Vesturland (Western Region): Municipalities, Population, Area, Density

Vesturland is one of the eight primary regions in Iceland. It includes most of the country’s western portion while excluding the northwestern peninsula known as the Westfjords. The Western Region of Iceland has ten municipalities, including these.

  • Akraneskaupstaður
  • Borgarbyggð
  • Dalabyggð
  • Eyja- og Miklaholtshreppur
  • Grundarfjarðarbær
  • Helgafellssveit
  • Hvalfjarðarsveit
  • Skorradalshreppur
  • Snæfellsbær
  • Stykkishólmsbær

The population was 16,662 people as of the 2020 census. The region’s total area is 9,554 square kilometers or 3,689 square miles. That makes the population density slightly higher than some of the more remote regions of iceland at 1.6 people per square kilometer.

Where is Vesturland Located?

Vesturland incorporates quite a lot of the Western portion of Iceland. It is sandwiched between two regions of Iceland, the Westfjords to the north and the Capital Region to the south.

What is the population of the Vesturland Region in Iceland?

The population of Vesturland is only 16,662 people. The total population density is slightly higher than most of the rest of Iceland since it is more than one person per square kilometer. The total density is 1.6 people per square kilometer or four people per square mile.

Which cities are in the Vesturland Region of Iceland?

There are not many urban areas in Iceland in Vesturland. Akranes and Borgarnes are the largest towns in Vesturland. Akranes has a population of 7,400, and Borgarnes has 1,900 people. Some of the other towns and villages include Stykkisholmur and Borgarbyggd.

What to do in Vesturland Region?

There are quite a few draws that bring people into Vesturland in Iceland. Many of these are natural features since there is no significant urban population in this part of Iceland. This makes it very popular to go hiking and go out to view some of the special wildlife unique to the area. 

There are also some excellent pieces of ancient architecture in this area, including some old churches people enjoy visiting around Borgarfjordur in West Iceland. 

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is one of the most popular areas to visit for tourists in Iceland and is located in the Vesturland region.

What are the Hotels in Vesturland?

Hotels are spread out well throughout this entire region. For example, you can find plenty of options around Snaefellsjokull National Park if you want a hiking getaway. These include the Arnarstapi Hotel and Cottages as well as the Snjofell Guesthouse. You can also stay in Grundarfjordur as a good village that gives you access to the rest of the Peninsula. Some of the hotels here include Grund I Grundarfirdi, The Old Post Office Guesthouse, and Guesthouse 43.

What are the Points of Interest in Vesturland?

Some of the points of interest in Vesturland include the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, which houses interesting geographical features from Mr. Kirkjufell to the Dalir district that has a history reaching back to the settlement that was formed in the 9th century. 

Another point of interest is Hraunfossar or the Lava Falls. These are an unusual natural wonder featuring a clear spring of subterranean water that seeps through lava rocks to become tiny waterfalls in the Hvita River.

What are the Glaciers in Vesturland?

There are several glaciers located in Vesturland. Some of the better-known glaciers include Eiriksjokull and a portion of Nyrdhri-Skridhjokull. Perhaps the most popular is Snaefellsjokull, also one of the larger glaciers. These are excellent areas for hiking and to get views into the valleys below. 

What are the Mountains in Vesturland?

The geography in Vesturland has a lot of variation. Because of that, there are plenty of well-known peaks in this region. Some of these include Kirkjufell, Akrafjall, Hafrafell, and Ljosufjoll.

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