Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland

Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland: Location, Nature, Environment, History

Aðaldalur Valley (Main Valley) is located in the country’s northern parts and is one of the most picturesque valleys in Iceland. The geographic coordinates of the Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland are 65.8542° N, 17.4026° W. Basically, Aðaldalur lies in the middle of the Skjálfandafljót River and the Hvammsheiði moor. An essential part of the Aðaldalur valley is the Aðaldalshraun lava field which is now also covered by the Laxar lava field. 

What is the size of the Aðaldalur Valley of Iceland?

The Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland is a relatively big valley set at an elevation of 22 meters. The valley covers the area between Hagi and Hólmavað. 

What plants are grown in Aðaldalur Valley?

The Aðaldalur Valley is unusually rich in plant life. Despite being covered by lava fields, the valley grows dense populations of heather, oak, birch, and rice. These plants are riddled with unusually-shaped lava rocks and formations.  

Which Rivers are Connected to the Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland?

The rivers connected to the Aðaldalur valley are Laxa and Skjalfandafljot. The Laxa river is one of the most famous rivers in Iceland. Because of its rich salmon population, the river is known as the Queen of the Icelandic rivers. 

Which Cities are Closest to the Aðaldalur Valley of Iceland?

Cities in Iceland close to the Aðaldalur Valley are Hólmavað and Ytra-Fjall. Both of these localities classify as small and cozy farms. 

How is the History of the Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland?

Covering the lowlands south of Bay Skjalfandafli, the Aðaldalur Valley is vast and marked by bushes and lava formations. On the south of Aðaldalur Valley, there are three other valleys, Reykjadalur, Þegjandadalur, and Laxardalur. Aðaldalur features many crater rows (Threngsla and Ludentsborgir) and pseudo craters with crevices and chasms, which Icelanders have used as sheep shelters.  

What to do in Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland?

Iceland activities you can do in the Aðaldalur Valley are hiking, sightseeing, and watching animals. The valley is picturesque and perfect for taking fun pictures. 

Is there a Lake in Aðaldalur Valley?

Yes, there is a lake in the Aðaldalur Valley in Iceland, Lake Mývatn. The volcanic Lake Mývatn is the fourth largest lake in Iceland and is riddled with small but beautiful islands. 

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