and Comfortable: When you are out on the trail, you will not have an opportunity to change your clothes, so make sure you pick out something that you will be comfortable wearing. In Iceland, you will want to dress warm so that the frigid mountain or ocean air doesn’t cause discomfort during your ride.
  • Consider the Weather Conditions: Iceland gets a lot of precipitation, even during the dry months of the year. You will want to keep up to date on weather conditions on the ground while on a biking trip tour so you can wear proper clothing to ensure you stay safe on the trails. This is also a good idea if you want to make sure that your trip has not been canceled. 

Is taking photographs allowed for Biking Tours?

Yes, taking photographs is allowed on biking tours. You will want to bring your own camera to take breathtaking photos, and biking tours are a great way to get close to your subject. Many unique types of flora and fauna may also be available for photographs on your biking trip tour if you are lucky enough.

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for Biking Tours?

Yes, some biking tours have photography tour packages in the form of GoPro footage. GoPro cameras are a great way to get a first-person perspective on your ride that a camera can not compete with. Also, some tours offer multiple angles, so you may discover something magical that you missed out on during your ride or during the first time you watched the footage.

Are Iceland Biking Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, Iceland bike trip tours are safe from COVID-19. Many tours practice strict COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing and constant hand washing. These tours also provide guests and staff with hand sanitizer and will clean any equipment you use between tours.

Are Biking Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

Yes, you can take a biking trip by yourself in Iceland, but it is not recommended. You will want to find a group with a tour guide at least, so you can reduce the chance of getting lost while on the trail. You will also miss out on the area’s historical, geological, and cultural facts that add some understanding to the beauty you see.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland Biking Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on Iceland biking trip tours. Many biking tours do not provide any meals for their guests, so you will be responsible for packing your own snacks, meals, and water to keep your energy up during the tour.


The Best Biking Tours in Iceland


What are the Best Sessions for Iceland Biking Trip Tours by Month?

The time of the year you choose to go to Iceland is an important decision. Some of the best sessions for Iceland biking trip tours by month include:

  • June-August: One of the best times to come to Iceland in general, this time period is excellent for biking tours because you get the maximum amount of sunlight to explore the Iceland landscape.
  • March-May: This touring season still has many advantages over the summer season, but there are fewer crowds to fight. With fewer people traveling, finding accommodations and more private tours will be easier.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland Biking Trip Tours?

The average duration of an Iceland biking trip tour is three hours. However, some tours are as short as one hour, and others can last the whole day. Typically a longer tour will give you a better daily cost because you can experience more attractions under one bike rental. The price of biking tours starts to add up if you go on multiple shorter trips as opposed to fewer longer ones.

Where do the Iceland Biking Trip Tours start?

When searching for biking trip tours, you should be aware of where many will start. The places where biking trip tours start are listed below.

Are Iceland Biking Trip Tours Hard to Finish?

No, Iceland biking trip tours are not hard to finish. Many more specific tours in Iceland are more strenuous. That said, people with limited physical stamina may find biking tours hard to finish because many involve pedaling up slopes for great distances. People with a moderate fitness level will not find them too difficult to finish.

What to know about Biking Tours in Iceland

There are a few things you should know about biking tours in Iceland. One thing to remember is that the weather is unpredictable, and tours may be canceled in advance or changed to a different route depending on the weather forecast. You should also remember to bring your essentials with you on biking tours, because they don’t include many bare essentials you will need for comfort and survival.

Is Biking Around Iceland easy?

Biking around Iceland is easier than some of the other types of wilderness tours, but some tours are not easy. Biking tours can present a physical challenge that requires stamina to get through. Some biking tours use electronic bikes that make the experience significantly easier to finish for those who don’t enjoy the extra exercise.

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

While you are on your bike ride in Iceland, you will also have the opportunity to partake in several other activities along the way. Some of these activities include the following:

  • Bird Watching: Iceland is known for its many species of beautiful birds like the puffin, and some bike tours will take you close to their nest, as well as riding past areas where you can see many migrating birds. Some travelers come to Iceland just for a chance to spot one of their favorite bird species or to get as close to them as possible.
  • Hot Springs: Some biking tours feature stops at spas or local hot springs, where you will have an opportunity to relax and soak your tired muscles. Iceland has an abundance of hot springs in the country because of its history of volcanic activity and proximity to a major tectonic plate.
  • Whale Watching: Travelers who sign up for biking tours near the shoreline will have a chance to see a magnificent whale pod swimming in the distance. As the most western point in Europe, Iceland is one of the only ways to see these beautiful creatures reliably without going to another continent. 
  • Photography: Many bike trip tourists will enjoy Iceland’s many opportunities for amazing photos. Iceland’s landscapes can seem supernatural or otherworldly at times with how beautiful they can be. Iceland is one of the best places to get photos of nature that will blow your mind.
  • Rock Collecting: Because of Iceland’s long history of active geological activity, many rock collecting enthusiasts will come to Iceland for a chance to find a rare and beautiful geode. Be on the lookout for these collectibles while out on your bike ride.
  • Cultural Learning: Iceland has a rich cultural history that is in harmony with nature. During your biking tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate this culture and allow it to give you an insight into the surrounding land.
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