Siglufjörður City in Iceland

Siglufjörður City in Iceland: Hotels, Area, Population and Things to Do

Siglufjörður is a small town known for its fishing and herring industry; that is the most northern town in all of Iceland. The first Icelandic savings bank was founded there in 1873. The town has been shrinking since the 1970s, when herring fishing started to decline.

What to do in Siglufjörður?

Siglufjörður is an underrated gem in northern Iceland. There are many unique and exciting things to experience, including:

  • Herring Era Museum: These five exhibition buildings comprise Iceland’s largest maritime museum.
  • Folk Music Festival: This festival is held every July with musical acts from worldwide.
  • Ski Slopes. Siglufjörður’s winter sports are world-renowned, and its ski slopes are spectacular.
  • Segull 67 Brewery: A popular spot for a local brew run inside a converted former fish factory.

Is Siglufjörður Suitable for Skiing?

Yes, Siglufjörður in Iceland is suitable for skiing places that allow for skiing, include the following:

  • Siglufjörður Ski Area
  • Peaks of Siglufjörður

What are the Best Hotels in Siglufjörður?

Listed below are the best hotels in Siglufjörður:

  • Sigló Hótel: A hotel and spa on the water with a view of the Hólshyrna mountain
  • Siglunes: A hotel & restaurant located by the Saga Fotografica museum
  • The Herring House: A guesthouse located in the heart of Siglufjörður.

What are the Tours for Siglufjörður?

The famous and scenic tours in Siglufjörður are listed below: 

  • The Peaks of Siglufjörður: A six-day skiing tour of the Siglufjörður mountains.
  •  Siglo Tour: A 3-day and 3-night guided ski tour with meals included.

What are the Best Swimming Pools in Siglufjörður?

Listed below are the nice collection of lavish pool in Siglufjörður:

  • Siglufjörður Swimming Pool: This is a large indoor swimming pool with a sauna and massage area.
  • Siglo Spa: Ground-level pools with a great view of the fishing harbor.

Is there an Airport in Siglufjörður?

Yes, Siglufjordur has the Siglufjordur Airport located in the downtown area.

What is the total area of Siglufjörður?

Siglufjörður has a total area of 155 square km or 60 square miles.

What is the Population of Siglufjörður?

Siglufjörður has a population of 1,206.

How is the weather in Siglufjörður Town?

Siglufjörður has a tundra climate, meaning you will experience low temperatures most of the time.

The area Siglufjörður is in has a high amount of precipitation. You will experience an average of 15 rainy days throughout each month. Siglufjörður experiences eight days of sunshine every month on average.

What is the Postal Code of Siglufjörður?

Siglufjörður uses the 580 area code.

Who are the Notable People from Siglufjörður?

Listed below are the notable people from Siglufjörður:

  • Illugi Gunnarsson: Icelandic Politician Illugi was born in 1967.
  • Kristján L. Möller: Icelandic Politician Kristján was born in 1953.

What are the other Close Towns from Iceland to Siglufjörður?

Other close towns located near Siglufjörður are the following: 

  • Olafsfjordur: This town is located 16 km or 9 miles east of Siglufjörður. You will need to take route 76 to get there.
  • Dalvik: You will travel 34 km or 21 miles east and pass Olafsfjordur on route 76.

How to Go from Siglufjörður to Reykjavik

Travel through Iceland is done on the Iceland Ring Road, which connects all the major areas of Iceland. To get from Siglufjörður to Reykjavik, you will follow this road south for 382 km or 237 miles.

Are there any close Glaciers to Siglufjörður?

No, there are not any significant glaciers that are close to Siglufjörður.

Are there any close Mountains to Siglufjörður?

Listed below are the mountains located near Siglufjörður:

Are there any close Volcanos to Siglufjörður?

Yes, there is the Grábrók Crater which has many lava fields that are over 3,000 years old.

What are the Unique Sides of Siglufjörður in Iceland?

Listed below are the unique sides of Siglufjörður in Iceland. 

  • Route 76: This is one of the most serene and beautiful roads in Iceland.
  • Siglufjörður Marina: A breathtaking hustling harbor with colorful buildings and great local culture.

What Movies are Shot in Siglufjörður?

Listed below are the movies that was filmed in Siglufjörður. 

  • Trapped: A 2015 film where police try to solve a horrible crime before a winter storm rolls in.
  • 22 July: A historical crime drama about Iceland’s most deadly terrorist attack.

Does Siglufjörður have a Sport Tourism Culture?

Yes, Siglufjörður has many clubs and establishments that support sports from across the world. There is a golf course and country club known as Golfklúbbur Siglufjarðar and several other facilities that support sports like basketball, swimming, football, and many others.

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