Best Airplane Tours in Iceland

The Best Airplane Tours in Iceland 

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Airplane trip tours are some of the most exciting and, at the same time, peaceful ways to tour the country of Iceland. Being that high in the sky is exhilarating. This perspective can also give people a different sense of peace as they feel like they are high above everything else. The best airplane trip tours in Iceland allow you to experience Iceland the way you want. 

These airplane tours have an average price range of about $200-$400 and last around 45-60 minutes on average. There aren’t many airplane tours in Iceland compared to other tours.

Some dangers are involved in airplane tours. Lousy weather could spell trouble for an airplane high up in the air. Many pilots, however, will ground their planes at the first sign of bad weather to prevent this. Considering this information, you should be aware that this means that airplane tours have one of the highest rates of having to be rescheduled or refunded.

Airplane trip tours in Iceland start from various stations, including:

  • Reykjavík
  • Akureyri
  • Skaftafell

There are airplane trip tours for nearly every region and area of Iceland which are well worth seeing. Keep reading to find out about the best airplane tours in Iceland!

1. Flying Tour over North Iceland’s Diamond Circle (Akureyri, Year-Round)

The Flying Tour over North Iceland’s Diamond Circle is a one-hour flying and sightseeing tour over one of the most fantastic sights of northern Iceland. People who participated in this tour loved the different perspectives, informative explanations, and variety of sights.

This tour costs $327 per person and lasts for 1.5 hours. It is available only in English and is open during all times of the year. No minimum age is required to enlist on the flight, so this tour is excellent for all ages, families, and couples. The tour is safe and easy to go on for people who may have physical restrictions. Included in the price of the tour is a pilot who is knowledgeable about the view on the ground and can answer any questions you may have. The pilot will give a guided tour of the different areas of the Diamond Circle with insightful commentary as he is flying.

On board, you will find comfortable seating and beverages throughout the journey. All the beverages on board are included in the price of the tour. On this tour, you should bring a camera to take photos of the memorable journey. If you have a mountable camera such as a GoPro, you will also be allowed to use that on this tour. This tour also includes an airport transfer from Akureyri domestic airport.

The flying tour begins upon your arrival to Akureyri’s Domestic Airport, where you will find your pilot waiting along with a small airplane. You will then get briefed on the tour’s scope, the flight conditions, and any necessary safety precautions. After the preliminary introductions, you will board the plane and start experiencing the diamond circle. When you fly on an airplane over the Diamond Circle, you will see a wide variety of sights, including:

  • Eyjafjörður Bay: The longest fjord in Iceland steeped in Viking history and beautiful churches.
  • Tröllaskagi Mountains: Iceland’s tallest mountains serve as the background for the region’s many valleys, bays, rivers, and waterfalls.
  • Akureyri’s Capital of the North: A series of colorful tin roofs and beautiful buildings visible from miles up in the sky.
  • Goðafoss Waterfall: A stunning waterfall where Iceland once celebrated its conversion to Christianity when the Law Speaker tossed Norse Idols into the water.

An airplane tour is highly dependent upon the weather, so be sure to check the forecast beforehand. Any intense weather forecasts will ground most planes in Iceland, including tour planes. Rainfall is usually not an issue for airplane tours, but if that rain is accompanied by high winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, or ice; then the tour will ground the airplane. If the tour is canceled, you will be given an option to reschedule or a refund if no suitable substitution times can be found.

To participate in this tour, you must be aware of COVID-19 restrictions. The tour will require you to test negative for COVID-19 upon landing in Iceland. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be eligible for a full refund if you contact them via email with your information and test results within four hours of receiving them.

2. Introductional Flight with Sightseeing around Reykjavík in a Flying Buggy Tour (Reykjavík, June-August)

The Introductional Flight with Sightseeing around Reykjavík in a Flying Buggy Tour is a flying tour in an ultralight aircraft known as a flying buggy. This incredible flight-seeing tour cranks up the excitement and adds a thrill of fast flying and adrenaline-pumping adventure in addition to a normal tour.

This tour costs $284 per person and lasts 1.5 hours. This tour is only available in English and can only be booked between June and August. A great feature of this summer tour is that the flight path is highly personalized. When booking the tour you get to pick from a selection of different flight paths in the area of Reykjavík . Your 15-20 minute personalized flight includes a pilot, the tour, aerial acrobatics, and the option to fly the plane yourself if you want to. 

This tour has a minimum age of six years and a restriction of only one passenger at a time. The reason for these restrictions is that the tour takes place in a Flying Buggy, which is only a two-seater. This means that this tour is not suitable for families or couples. The tour is focused on giving a single person an intense flying and touring experience.

This airplane tour in Iceland is considered safe and not too challenging to finish. Since you have an experienced flying tour guide and this is only an introductory flight, most tourists won’t find it too difficult. The tour requires any passengers under 18 years old to provide their parents’ written permission, and there is a max weight limit of 110 kg or 242 pounds. These restrictions exist because the plane is so tiny and lightweight.

Your high-flying adventure begins once you arrive at Grund airfield outside of Reykjavik. You will meet your private flying instructor and get acquainted with the two-seater Ultra flight Aircraft. After getting a briefing and some safety instructions, you will take to the skies. 

At this point, the flight path is up to you. You can just sit back and relax and take in some sights, or you can have the instructor start showing off some cool aerial maneuvers and adrenal-pumping tricks. There are several attractions you can get a great glimpse of from the sky, including:

  • Harpa Concert Hall: A beautiful building designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson. It opened in 2011 and has since become the cultural symbol of Rekjavik and is one of the most recognizable buildings in Iceland.
  • Hallgrímskirkja Church: A beautiful historic church that is the largest in Iceland. It contains an organ with 5,275 pipes, and the church itself took 41 years to build. While it looks imposing on the ground, you can see it in full view from the sky.
  • Faxaflói Bay: This area has been an important food source since ancient times and carries that tradition into today. It has many small islands that have remained uninhabited for nearly a century.

At the halfway point of your journey, your pilot may embark upon a brief touchdown to allow you to see the same landscape from a different angle and give you a chance to take photos. You should bring your own camera on this trip to take pictures. This tour also offers a photography package where you can buy photographs from your trip or pay to have a GoPro record your entire flight.

You should remember that extreme weather conditions will delay or cancel your flight. This airplane tour also follows COVID-19 procedures and will require you to pass a COVID test before your landing in Iceland. Should any of these reasons cancel your tour, you will be either reimbursed or rescheduled for another time. Airport transfer is not included in this tour, so you will need to find your own way to make it to Grund airfield.


Airplane Tours in Iceland


3. Sightseeing Flight over Landmannalaugar Tour (Skaftafell, Year-Round)

The Sightseeing Flight over Landmannalaugar Tour is a relaxed tour exploring the Skaftafell area and Iceland’s highlands. People on this tour have been complimented for its pretty angles and magnificent glacier view.

This tour costs $393 per person and lasts for one hour. There is no minimum age for this tour, so anyone from any age group is invited to participate. The tour is only available in English and is available for booking throughout the year. Since there is no age restriction, this tour is considered easy to finish and is not too taxing or difficult for most passengers. Because it is an air tour, you will want to consider any air sickness you might experience and take precautions beforehand.

This airplane tour in Iceland is great for families because you can book up to two adults and two children. If your family is bigger than four, then this tour might not be suitable for your family. It also makes a great couples tour because it can fit precisely two adults. This tour includes an experienced pilot tour guide and free parking at the Skaftafell airport as part of the ticket price.

The tour begins at the airport in Skaftafell, located close to the Skaftafell visitor center. You and any other guests will undergo a quick safety orientation and explanation from your pilot before taking to the skies. As you float over the beautiful landscape, you will encounter several gorgeous sights, including:

  • Eldgjá canyon: A volcano and canyon that had a massive eruption around the year 940. After transforming the landscape around it, Eldgjá canyon gave birth to many beautiful natural landmarks, like the Ófærufoss waterfall, a distinct two-tiered waterfall.
  • Landmannalaugar Highlands: Also known as the traveler’s highlands, this oasis was famous for where ancient travelers would stop and rest. It was popular for its many bathing hot springs.
  • Skeiðarárjökull glacier: One of Iceland’s most well-known glaciers. It is famous for its glacier flooding resulting from the activity at Grímsvötn, Iceland’s most active volcano.
  • Skaftafell Nature Reserve: A lush and green landscape. Once considered its own national park. Before that, it was a giant farm that fed much of the surrounding regions.
  • Lakagígar craters: A volcanic fissure responsible for causing the most enormous volcanic explosion that human eyes have ever witnessed.

After seeing these gorgeous sights, you will return to Skaftafell airport on Highway 1 to end your journey. During the tour, your guide will answer questions and explain interesting facts about all the areas on your flight path.

Something to be aware of is that the tour does not provide photo options, so you must bring your own camera if you want to take pictures. You will also want to get warm and comfortable clothes that are appropriate for Iceland’s weather. This tour also requires that you pass a COVID-19 test before entering Iceland. If you test positive, your tour time will be rescheduled, or you will be eligible for a refund. This tour can also get canceled if any severe weather conditions in the forecast have the potential to ground planes in the area.

4. Arctic Circle Express Airplane Trip to Grimsey Island Tour (Akureyri, June-September)

The Arctic Circle Express Airplane Trip to Grimsey Island Tour is a summer to early fall flying tour of northern Iceland. This tour is unique because it lets you explore the area in the air before allowing you to explore that same area on foot for a wholly unique perspective and experience.

The Arctic Circle tour costs $422 per person and lasts three hours. It is available in English and German, with tour guides in each of these languages. There are no minimum age restrictions for this tour, and you can book up to four passengers. This tour is great for couples looking for a romantic view of the arctic circle or a family who is up for an adventure. 

Although the tour is available during the summer months and during Iceland’s famous midnight sun, it only offers two departure times. When you book this tour, you can choose between a noon departure or an afternoon departure. This restriction on time means you will need to plan your airplane tour carefully to ensure it doesn’t interfere with any of your other tour activities. This tour is easy to finish, but some walking is required so some passengers may find the trek challenging. On the flight, you will have access to Artic food samples and beverages to keep your energy levels high as you explore Iceland’s Arctic Circle.

The tour begins once you reach Akureyri airport. Airport transfer is included in the price of the tickets, so if you are nearby the Akureyri airport, you can have a shuttle take you to the tour site. Your experienced pilot will come out to greet you and will lead you to a small aircraft and explain an overview of the tour’s path and safety rules. Once introductions are over, you will waste no time and take to the sky. On your path to the island of Grimsey, you will have a chance to see and photograph many unique sights. Some of these sights include the following:

  • Troll Peninsula: A peninsula that offers one of the most breathtaking views in all of Iceland. It features several mountains with some of the highest peaks in northern Iceland. Over the years, the peninsula has been carved out by glaciers to create several deep valleys to create an imposing and powerful natural figure from the sky.
  • Whales: You will spend a significant time passing over the northern Icelandic sea and will have a reasonable opportunity of seeing whales during their migration time. Whales will travel north during the summer and fall months to get to colder waters where the food is. You’ll have a chance to see blue whales, humpback whales, or sperm whales along their migration route.

After a short flight, you will touch down on the Island of Grimsley, the only part of Iceland that sits on the Arctic Circle. Here you will get to see the Atlantic Puffin in its natural element. These stout yet colorful birds come to nest and create sanctuaries during the warmer months. After getting the opportunity to take pictures here, you will return to your plane and head back to the town of Akureyri.

This tour requires all its passengers to be COVID-19-free, which means passing a PCR COVID-19 test before landing in Iceland. The tour may also be canceled for any intense forecasted weather conditions that make air travel impractical. In the event of any cancellation, as long as you let the tour company know ahead of time, they can make arrangements for rescheduling or reimbursements.

5. Air Tour of Grímsvötn Eruption Site (Skaftafell, July-May)

The Air Tour of Grímsvötn Eruption Site is an aerial exploration that gives you an incredible view of Iceland’s most active volcano. People on this tour were delighted by the magnificence of the lava fields, glaciers, and beauty of the shockingly blue water.

This airplane tour for Iceland costs $302 per traveler and lasts around 45 minutes. There is no age requirement to go on this tour, but children under 12 will only cost $226 per person. The tour has a maximum size of four participants, making it ideal for small families or couples who don’t mind sharing with another couple.

Previous travelers of this tour consider it easy to finish, so anyone with physical limitations shouldn’t be discouraged from booking. The tour is offered only in English, with no other language options available. This tour is open between May and July, making it an early summer tour and giving you more departure options. When booking this tour, you can choose between a 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, and 15:00 start time for your airplane trip. 

This tour will not include any food, so you must bring your own snack if you get hungry in the middle of one of the midday departures. Also, this tour does not include any airport transfer options; you must make your way to the meeting spot yourself. The tour does include a knowledgeable guide who will inform you of exciting details of all the visible landmarks on your journey.

Your aerial spectacle begins once you reach the Skaftafell Nature Reserve and meet your pilot. From there, you will get a brief orientation on safety protocols, and then you are ready for takeoff. Once in the air, you will be treated to many gorgeous sights which are listed below:

  • Volcanoes: Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice partly because of its frequent volcanic activity.  Over thirty volcanoes have erupted in recent earth history. One of these volcanoes, Eldgjá, was the largest lava eruption in human history.
  • Ancient Ice: Iceland had its own localized ice age between the years of 1890 and 1920. This unique climate atmosphere leads to the expansion of many of Iceland’s glaciers. Iceland’s unique landscapes of deeply carved valleys and high mountains are due in part to this glacial activity. Many of these ancient icebergs have been retreating in recent years because of climate change, letting humans see their destructive paths.
  • Grímsvötn: This is the highlight of the tour. Thevolcano’s recent eruption in 2011 sent explosions of ashfall that were sent 20 km or 10 miles away. It has the highest eruption frequency of all the volcanoes in Iceland and is a magnificent sight from the air.

After circling around Grímsvötn, you will return to Skaftafell Nature Reserve for a landing. Make sure before going on this tour to bring warm clothes appropriate for the weather and a camera to capture the scenes before you. Many weather conditions could make this tour unsafe, and the tour could be canceled at any time. Make sure to be proactive and check the weather to know if the weather could cancel your tour. The tour will let you know if a tour is canceled as soon as possible. Before taking this tour you will be required to pass a COVID-19 test.

6. 45 Minute Sightseeing Flight over Hvannadalshnjukur & Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon (Skaftafell, July-May)

The 45 Minute Sightseeing Flight over Hvannadalshnjukur & Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is an exciting flying and sightseeing tour over the crown jewel of Iceland, otherwise known as the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. People who have taken this tour have complimented it for its unique perspective of this iconic landmark and gorgeous aerial views.

This tour costs $304 and lasts for 45 minutes. The plane included on this tour is a small plane and only holds a maximum of four passengers. There is no age requirement to sign up for the tour, allowing children of any age to join. If a child is under 12, they can ride the plan for only $228 per person. This tour includes a knowledgeable sightseeing guide and pilot who can deliver a guided tour in English. Many of the reviews for this tour cite the tour as an easy tour, meaning most passengers can finish it without too much difficulty.

This airplane tour for Iceland is available most of the year, only closed during June. If you wish to sign up for this tour, you will want to bring your own camera, as the tour doesn’t have any rental options. You will also want to bring a snack if you get hungry as there won’t be any refreshments on the flight.

Your adventure begins as soon as you make your way to the private airfield in Skaftafell. From there, you will meet your pilot and a small plane carrying you on your journey. After a short safety talk, you will be ready to take off and start soaring. You’ll witness many sights on your short aerial trek through the skies, including:

  • Hvannadalshnjúkur mountain: A pyramid peak on the northwestern rim of the Öræfajökull volcano. The summit of this mountain is the highest point in Iceland. By flying above this peak in your small plane, you will temporarily be in the tallest thing in Iceland!
  • Öræfajökull glacier: A glacier that was formed during a massive flood of rock, volcanic ash, and icebergs after a volcanic eruption. A depression was left on the mountainside that looks just like an iceberg. The current mountain that contains Öræfajökull was formed when two adjacent ancient volcanoes fused together.
  • Floating Icebergs: Iceland has many glaciers, and even the chunks that fall off them become large floating sheets of ice. These icebergs start floating due to a process called calving, which causes falling ice sheets to float in saltwater. Sometimes these icebergs are called ice mountains due to their size.
  • Breiðamerkurjökull glacier: One of the largest glacier tongues in Iceland. It was once one of the most advanced glacial tongues towards the Atlantic ocean until climate change slowed and eventually reversed its advance. It has been in full retreat since the 1930s.

After seeing all there is to see in the area, your plane will make its way back to the airstrip, and you will have concluded one of the most thrilling aerial views in Iceland. Before going on this tour, you should know that cancellations are common because of the area’s weather conditions. You will also need to pass a COVID-19 test to be allowed to participate in the tour.

7. Sightseeing Flight Over Black Sands And Riverbeds Tour (Skaftafell, July-April)

The Sightseeing Flight Over Black Sands And Riverbeds Tour is a photogenic and breathtaking aerial look at Iceland’s coastlines and glaciers. You will encounter many beautiful sights that remind you of why Iceland is one of the most scenic locations in the world. Previous travelers commented that professional photographers used this flight to get some of the best photographs of Iceland.

This tour costs $352 per person and takes 45 minutes. The maximum group size is seven people, and there is no minimum age requirement. This set of conditions makes it great for families since they can take all ages of family members with no worry. However, this tour is not wheelchair accessible, so some travelers with physical restrictions may have difficulty with this tour. The flight is stroller accessible, so infants will be able to attend this flight.

Your tour begins once you make it to the meeting point at Skaftafell Terminal, which is located next to the tour company’s private airstrip. You will meet a front desk receptionist who will take you to meet your personal pilot. The pilot will inform you of all the safety concerns of the flight before helping you board and take to the air. Once in the sky, you will fly by several photogenic natural wonders, including:

  • Black Sands: Thanks to continuous volcanic activity, Iceland has many black sand beaches along its coastlines. When volcanoes erupt, they push sediment and ash into the flowing rivers that settle along the coastline.
  • River Beds: Iceland’s glaciers have been active throughout its modern history, causing glaciers to tear in the land as they advanced. In recent years, many of Iceland’s glaciers have been retreating, causing intricate patterns to be revealed in the dried-up riverbeds. These patterns make for great photos when people take pictures from the air.
  • Svartifoss Waterfall: This waterfall is known by locals as the black waterfall. It is a hidden waterfall inside Skaftafell Nature Reserve that was formed during volcanic explosions thousands of years ago. It is identifiable by its hexagonal salt columns.

After a short time in the air, just enough to get some great photos or experiences, you will be flown back to the starting point where the tour will end. The tour will include all landing and facility fees and parking fees. This tour does not provide drop-off or pick-up services, so you must find your way to the meeting area yourself. Also, there are no food or drink services provided to travelers, so you will need to pack your own snacks if you get hungry on the trip.

Airplane trips are dependent on suitable weather conditions. Any sign of a weather event that is more serious than light rain will see that your plane gets grounded. In the event of a weather cancellation, your tip will be moved to a different date, or you will get a full refund. Another thing to know about this tour is that it follows strict COVID-19 protocols. All travelers will be required to pass a COVID-19 test, and all staff members will be forced to mask and use regular amounts of hand sanitizer.


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8. Sightseeing Flight over Vatnajökull Volcanic Eruption (Skaftafell July-March)

The Sightseeing Flight over Vatnajökull Volcanic Eruption is a guided sight-seeing tour over Europe’s largest glacier and the most active Iceland volcano. People who have gone on this tour praised it for its friendly and professional staff and its unique topographic view of an active volcano.

This tour costs $358 per person and lasts 45 minutes. The tour has a maximum group size of seven passengers on a medium-sized plane. There are no age restrictions for this flight, and children as young as infants are welcome to come aboard and join the exhilarating fun. The flight is also stroller accessible, so parents can easily bring their kids. These features make this tour great for families. Families of most sizes can be easily accommodated and the flyover of an active volcano will enthrall any kids in the family.

This airplane tour is not wheelchair accessible, so passengers with physical movement restrictions may have difficulty attending this airplane tour.

The tour begins once you reach the meeting point in Skaftafell. You will be introduced to your expert guide and pilot, who will brief you on everything you need to know. They will go over safety procedures and your flight path. Once introductions are out of the way, the runway will be cleared, and you will begin your ascent. While riding through the air, your pilot will point out several unique sights, including the following:

  • The Basalt Cliffs: These columns formed when volcanic rock was ejected from superheated magma chambers during numerous volcanic eruptions. The eruptions resulted in columns in perfect hexagonal shapes that look surreal.
  • Grænalón glacier lagoon: One of the first ever formed glacier lagoons, and it is over 10,000 years old. Its name means green lagoon, and it gets its name from the murkiness of the water in its lake. Rather than being opaque azure like many of Iceland’s glacier lagoons, it is seen as much greenery thanks to that murkiness and surrounding greenery.
  • Skeiðarárjökull outlet glacier: A glacier that is flowing out of the southern part of the Vatnajökull icecap. It is an enormous glacier that has produced many breathtaking aerial photos. It is a mixture of glacier white and ash gray, thanks to the volcanic activity that happens underneath it.
  • Vatnajökull: The largest ice cap in Iceland and the second largest ice cap in all of Europe. This enormous glacier and volcano covers nearly 8% of Iceland’s landmass.

After photographing these unique Icelandic natural wonders, your plane will circle back to home base and land back on the airstrip. You will want to bring your own food, drinks, and camera aboard this plane ride, as this tour doesn’t include any of these features in the ticket price. Be sure to bring some warm clothes and prepare for changes in the weather. When the weather gets too bad, the tour might need to be canceled or rescheduled.

Also, this tour takes COVID-19 protocols seriously. You must show proof of a COVID-19 test that you have passed, and the airplane staff must wear masks.

9. Ultimate Sightseeing Flight from Skaftafell (Skaftafell, July-March)

The Ultimate Sightseeing Flight from Skaftafell is a longer-length air sightseeing tour with beautiful sites. People who have taken the trip love it for its large group size and extra time spent looking at some of Iceland’s most deadly volcanoes.

This tour costs $533 per person and lasts for 75 minutes. It has a maximum group size of seven people and no minimum age restrictions. Families would probably enjoy this tour since it has extra seats to allow more people to come, and infants are also allowed. This flight is also wheelchair accessible, allowing physically limited passengers to enjoy it also.

The tour starts at a runway in Vatnajokull National Park. Upon arriving there, you will meet your pilot, who will serve as your guide as you navigate your way through the skies. First, you will be briefed on proper safety procedures, and then you will be airborne before you know it. In the sky, you will see the Vatnajökull glacier, the Grímsvötn eruption site, and many other beautiful features of Iceland. After seeing all, there is to see; the plane will take you back to the airstrip, successfully concluding the tour.

You should know that this airplane tour can be grounded if bad weather events appear on the forecasts. You must stay current on the weather and plan for any contingencies. This tour requires all guests to pass a COVID-19 screening to be allowed on the plane; otherwise, you will have to ride on a different day or request a refund. No airport transfer is included in this tour package.

10. Landmannalaugar Above Airplane Tour (Landmannalaugar, July-April)

The Landmannalaugar Above Airplane Tour is a scenic journey by a skillful captain over the Lakagígar crater chain. Reviewers who went on this tour loved the tour guide and appreciated the perspective the tour provides for one of Iceland’s most volcanically active regions.

This tour costs $256 per person and lasts for one hour. The tour has no age restrictions, so that anyone can join in on the fun. There is a three-person minimum passenger requirement to book a tour, and the tour chooses the departure time to plan around weather events.

After arriving at the meeting spot at the Skaftafell terminal, you will check in at the reception desk. From there, your pilot will come out to meet you, escort you to the plane, and explain the safety procedures. You will then take to the air and witness some of Iceland’s most beautiful glaciers, volcanos, and lava fields. Passengers describe the experience as like they are living in a painting.

The trip’s highlight is Eldgjá, the largest volcanic canyon on earth. After experiencing the best of Iceland’s volcanoes, you will slowly descend back to a private landing strip and conclude your journey.

While in the air, make sure to whip out your camera and snap some memorable photos of the magical landscape. Be aware that this tour will require you to pass a COVID-19 test to be able to climb on board the plane.

What to know for Airplane Trip Tours in Iceland

There are a few things to remember when researching airplane trip tours in Iceland. Some of the important reminders to know are listed below.

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure: Some airplane tours offer airport transfer or hotel transfer services; however, many do not. You may need to plan your way to the airplane trip meeting point on your own. This can be done by renting a car or scheduling your own shuttle pick-up.

Accommodation Cost: Almost no airplane tours will cover your accommodation cost unless they are part of a more extensive package. Accommodations can be expensive in Iceland, especially during the summer months. You will also need to make sure you book ahead of time to ensure that there will be a place with enough vacancies for you and your party.

Personal Travel Agent: Getting a personal travel agent in Iceland is very important. With a personal travel agent, you can always be sure that things will work out. They will stay updated on tour cancellations, accommodation requests, and travel arrangements so that you are never worried about it.

Price Range: The price range of an airplane trip tour is between $200 and $400 on average. The price of an airplane trip tour will mostly stay within this range.

Price Factors: This airplane tour price is influenced by several factors. The time of the year will have a significant effect on the price. Summer airplane tours generally cost more than tours from other seasons. The flight duration tends to increase the price a bit more, though longer flights tend to be more cost-effective and have a better ratio of time and money.

Popularity: Because of the popularity of some flights, it may become difficult or even impossible to book them. Many airplane tours can sell out weeks or even months in advance. When planning a trip, you should try solidifying your plan and timeline as quickly as possible. This process is easier when you get a travel agent involved who knows all the ins and outs and how much time activities take.

COVID-19 Precautions: Although Iceland has gotten rid of its vaccination requirement to enter the country, many areas in Iceland still require a negative COVID-19 test to participate in local activities. You will also have to observe any establishment’s rules about mask wearing and social distancing while in Iceland.

Which regions of Iceland are better for Airplane Trip Tours?

There are many regions of Iceland to choose from when selecting an Airplane trip tour. Some of the better areas for airplane trip tours include the following:

  • North Iceland: The arctic circle tours of northern Iceland are some of the most beautiful and unique. If you want to get an experience on your airplane tour that you won’t find on land, you will like northern Iceland.
  • South East Iceland: This area has many attractions that benefit from an airplane tour. It is normally challenging to get a glimpse of these sights on foot.

What are the Most Famous Airplane Trip Tours of Iceland?

While there is no shortage of famous airplane trip tours, some tours are more popular than others. The most famous airplane trip tours of Iceland are listed below:

  • Flying Tour over North Iceland’s Diamond Circle: A great mixture of seeing iconic Icelandic buildings and natural scenes from the sky. This tour is popular because it is one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.
  • Introductional Flight with Sightseeing around Reykjavik in a Flying Buggy Tour: This tour is popular with tourists because it lets passengers fly the plane themselves and activates their adrenaline.

Airplane Tours for Iceland


What are the Best Airplane Trip Tours for Families?

Families traveling in Iceland are blessed to have so many good tour options. Some of the best airplane trip tours for families are included below:

  • Sightseeing Flight over Landmannalaugar Tour: A relaxing tour is excellent for families because of the low age limit.
  • Sightseeing Flight over Vatnajökull Volcanic Eruption: This tour is a favorite tour among families for its increased capacity and unique sites that families would have difficulty seeing otherwise.
  • Sightseeing Flight Over Black Sands And Riverbeds Tour: A short but sweet tour that is fun for both adults and kids. It is a great tour for families because it allows infants.
  • Air Tour of Grímsvötn Eruption Site: This tour is family-friendly, thanks to its four-seat capacity and low minimum age requirement. Also, kids love seeing volcanoes, which makes adults happy too.

What are the Best Airplane Trip Tours for Couples?

Couples in Iceland are often looking for more privacy. Some of the best airplane trip tours for couples are listed below:

  • Ultimate Sightseeing Flight from Skaftafell: This stress-free air-seeing package tries to show its passengers privacy and some of the most romantic sights in the region.
  • Sightseeing Flight Over Black Sands And Riverbeds: A low maximum capacity tour that can produce some great romantic photos that couples will appreciate.

What is the Most Dangerous Iceland Airplane Tours?

The Air Tour of Grímsvötn Eruption Site is the most dangerous Iceland Airplane Tour. This tour is not particularly dangerous, but this volcano is the most likely one to erupt while you are flying over it. When booking an airplane tour, you will want to coordinate with a personal travel agent to ensure the weather is safe enough for your airplane to be secure.

What are the Most luxurious Iceland Airplane Trip Tours?

Ultimate Sightseeing Flight from Skaftafell is the most luxurious tour because it takes advantage of Iceland’s summer midnight sun. People are willing to pay more for the luxury of flying during the midnight sun. It also lasts an extra 15 minutes compared to the average Iceland airplane tour.

What is the Price Range for Iceland Airplane Trip Tours?

The price range between Iceland airplane trip tours is between $300 and $400. There are a few factors that influence the price. The summer month tours tend to cost more than other seasons because there is more demand for tours during those busy tourist months. The most costly month is July when things are in full swing, and the least expensive month is February when people are preparing for the spring season. The tour duration can affect the price slightly, but most tours tend to stick to around the same duration and price range.

What are the Cheapest Airplane Trip Tours in Iceland?

Looking for cheaper airplane tours? Look no further; the cheapest airplane trip tours in Iceland include the following:

  • Introductional Flight with Sightseeing around Reykjavik in a Flying Buggy Tour: This one is cheaper because it only has room for one passenger, and there are fewer sights on the air route.
  • 45 Minute Sightseeing Flight over Hvannadalshnjukur & Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: This tour is cheaper because it has a shorter duration than some of the other airplane tours.

What are the Rules for Iceland Airplane Trip Tours?

When going on airplane trip tours, you must follow some crucial rules. These rules include the ones listed below:

  • Bring your own camera: You can never be sure if an airplane tour can be relied on to rent a GoPro. You will want to bring your own camera to ensure you control the photos.
  • Prepare for the weather: Airplane tours are some of the most canceled tours because they require good weather. If the forecast is bad, be ready with a backup plan.

Is taking photographs allowed for Airplane Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to take photographs on airplane tours. While some airplane tours will enable you to rent a camera or attach a camera to the aircraft, you should count on bringing your own camera to take photographs.

Do Tour Packages offer Photography for Airplane Tours?

Yes, some tour packages offer you the ability to rent cameras or GoPros on airplane tours. Not many tours have this option, so check if a tour package offers photography when booking a tour.

Is it allowed to use a Snowmobile for Iceland Airplane Tours?

No, there are few airplane tours where you are allowed to bring a snowmobile. Some combination tours may have separate snowmobile tours, but they can not be used on an airplane.

Are Iceland Airplane Trip Tours safe from COVID-19?

Yes, airplane trip tours are generally safe from COVID-19. Many tours require their staff to use hand sanitizer and wear masks, and most tours require that you pass a COVID-19 test before landing in Iceland.

Are Airplane Trips in Iceland alone allowed?

Yes, you can take airplane trips alone in Iceland. Some airplane tours only allow one passenger. These tours often allow that passenger to fly the plane. However, many airplane tours require at least three passengers, or they will cancel the booking.

Are you allowed to bring Food to the Iceland Airplane Trip Tours?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food on Iceland airplane trip tours. Since airplane tours only last for a short duration, it is often necessary to bring your own food.

What are the Best Sessions for Iceland Airplane Trip Tours by Month?

When booking a trip to Iceland, you may be wondering what sessions are best for Iceland airplane trip tours. The best months to book a session in Iceland are listed below:

  • May-July: This is one of the better sessions because so many tours are available since it is the busy tourism season. You will also have the unique opportunity to fly out under the midnight sun.
  • July-September: These months are also great times to book airplane trip tours because you still benefit from extended sunlight hours, but there will be more availability.

What is the Average Duration of Iceland Airplane Trip Tours?

The average duration of an airplane trip tour is around 45-60 minutes. A longer time is better for pricing because you get more bang for your buck. The average cost of an airplane trip per day is around $300-$400.

Where do the Iceland Airplane Trip Tours start?

Iceland airplane trip tours start in numerous locations around Iceland. Some of these locations include the following:

  • Skaftafell Terminal: An area popular with airplane tours because of its proximity to many glaciers and volcanoes.
  • Reykjavík: This is a popular starting point for airplane tours because it is one of the densest populated areas in Iceland.

Are Iceland Airplane Trip Tours hard to Finish?

No, Iceland airplane trip tours are generally not difficult to finish. They do not require much physical fitness; they only last around one hour, which doesn’t make them mentally taxing.

What are the other Activities for Iceland Tours?

While booking an airplane tour in Iceland, you will be happy to learn that these tours allow you to do other activities. Some of these activities include:

  • Whale watching: Some airplane tours trace whales’ migration routes, increasing your odds of seeing one.
  • Bird Watching: Apart from the obvious that birds are likely to be found in the air, some airplane tours focus on visiting the habitats of different birds.
  • Sightseeing: An airplane tour is a great way to see some of Iceland’s sights that are not accessible by air.
  • Airplane Learning: Some tours allow you to get hands-on with an airplane and learn how to navigate Iceland’s skies.
  • Photography: Airplane tours offer a unique perspective to snap photos from.
  • Finding new places to explore: Sometimes, the best way to get ideas is to get a bird’s eye view. An airplane ride is a great way to get ideas about the next place to plan your adventures from.
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