Norðurland Vestra

Norðurland Vestra (Northwestern Region): Municipalities, Population, Area, Density

Norðurland Vestra translates to Northwestern in English. It is one of the traditional eight regions of Iceland. It is not highly populated, even though it spans 12,737 square kilometers (4,918 square miles). There are only 7,322 people that live in this region, with more than half of them living in a town called Sauðárkrókur. The total population density of the region is only 0.6 people per square kilometer. 

Due to the size of this region, there are seven total municipalities. These include the below.

  • Akrahreppur
  • Blönduósbær
  • Húnaþing vestra
  • Húnavatnshreppur
  • Skagabyggð
  • Skagafjörður
  • Skagaströnd

Where is Norðurland Vestra Located?

Norðurland Vestra is one of the northern regions of Iceland. The name Norðurland Vestra is a bit of a misnomer since the Westfjords region is the most northwestern region in the country. Instead, this region is directly west of the Northern region, getting its name. 

Is Norðurland Vestra the Biggest Region of Iceland?

No. It is behind several much more prominent regions in iceland. It is about 12,737 square kilometers with a small population. 

What is the population of Norðurland Vestra Region in Iceland?

The population of the Northwest region is only 7,322. The population density is very low at only 0.6 people per square kilometer (2 people per square mile).

Which cities are in Norðurland Vestra Region of Iceland?

There are no major cities in Iceland in the Northwestern region. The largest by far is Sauðárkrókur. Otherwise, there is only a sprinkling of villages and small towns throughout the region.

What to do in Norðurland Vestra Region?

The Northwestern region of this country is better known for its outdoor activities and wildlife than for anything else. Some of the most popular things in this region include hiking along the Blonduos Cliffs to see Hvitserkur. There is also the Glaumbaer Folk Museum in this region and all kinds of wildlife on the Vatnsnes Peninsula.

There are geologically exciting places as well. Snaefellsjokull is a trendy nature park in the country. There was also an old crash site of several planes on a black beach in Iceland, which is also a very popular spot to view the Northern lights. 

What are the Hotels in Norðurland Vestra?

Almost all of the hotels in the entire region are centralized around the Ring Road or Route 1 that runs around the outside perimeter of Iceland. In Norðurland Vestra, some include the Hotel Kea by Keahotels, Fisherman Hotel Sudureyri, and the Icelandair Hotel. 

What are the Places to Visit in the Northwestern Region of Iceland?

The most popular place to visit in the Northwestern region of Iceland is Hvitserkur. This fascinating geological formation came about because of significant amounts of magma that flowed into the ocean to form the rock several thousand years ago. 

What are the Glaciers in Norðurland Vestra?

Part of the Hofsjokull glacier is located in the southern portion of this region. Otherwise, there are many more glaciers in the surrounding regions compared to the Northwestern region.

What are the Mountains in Norðurland Vestra?

Most of Iceland has mountainous geography. Luckily you can see many of the mountain peaks in the Northwestern region from the ring road. These include Vatnsnesfjall, Hellufell, Langadalsjall, and Sakgafjordur.

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